Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Flying Scotsma

Good Tuesday Morning, raining once again but does look like it will clear up later, I do  hope so. 

This is my project with Thomas.

A few weeks ago I got "Granny " I knew by the tone of his voice there was a "Plan" coming..........
"Yes Thomas"  "Will you make Flying Scotsman for me?"  "Oh! Thomas that`s a bit too much for even for me"  "No Granny you can do it, I want it made of card, you can do anything with card".  "I will draw what I want, you just have to help me cut out the bits, and help me stick them together"  Well with that in my mind I just had to TRY!!!!
He knew exactly what he wanted, chose the card, cleared the table and I am sure he thought it would be done in 10mins, three weeks later this is what we had.  He forgot that we needed to think this through and really plan.  However the more we chatted about it the more excited he got, the love and friendship that was created by "playing with paper" was amazing.  The boiler is the inside tube of something, I save bits and pieces like this just in case...........................!! we have in the past made Binoculars from the insides of Loo Rolls.  Different sized tins have been painted and decorated then stuck on heavy duty card as a Desk Tidy for Daddy,  both Thomas and Robert were involved in that task.  I keep lots of "Things" stored in a box which I have to admit has to be cleared out quite frequently or it would take over, it is mind boggeling how things seem to breed in that box...................I was sure I had not put so many things in it!!!!!
Not a "Perfect or anything like to scale model" but it has made one wee boy very happy and I was pleased to help him.  It is displayed on the sideboard in our dining room, for how long it will be there I really do not know.  Children grow up so fast that it will be there as long as he wants it to there.  Oh! by the way the "Coal" is wrappers from After Eight Mints,  now, how is that for Thinking Out Of The Box......................

That`s it for today


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  1. Wow! Patricia this is Awesome, can't believe you made it from scratch! Well Done Thomas too for the idea and inspiration, your right though your Granny can do anything!!!!!
    Debbie x

  2. Brilliant job. I think it looks great. Hazel x