Sunday, 28 October 2012

"My Purchases"

Good Morning Blog friends, great to have you popping in, I love when you call.  Thank you for all your lovely comments, I really do love to get and read them.
I was at Glasgow yesterday, I met Wilma (Scottish Crafter) what a lovely lady.  We did not know each other we had never met but now we have faces for the names, it was really great to meet her.  We do not live that far away from each other.   Hopefully we can make arrangements and meet for longer, and have a good old "Gossip".   We kept it short as we wanted to have as much time as possible for looking and spending.
Sorry! no card this Morning, did not get round to doing any crafting yesterday, not home till approx 5.45.  By the time I had something to eat, drool over the Goodies it was time for another cuppa then fall into bed.   

Here is most of what I bought, can`t find a couple of rolls of ribbon I bought.  They must have rolled out of the bag in the back of Isobel`s car.   
I felt I was rather good this time, could have spent a lot more but did I really need it???!  how good was that........................!!!
Oh! I did buy some sausages, I don`t eat sausages but John does so that`s what I brought back for him.  There is usually a man selling gorgeous nuts done in different flavours did not see him.  I usually buy loads of these for John, so he got sausages instead.   Mind you I was with my friend/neighbour Isobel by this time and I don`t think you get the same good old rummage about when there is someone with you. 

We have the boys all day today, Mummy a Midwife is on a 12hr Day Shift and Daddy has gone to Aberdeen.

If I get time I will post a card later this evening.
Hope you all enjoyed your extra hour in bed this morning......................Oh! I do hope you all remembered!!!!
That`s if for now 
Thank you for calling by I really do appreciate it


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  1. Well you must be very pround of yourself to be so restrainrd Patricia! I hope I can be equally good when I go to the NEC on November 8th! I think this time I will take cash only and not use my card then when it's gone it's gone, as they say. Mind you, it probably won't work. Enjoy playing with all your goodies! Love from Christine x

  2. Well Patricia it was great meeting up with you yesterday, although I walked past you a couple of times before making contact. There is a bit of déjà vous here I have also bought LOTV Images, charms, rose die and the bundle of four tags. What's that I hear you say "great minds think alike" ha ha. It's amazing how quickly money disappears at these shows but I loved just browsing. Don't know about you but I felt there were less exhibitors this year. Have a good ply with your stash.

    Wilma x x

  3. Great result Patricia, Gosh that foliage set has a lot of dies, looks like very good value. OK you got me - what is that purple, grey and turquoise thing at the bottom? Have a relax and good play today. xx Flora

  4. Morning Patricia, WOW I am so impressed with your restraint, I usually start out with good intentions and then fail miserably. Like Christine above, I am adopting that same idea when I visit the NEC next month, taking cash, don't know how that will pan out though ha ha !!. Glad you had a good day though, and brilliant that you could meet up with Wilma.
    Unfortunately I couldn't visit your Blog yesterday as my hubby whisked me off to St Annes on the Fylde Coast while the weather was sunny, we had a fantastic long walk from there into Lytham (took approx 1 hour), had lunch and then walked all the way back (another hour), so we burned off the lunch ha ha. Now today it is back to the dank and rain, yuck. Your card was stunning, really stunning, I made one quite similar a few weeks ago. I need to make a 60th card for a male friend from Church before the end of next month, I know what I want but haven't had the guts to start on it yet, am still trying to get some form of organisation in my craft room ha ha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. Good Morning Patricia,
    Looks like a great buying spree to me, you must have some will power to restrain from buying more, I am hopeless. It was nice you met up with Wilma, did she have a full bag as well!!!
    Looks like you are going to make some more beautiful roses, lol.
    Have a great day today with your goodies.

  6. Well you have certainly go some lovely crafting goodies to keep you busy....we always spend more than we intend doing dont we.....looking forward to seeing what you create with your new stash.
    Lovely to meet with up with Wilma too.


  7. Lot's of lovely new goodies to play with Patricia. It sounds like you had a good day


  8. Oh WOW lots and lots of new things to play with!!! Laughed when you said John got sausages! it's just not the kind of thing I imagined you coming home with when you have been crafty shopping! I hope he enjoyed them! So nice to hear you met up with another fellow crafter, it's lovely isn't it! Well I'm off to make cards for Marks 40th!!! Speak soon
    Debbie x

  9. Wow what a lovely selection of goodies you bought! Isn't it nice to meet up with someone that has the same interests as you and you met on blog land. A great friendship can be found from anywhere. I'm glad you had a great time honey. Hugs xxx

  10. Hi Patricia

    Mmm what a fabulous selection of goodies you bought at the SECC - I look forward to seeing what you make with them.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some much appreciated comments.

    Hope you enjoy what's left of the weekend and have a great week.

    Take care

    Ta ta for now.

    Hazel xx