Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"Bits and Pieces"

Good Morning, beautiful here this morning.
Enjoyed seeing the Olympic Torch yesterday, although I am really not into all the Olympic hype it was rather exciting.  Grandsons were both there with the rest of the children from their school all 21 of them..........  There were children from 2 other rural schools as well all having a wonderful time it was great to watch them.
They had a great time, cheered everything that came through the village no matter what it was.... Cattle Trucks, trucks loaded with Hay Bales, Tractors, Police Motor Cycle Out riders, oh! there were loads of them, the lot were all cheered on their way!!!!
The little village where you are lucky if you see a couple of people in the "Village Shop" was jammed packed.  Never seen so many people there and I am sure we never will again but it was good.

Now all us Card Makers have one!! Yes!! its the "Bit Box"
Every now and again I decide to clear mine out and make as many cards as I can using some of the contents.
You know the scene on some rainy day when you want to "Create" but nothing to intense, well! get out the "Bit Box"  These cards I use as little Thank You cards or just to send to someone to say I was thinking of them.  Anyone looking for just a simple card can have one if they ask.  The other day I mentioned making flowers from scraps of paper, this just follows on from that.   I sort out all the bits that I can get flowers from, bits big enough to die cut shapes or borders, even the actual cards can be made from here, if you are not too fussy about the size.  We can always make and envelope to fit if we have to.  After I have used what I want the rest goes in a bag, the school that our Grandsons go to get the best of the rest.

That`s it for now

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  1. Patricia if these are the sort of cards made from the bit box, I am diggin mine out asap.
    These are fabulous and I love the leafy die you have used, must find that one.
    Regards Linda x