Saturday, 23 June 2012

More from my Bit Box

Saturday 23rd June 2012

Good Morning a bit brighter here this morning  -  not at lot, but a little, is better than nothing.
Boys coming later, got in the supply of "milk" and "food" they will be here till late afternoon possibly for tea as well,  knowing our boys.
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 These cards are all made from my "Bit Box".  When I can no longer squeeze more in I do have a clear out, however we were at Hazels yesterday to see how she was after her last dose of Chemo on Tuesday past.  Hazel had very sore joints and was taking things easy.  We did get plenty of chat in, we always do!!  Hazel mentioned that she had used a little card in a box that had been with some stock we had left from a Craft Thing we had done in the past.  Said it had been very handy, the card had been in a box just deep enough to take one of our Pendants we are making at the moment, the combination was ideal for the gift she was giving.  Came home, electric was still off but Hey! Ho! you don`t really need electric to craft in daylight!!!   Here are some of the cards I made, these are a bit bigger than the ones Hazel will get but I have done some smaller as well.  Most will need boxes, they have my favourite flowers and leaves on them.   In boxes they make a great "Handing Over" card rather than a "Posting Card".    Might get the boxes made even if the boys are here, Thomas likes to be at the Model Railway with his Grandpa, or even away on their bikes.   Robert has just learnt to ride his bike and is not confident enough to be out on the open road just yet.  Robert loves "Playing with paper" and using my CuttleBug so we can work away together.

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  1. A gorgeous trio of cards Patricia. Love the whole idea of using up those little leftovers. :)

    Edna x