Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My Handmade Bowmaker!!

Good Morning, nice and bright here this morning I do hope it stays.
 I am going to Iron yesterdays washing, have an early lunch then I am off over to Fife to visit Hazel.

Here is my Handmade Bowmaker, as I said yesterday I was making bows for the Pew Ends for a wedding and the posts on my Untimate Pro were far too short!!!!!............. I popped out to the garage and found a piece of 2"x2" wood about 20" long used when the men installed my kitchen some time ago.  John had rescued it from the bits they were throwing away, he obviously thought it might be handy, well yes! it has been.  John cut off 12"  drilled 4 holes along the top, stuck in the 4 pieces of dowling and there you have it.  I would have preferred if I could have moved the posts but "Beggars cant be Choosers as they say"  Now I can tie "Deep"  bows in multiple sizes.   Of course it looked rather Crude and Boring, I could not really deal with the Crude but I think I have dealt with the Boring...............
I gave it a weathered look using the same method as I used for the Mirrors in an earlier Blog.  I used a Sheena Douglas Rose Border Stamp and painted it trying her method of painting.  This was my first attempt at this, I think I should have had a few more goes before doing it on my Bowmaker, however being one of the most impatient people in the world, that was out of the question, I had to get it done.  
Our Son, also John  thought it was a rather good idea and designed a much nicer one that could have been made in moulded plastic.   I sent a copy of that design to Crafters Companion a few months ago,  just as a thought.  They are a very innovative Company, maybe this idea might interest them, however to date I have not even had a letter saying they received it!!!!! 

That`s it for today


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  1. Fabulous creation Patricia!!! Love it!!!
    Debbie x