Wednesday, 27 June 2012

On Your Bike!!

Wednesday 27th June 2012
Good Morning, horrible, miserable and raining day here.
Yesterdays washing all ironed and another load in although that will not be out to dry by the look of this weather.

This was a very quick and easy card to make, a Flower Soft pre coloured topper with some Flower Soft added over the flower images.  I finished it off with a greeting and a Spellbinders border die, can`t remember which one.  I usually open the packets pop the dies on a magnetic sheet and throw away the packaging.  However, there was a lady demonstrating Spellbinders the other week (not Sue Wilson) she cuts up the paper packaging and fits the image and name of the dies on the back of each of her magnetic sheets, what a great idea, so that`s what I have done with my recent Die purchases.
In future I should know the name of each new set of dies I buy.

That`s it for today

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  1. What a fabulous card Patricia! I have 4 pots of flowersoft and never opened them!!! Oh dear! I always keep my dies in their packaging, I don't throw away anything!!LOL!!
    Debbie x