Monday, 1 October 2012

"Our Pendants"

Good evening , thank you for dropping into my little corner of Blogland, hope to can stay a while.

No crafting again today, these boys take up a lot of time.  In the Angus area of Scotland where the boys live it is "Tattie Holiday" time, they came off on Friday for two weeks.
  Mummy a Midwife is working the last of 3 days 12 hours shifts to get her hours up before they go off to Cyprus for their holiday.  Daddy was to be working from home but as sometimes happens he was called away.
When he was proposed for the position he has, we had a family chat where we came to the decision it was too good a job to pass up.  We told them we would help out if there were last minute changes to any plans.  It does not happen too often but it is funny when it happens it happens in 2 or 3s.
The boys wanted a sleepover last night which turned out to be perfect.  John Jnr. got a call this morning to be at a meeting in Perth at 11am.  He did not have to worry about the boys he knew they would be fine here.
We took them to Arbroath, it was a beautiful day there, but Oh! My! Word! it was bracing to say the least..............!!! They have a fantastic play park there with equipment that we would have "died and gone to heaven" for at their age.  Pity it had been so busy I would have loved to have had a go on some of the things, especially the Zip Wire.................!!!

Someone enquired on my Blog about the Pendants Hazel and I make to raise funds.  This is some them, they can`t be duplicated.  It is impossible because of the variations in the beads.  If anyone is interested in buying please contact me at where I can give them information regarding prices.

That`s it today, I certainly hope to get back to my crafting at some point tomorrow.
Thank you for calling in I love to see you here and I really apppreciate you taking time to stop by.



  1. Hi Patricia

    We have a childrens playground in our village and when my nephew brings his children to stay we are off there like a shot! For such a small village (one pub, no shop, no post office) the playground is brilliant. And I have been on the zip wire!!!!!! Fantastic! You must have a go at some stage. John thinks I am having a 2nd childhood. Enjoy the boys! Your pendants are really lovely. love from Christinex

  2. Hi Patricia,

    I think you should stop by my blog and check out my latest post!

    Kasey ~ in Oz

  3. Hi Patricia, I am the same regrading dare devil rides. When I was younger, a lot younger, I would never have dared to do anything "silly, my words" but now aged 64 I am game for most things. My sisters grandchildren think I am "cool".

    Your pendants look amazing, would make lovely Christmas pressies.

    Wilma x x

  4. Hi Patricia, yes I think you should have a peek at Kasey - in Oz to your advantage.

    Wilma x

  5. Morning Patricia, How lovely that you have been able to have your grand-children stay with you, it always gives us the chance to be young again, with them.
    I had a 'surprise' visit from my daughter, my eldest grand-daughter and her son last Saturday. Sarah (my eldest grand-daughter) left home at 17 because of a boyfriend and my daughter hasn't seen her since then, all of a sudden last week (she's splitting from aforesaid boyfriend) Sarah contacted my daughter and then came down with Jordan my great-grandson, he's a real livewire, I can't tell you how really lovely it was to see Sarah again after all that time and she looked exactly the same, perhaps a little older. But great-grandson now then, that makes me feel 'ancient' ha ha, and I still feel 21 in my head, it's when I look in the mirror, I think "who on earth is that" looking back at me ha ha. Have a lovely day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx
    PS the pendants are beautiful xx

  6. Hi Patricia,
    your pendants look fabulous. I am a bit of a mouse as far as anything daring always have been. Daring isn't in my nature, so I am very boring, but you do what ever you feel like. I admire those who do. I too don't feel my age in my head it's only the old creaky bones that tells me otherwise. Especially first thing in the
    Have a wonderful crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.