Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mini`s from the Bit Box

Good Morning, yet another rainy day.
Thomas and his daddy are off to Perth to the Model Railway Show.  Robert here with us he is really not into this  Railway thing!!!  He wants to make a Wire and Bead Keyring with me, so that will be my project for today.  Thomas was here yesterday and did this, the first thing Robert asked when he came through the door was, could he do the same.................

Here are a few Mini Cards I have done for Hazel.  I have made little boxes for some, Hazel pops one of our little pendants in, to give as a gift.  I never thought of that, it works and is a great way to give just a little gift, tie the box with a nice piece of ribbon and you are done.  Going to make some of these Mini Cards as Christmas ones in boxes to use for giving little gifts at Christmas.

That`s it for today

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  1. Lovely selection of cards Patricia.

    Edna x

  2. Oh Wow! Isn't it funny that we have both shown similar pics of a selection of cards done all at once!!! Spooky!!! LOL!!
    Debbie x