Wednesday, 20 June 2012


 Wednesday 20th June 2012

Good Morning, nice and sunny at this early hour, I do hope it lasts.
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Card today is made using a Digital downloaded image from Mo`s Digital Pencil, "Danielle with Laptop".
I have a few of Mo`s images, she has some real quirky ones, they are very reasonably priced.  I find the digital images suit me, I am not really a stamper, I find if I buy "Stamps" for the money I pay I do not get the use out of them.  I pay around £2 for a Digital one and if I only use once or twice I don`t feel so guilty spending the money.  You can spend that amount on a cup of coffee!!!  
The papers are printed from Rob Adams "Printable Gingham and Tartan Backing Papers CD.  I have used this CD so much it has started making very peculiar noises when it is running.  I really should have used a more contrasting colour for the chair, you do not see Danielle`s skin to well against it, you know what they live and learn, this is an example of that.  Finished it off with some faux stitching, Mulberry Paper flowers I got as a FreeB from Wild Orchid Crafts in with an order, a ribbon, bow and a couple of charms from my stash.
Off to get my Ironing up to date, I like to iron early in the morning, should have done Monday`s lot yesterday but never got round to it. My post yesterday was rather longer than normal.   I have Monday`s and yesterday`s to tackle now.
That`s it for today


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  1. Love this Patricia, the image is brilliant and love the way you have put it together!
    Debbie x