Friday, 19 October 2012

"Sabby Chic Hearts"

Good morning and welcome to my Blog today.  If you have time please leave a wee message to let me know you called.  I  love to have you visit and  I always read all your comments.
I am meeting Hazel for coffee this morning, looking forward to that.  Have not seen her for a couple of weeks.   We have not met since we handed over all the money we had raised.   We speak every day send so many texts but it is nicer to meet to have a chat
When I was dusting off my CDs the other day I found loads I had forgotten about as you do!!    Don`t know about you but when I get one delivered, I pop it in the CD drawer, then Ooo!! and Aaa!! ...   I print off loads of the Backing Papers with projects in mind, half of them never get used but they are nice to look at at the time!!!   I buy CDs mostly for the papers, not really for any of the images I only ever use a few of these.  Then what happens??? I put the CD away, next time there is one I fancy, the same thing happens all over again..   Come on now, be honest, I am sure you have all done this.  Mind you I have not bought a Crafting Cd in months, can`t say the same about Dies.....................!!!

Today`s card is made with a CD I found, it is a Sheena Douglas one.  I had a look through and saw some "Shabby Hearts" and a backing paper which I printed off.  I have a set of Spellbinder Dies in my box, now I really do not know why I bought these.  I am not sure whether they are meant to be "Hearts" or "Christmas Baubles"..........I am saying they are hearts for this project.

Base  Card 6 x 8 Approx
Pink Centura Pearl Card
The sheet of the Hearts and Shabby Paper printed off
Lace, then another crochet edge on top
Using Spellbinder Hearts/Baubles Dies in varying sizes I cut over the printed Hearts
There was enough on the printed sheet for me to cut these twice, so I doubled them up back to back
A rolled paper flower with a pearl popped in the centre
Some Spellbinder Foliage Leaves

Flora (Crafty Lark) had a card on her Blog recently, it had a piece crochet edge similar to what I have used, that`s what made me go and look for this.

That`s it for today 
Thank you  for calling by I really do appreciate it


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  1. Hi Patricia, have a lovely day with Hazel, give her my love. Your card is lovely. I too find that CD's are full of promise then you only use the papers, then you forget about them. I love the lace and crochet edge so dainty looking.

    Have a great day.

    Wilma x x

  2. Hi Patricia,
    wonderful card, such a nice design. The hearts or baubles look fab, as does your rose.
    Have a wonderful day with Hazel and thank her for all her lovely comments on my cards.
    I am going to meet up with my sisters next week end yipee.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Good Morning Patricia,
    Yes again, a lovely card. The distressed wood effect is lovely, like you I have a box of CD's I never use anymore, think I will put them on e-bay, also I think the die is a heart, lol.
    Have a good day with Hazel, I meet with my sister every week, we have a great laugh together.
    Michelle (happy2craft)

  4. Hi Patricia, your card is so lovely love the heart/bauble. At first I thought they were perfume bottles!! So this can be a very adaptable die xx

  5. Good Morning Patricia, This card is just totally gorgeous. I still have a piece of this lace gift left, so you have given me great inspiration also. Have a lovely relaxing time with Hazel. I always load my CDs onto an external harddrive, I think they gather dust there also. xx Flora

  6. A lovely shabby chic card Patricia. Beautiful. Have a good day and enjoy your time with Hazel. My sister lives 220 miles away so I don't see her too often. We have a great time when we do get together though! Christine x

  7. A really lovely card Patricia. Have a lovely visit with your sister.

  8. Have a good day and enjoy your time with Hazel.A lovely shabby chic card

  9. This is gorgeous Patricia. I love the colours and the design is beautifully put together


  10. I love this shabby chic style card. It is beautiful! Hope you have a lovely day with hazel and hope she's doing well. I also do the same with my crafting CDs . They end up just tucked away but a few times every few mths I do go back and have a play lol xx

  11. Gorgeous card Patricia. Love the dies, and your colours and layout look fabulous.
    Lorraine x

  12. Lovely design Patricia, and the colours are beautiful, kate x

  13. hi Patricia, gorgeous card, love the colour & dies,
    hope you had a lovely day with your sister

  14. Stunning card Patricia fabulous colours