Monday, 2 July 2012


Monday 2nd July 2012
Dull, miserable, raining, today, nothing changes does it??

Went looking for a couple of buttons to use on a t-shirt the other day and found a little bag of yellow buttons.  I had sorted them out to make a "Button Necklace" never got round to it, had popped them back in the tub.  Well! there you go, necklace made as well as another couple of pendants.  These are all selling really well.   Hazel and I have sold quite a few to raise money for the Chemo Unit and the Maggies Centre in Dundee.  We were asked if we would like a table at the Maggies Centre Christmas Craft Fair in November.   No hesitation there, table space chosen, money paid, now we are planning.   Got that done, then I was asked if we would like a table at a Fair we usually go to, but thought we would not bother with this year.  What the heck!! we decided to go for it, the Chemo Unit needs as much money as it can get.  A bit of effort and we can raise some money to help make things just a little more comforting for the people who have to use the facilities at the Unit.  You never think that it could be your or yours needing the help till it actually hits home.
That`s it for today

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