Sunday, 22 July 2012

"A Castle for Thomas"

Sunday 22nd July 2012

Good Morning, nice here at the moment, I am not sure what the weather wants to do today.

We had a fantastic day yesterday.  A Beautiful drive from here to Kenmore approx 1 hour.  We left in bright warm sunshine.  Just outside Dunkeld we went through a thick wooded area, came out the other side and the sun had gone.............!!!!  It was nice in Kenmore, the sun did shine but not so brightly as we had left back home.  Managed to have some time to chat with my friend Oriel who wore a "Stunning" outfit, her husband John, their son Roger who was Best Man and of course Edward the "Groom".   Bride was beautiful, I know all brides are, but really, she was beautiful.  Only down side for me were the "Bridesmaids" they all had on different dresses, style, colour, lengths, everything .......... it just looked so odd. 

I have mentioned before that our Grandson Thomas has great faith in my abilities.  Here is another request..........a Knights Castle..........Oh! Right!!!! 
I had to look for that Magic Wand they seem to think I have.
I did print off a Template from a CD I had got some time ago, once home, looked though the designs on the CD and thought way, there is nothing there I will use.  It has come in handy in the end.

Template printed from CD by Amethyst Paper Craft Designs
Grey Card from stock
Printed some Acetate with a design from the CD for the windows
String to hold up the Draw Bridge
Flower soft to decorate
"A lot of Hard Work"

Thomas was delighted, I was not that pleased, I might just have to have another go sometime ...!!!
"Could do better" comes to mind when I see the photograph here, somehow it looks better when you actually see it.
You never know what tomorrows Post will be. I think the boys might be along at some point today, Mummy is working, Daddy is in charge.  I just hope Robert might want to make a card, could be Monday`s Post sorted.............

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping in to visit it is much appreciated.


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  1. I see your magic wand worked Patricia. Fab project and one very happy grandson I'm sure. :)

    Edna x

  2. Oh Wow Patricia, you've done it again!!! Thomas is very lucky to have you make him these fab creations with the aid of your "magic wand"!!!
    Debbie x