Sunday, 14 October 2012


Good Morning and welcome to everyone who takes time to stop by.  If you have time please leave a wee message so I  know you visited, it really means so much to me. 
That`s the fire all cleaned out and re-set , we had it on yesterday.  I was not that cold but by! great! it was so damp and miserable.  The real fire makes it so cozy, only down side is the cleaning it out in the morning.  All done, Log Basket and Coal Bin ready for John to fill when he gets up.  Normally in the summer I clear out the fire place and fill the space with fancy candles, this year for the first time in 16 years it has not been done.  It has been such a horrible summer that fire has been on once or twice, we also had a few power cuts due to high winds so having the fire helped to cheer things up a bit.
Today`s card is a request from the same customer as yesterday.  It is for a couple who`s baby is not to due till the end of the month.  The customer is going on holiday, wants to leave the card ready to post off when the baby arrives.  Again gentle colours and nothing too fancy or bulky for posting.   People are becoming so aware of postal costs.

Base card 5 x 7 approx
Backing papers and image from Joanna Sheen`s Baby Love CD 
Image printed and mounted on Centura Pearl Card that had been embossed

Not much effort in these last two cards but that`s what the customer wanted.

Talking about Postal Cost, I have made a BIG decision.  I usually make and post about 100 Christmas Cards, well NOT this year I am not.  I was in "The Works" shop in Perth, they had boxes of very nice cards, when I worked out the cost of each card in that box it was pennies.  The cost to post them would be more than double what the cards cost.  That means, for us making cards it would cost more..........then the Postage.  This year I have decided that I will donate all my Postal Costs to one of the Charities Hazel and I are raising money for.  I know that may seem a bit Bah! Humbug! but it is getting way out of hand, I feel that money could be better used.   I will still have to send some, I have lots that I have always hand delivered, I will still be very happy making them.  I am not a mean person BUT!!!!

That`s my little bit of a moan for today.
In general I am not a moaner, life is to short for that.
Thank you for calling in


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  1. A really pretty card Patricia I am sure she will be delighted with it! Postal charges are just ridiculous, I'm sure they are pricing themselves out of the market - if it were cheaper more people would use it. Hugs Susan x

  2. Gorgeous card Patricia. You are so right about postal charges. I was a bit sneaky and bought masses of stamps just before the cost went up. Enough for all my Christmas cards - and then some!! But I think I will re-think the number of cards I send this year - and definitely make flatter ones for posting! HAve a good day. Christine x

  3. Good Morning Patricia, Love the beautiful soft surround which draws the eye to the baby and sentiment, a lovely card. You moan away, curiously if you buy something from China the postage seems cheaper yet they are still using the same service - maybe we should all send our cards from China. xx Flora

  4. Morning Patricia, Beautiful cards today and yesterday, you are definitely right with the cost of postage these days, what a good idea.
    Like you I have a 'fire', mine is a multi-fuel stove, so it's closed in, but we always use smokeless fuel because the logs are a problem with my eyes. We keep ours ticking over all night and then riddle, take out the ash and crank up in the morning, I hate central heating, it plays havoc with my eyes, it is too 'dry' the heat, so we don't put that on much at all. I absolutely love the 'fire' though, I love to see the flames and the beautiful 'glow', lovely and cozy.
    Have a lovely day, I'm recovering today from my 4 hour each way trip to Kettering Show, it was good though ha ha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. Gorgeous CAS card. Lovely image and colours.
    I totally agree with you on postage costs. I'm suer if it were cheaper more people would use it!
    Have a good Sunday
    Lorraine x

  6. Hi Patricia,
    wonderful card. I do like the Joanna Sheen images for the baby cards, they are so beautiful.
    Have you wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. This is gorgeous Patricia. The image is delightful.
    I totally agree with you about the postage costs, I think that is a great idea to give to charity instead.

  8. Beautiful card, the backing paper is gorgeous. I agree with you about postal charges. I quite often hand deliver cards for the family and only post to those who live farther away. I do not make Christmas cards as I always buy them from the Cancer shop. I think a lot of people will be cutting down on their card list this year.

  9. Hello Patricia. This is so cute and very delicate. Absolutely adorable.
    Love Sandra xxx

  10. Hello Patricia....beautiful card and such a gorgeous image.. We had a wood burner going last night and it was heaven...I agree entirely with you on postage, I dont send many hand made Christmas cards but this year if I can hand deliver then fine....I think a lot of people are doing the same as you this year...and I would much rather a charity have the money than the Post Office...


  11. A clean and simple card but omg it is so adorable. I love that cute little baby and yes I still get broody lol. I agree with the postage costs too. Everything is so expensive abs it seems that's what's Christmas I'd about these days , just money. Not about the real meaning of Christmas which means so much more. Ok that's my rant over. Lol a lovely card honey. Hugs sharon xxx

  12. Hi Patricia, I am reading Making Cards mag November issue and on page 81 a card by Patricia Duffy is shown. Now I say to myself is it or is it not. Come to the conclusion it is so well done, a celebrity indeed.

    Beautiful card today so sweet will have to purchase that CD .

    Have a good day.

    Wilma x x

  13. Beautiful card Patricia. Who would not love this! I know just what you mean abut the postal costs, think I will just hand deliver those that I am able to this year. I will still have a lot to post though. Judy x

  14. You moan away girl, I am constantly heard to comment about the amount of companies, organisation whatever ripping us off and I am just sick of it. Your card is lovely, such a sweet little baby.
    i wish I had an open fire, your so lucky, mind you thats not a cheap way of heating nowadays either, Kate x

  15. Adorable card Patricia! Yes you are so right about the postage costs, I have a stash of stamps through the business so I guess lucky that way but so wish all these companies would stop ripping us off!!!
    From a Feeling much better Debbie xxx

  16. hi Patricia, beautiful baby card, I will not be posting many cards either this year.