Monday, 24 September 2012

"Engagement Card"

Good  Morning Blog Friends, if you have already popped in I am sorry it has been one of those days.
Slept late, there was housework that had to be done before I even thought about sitting at this computer.  I have to confess that I am a bit of a "Neat Freak" and if things have to be done in the house they have to be done FIRST!!!  

I know a lot of you clever people out there can set Mr Blogger to post automatically, well guess what folks! I am certainly NOT that clever..
Here now, thank you for calling by, I love to have you visit.

Was getting on great then the phone rang, it was my best customer in the village.  Mrs McGowan who is 83 , she gets all her cards from me.  We have no shops, it is 3 miles in either direction to find one, that`s OK if you have a car, we have NO buses.  "Can you make me an Engagement Card" ...... no problem when do you need it for??  Could you have it ready for when Lawrence the "Postie" comes, just make it flat so I can stick a 2nd Class stamp on it.   Well "postie" comes at approx 12am so that gave me all of about 45mins..............Oh! where did I leave that "Magic Wand"..............   

No point explaining how this card was made as you can see I rummaged in the "Bit Box and threw it together. Certainly could not charge her for it that`s for sure.
I promise I will have something better for tomorrow.

My Post will be later then as well, I have to go along to John Jnr and Audrey`s to put the boys to school.  Audrey (a midwife) is working a 12 hours day shift. John was supposed to be working from home but has been called to an important meeting, he has to get the train just after 7.30am.

I think I will start posting later in the day from now on, as the mornings are getting darker my S.A.D. symptoms will start to kick in.  I do take extra vitamin "D" which really helps but I just loose some of my Zing! in the mornings.

 That`s it for today
Thank you for visiting I really do appreciate it, I do love to read the comments that you kindly take time to leave.

Patricia  xx


  1. I do love these marvellous squares dies - I have been looking at them for some time. There is no end to all the things we "need".

  2. Hi Patricia,
    when I have to do a card in a hurry all sorts of things go wrong, and then I start to panic, and every little idea disappears from my head. So well done you for creating in a hurry.
    These autumn mornings make you want to take your time getting going don't they, and sometimes you just want to stay were you are in bed.
    The weather here is dreadful and I need to go shopping to the supermarket, just trying to pluck up enough courage to brave the weather.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Hi Patricia, my you are a busy lady. I know the feeling of having to produce a "fast" card. I keep a few in reserve that I can adapt for any occasion. Your card is delightful. Enjoy getting the boys ready for school. Bit stormy here rain and high winds hope t does not say too long.


  4. Thanks Patricia. I do already buy from Iconuk - as their prices are excellent - my problem is that I want every die I see!!!! I also get other dies from - their prices aren't bad and the p&p is free also.

  5. A lovely card for a special occasion.x

  6. Nicely done on the quick. Those shapes are on the list - lol. xx Flora

  7. Hi Patricia, are you sure you didn't find your magic wand? Well done you for picking up the challenge. Actually I seem to work better under pressure - but maybe not 45 minute pressure!!!!! love from Christine x

  8. We well done you Patricia! I work best under pressure...but not that much pressure :) Carole Z x

  9. Clean and simple yet very stylish and says it all for an engagement. It's beautiful and if you just threw your bits together for this card well you must be very good cause of I did that it would look a mess lol. Hugs sharon xxx

  10. Aren't you nice to do that for your neightbour? I love the Marvelous Squares die to dress up a card quickly and keeping it flat at the same time. You did a beautiful job pulling this off in 45 min!

  11. Morning Patricia, WOW a card in 45 minutes, it would take me that long to think what I wanted to produce ha ha !! You sure are a 'Fairy Godmother' and definitely with a 'Magic Wand', you did the lady proud with your card, it is lovely.
    Like Marie-Louise above, I too want every die that I see, it is awful to be in that dilemma - to buy or not to buy - that is the question ??? ha ha !!
    I hope you have a quieter, more relaxing day today, Patricia.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx