Friday, 15 June 2012

Little Baskets


Good Morning, rather dull and windy today, oh! well! nothing much we can do about the weather.
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 Here a few baskets I have decorated.  I bought then at the Hobbycraft shop they were in a Bargain Bin.  They were in packs of three, I think I bought four packs that day I should have bought more.  Once they were painted and decorated everyone wanted one.
They are brown thick card,chipboard sort of material and rather unattractive, amazing what some paint can do.  I painted them with a dark base colour, let that dry painted over that with watered down PVA glue.  When the glue is just beginning to get "tacky" you paint on some white, cream, light coloured Emulsion Paint, anything does for this.    Have a root round we all have bits left over from when we did painting, if not get some tester pots from your local DIY store.  Paint on the emulsion then dry this with your heat gun and watch the magic happen.................................I saw Sheena Douglas do this on C&C quite some time ago, it was a bit messy but I had to have a go.  I love the effect you get.    The paint will start to crack, you get a nice weathered old wood effect with the base colour showing through.  As you can see I have used my flowers and leaves again.  These baskets are not that big but great for a gift like a small brooch, pair of earrings or a fine necklace, wrapped in a bit tissue.  Makes a nice and very different way to give a little gift.  
I have also done a couple of cheap plain wood mirrors I got in Ikea they turned out rather nice though I say it myself.

That`s it for today



  1. Utterly Fantastic!!
    Debbie x

  2. Patricia these little baskets are wonderful. The weathered wood effect is stunning and it's no wonder everyone wanted them.
    Regards Linda x