Tuesday, 9 October 2012

"Shoes and Bags"

Good Morning Blog friends, I hope you are all well.  Thank you so much for popping into visit and leaving all your lovely messages.  Oh! My! Word! I now have 50 followers can you believe that???? I am so excited ............50 ...........I can`t believe it!!!!!

My goodness the mornings are so dark.........I am not so keen on this!!!!!
Nothing exciting happening here, and as "Sleeping Beauty" is still in the land of Nod!! I have not a clue what we will be doing today.  Yesterday we cleared out all the guttering round the house, tidied away a lot of the pots, got all the garden furniture stored away.  Mind you it was kind of a waste of time bringing them out this year.  I think we had lunch sitting out once or twice but never manged to have our evening meal sitting out......... next year maybe next year.

Today`s card is one I did for the October Card Swap on the Joanna Sheen Forum.  I posted it last week so the person should have it by now I would think.  The theme for this month was "Shoes and Bags"  I made the base card to represent the Bag, I used a template I found while rummaging for something totally different to make the shoe.

Base card was cut to fit the project approx 8 x 6 
Brown card stock embossed with Spellbinder M-Bossibility Paisley Folder
I did some Faux stitching to represent the stitching on a bag
Shoe is made using downloaded papers from Nit Wit Collection and a template
A little label for the footbed to balance the design
Flowers made using Spellbinder Bitty Blossom Die and the left over bits from the shoe
Leaves Crealie Die
Button was a Sizzix die I found in the same rummage as the template 
Did not know you could Sizzex Dies with the Cuttlebug but I managed.

Talking about Sizzex that was my very first die cutting machine and OMG!!! what a weight.  If my back was bothering me there was no way on earth I could even lift the blooming thing, then you had to pump that handle.  Thank goodness for my wee Bug.........and my Grand Calibur.  I kept thinking I should treat myself to a CriCut but have ruled that out, I love my Spellbinder Dies too much.  I don`t have a Craft Room so it would be put away and probably forgotten about.   I have a fairly large kitchen, wall and floor units, hold lots of my "STUFF" plus a 2mtr work top to work on.  The down side of this is I have to tidy everything away each time I have finished a project. Thank goodness I have a very tolerant husband.  Mind you he has to be, his Model Railway covers all of the attic, and some parts of his layout is on two levels.  I think he is frightened I suggest sharing the Attic with him.....not a chance it is too flaming cold up there in the middle of the winter even though there is heating, I have not told him that though!!!!   My kitchen is a nice cosy place for me.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really do appreciate it


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  1. Hi Pam, love the design and colours, the shoe is gorgeous. I was doing my usual trawl on the Internet yesterday and found Amazing Paper Grace which has a tutorial on the gift bag you posted yesterday. Guess what I gave it a go and it was so easy to do. My one was not as elaborate as yours but when I have more time and now I know how to do it I can go o town.

    Have a great day.

    Wilma x x

  2. Love this Patricia! The shoe looks so realistic and the label inside it is perfect!! Thanks for letting me know I guessed right! My first machine was a Sizzix too which I hardly used to be honest it is still in the original box. I then got a Cuttlebug which I love and is in constant use. Last year my husband got me a Big Shot Pro which is fab for bigger things but I still use my bug the most. I treated myself to a Cricut when I retired last year and it stayed plugged in and unused for about 10 months, mainly because I had no idea what to do with it. When I finally got round to using it the blighter wouldn't work so I packaged it up and sent it back to C and C to be repaired/replaced but they just refunded me. So now I have some cartridges and no machine. Not sure if I will bother again because I don't think I could get the hang of it! Gosh I've gone on a lot today!! Anyway your card is lovely xx

  3. Hi Patricia, what a super card, I love shades of brown, so am loving the colours you have used! I wouldn't be without my 'bug and especially my GC either...I have a little Cricut, the first one they brought out but the poor wee thing hardly gets used..:( Have a good day, Carole Z X

  4. Wilma,
    Wish I had seen that Tutorial for making the bag. Would have saved a lot of head scratching.........I almost have a bald spot..


    1. It was really spooky yesterday when I came across the bag while doing my trawl, wish you had seen it before putting all your work into it.

      Wilma x x

  5. Good morning Patricia, your card is lovely, you see I love shoes but haven't bought many this last year, all my money goes on crafty things now. Easier to sneek in doors though.

    Love your card, I too just really like shades of brown.
    I bought a Bigshot a few months back and I love it. maybe one day I'll purchace a GC it would be good to be able to do larger cards, anyway have a good day whatever youdo, kate x

  6. Hi Patricia,
    another superb card today, love the shoe idea, there used to be a lot of those about a few years ago. Maybe you will start a new fashion of them again.
    I had a sort of sizzex machine it wasn't that make but similar and yes they were very heavy. I gave that to my granddaughter when Tony bought me my Cricut. I too have one of the first models, but I love my G/C soooooo much more the Cricut is okay but I much prefer using the G/C although the Cricut is fab for letters or numbers.
    My word I have written war and peace too.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Morning Patricia. I have a tutorial for making his shoe but haven't tried it yet. Your's looks great so I think it might just have spurred me on! I started with the Cuttlebug than moved up to my GC, which I wouldn't be without. I almost gave my Bug away then realised that I couldn't use the dies in my GC, so I still have it. I have read so much about people rarely using the Cricut that I'm glad I didn't succomb. Love from Christine x

  8. Morning Patricia...what a fabulous card what lady doesn't like shoes and bags... Great colours and flowers. Like you my first Die cutting machine was also a Sizzix..don't have a Cricut or anything like that just my Bigshot and Joy machine for larger dies
    Have a good day


  9. Morning Patricia, Beautiful card today, love how you have made the base card like a clutch bag, and the shoe is gorgeous. They say us girls 'can't have too many shoes and bags' ha ha.
    My first die-cutting machine was the Cuttlebug, then I got the Tim Holtz Vagabond, then I bought the Grand Calibur, which I love more than the others. In between all these purchases I bought the Cricut and the Gypsy from C&C and a couple of years later, they are still in their boxes in my craft room, I have never even taken them out of their boxes, now after reading Susan's comments above about hers not working and sending it back, I'm worried about mine now ha ha. I'm impressed that C&C refunded the money after 10 months, my handle broke on my GC a few weeks ago (it is 6 months old), I contacted Customer Services at C&C after 27 mins on phone (20 mins of that was waiting for someone to answer the phone) then they couldn't help, so I emailed Customer Services and finally got the answer after 2 weeks that because I had had it more than 14 days there was nothing they could do !!!!!
    I was appalled. It was coincidentally the same time mine broke, that C&C were selling a GC for £62.99 (I think), so I bought one of those, I couldn't be without my GC. I tend to use each machine for their own respective dies.
    Goodness I have done 'War and Peace' aswell today ha ha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Patricia this is a fantastic card. I absolutely love the shoe.

  11. Good Morning Patricia, There's nothing like a chat about bags and shoes. Your card is smashing and I love the colours. xx Flora

  12. What girl doesn't like bags and shoes! Another gorgeous card Patricia.
    Have a lovely day
    Lorraine x

  13. fantastic card Patricia we all love shoes n bags i have a bug a gc & a cricut. My cricut sits in corner it has been used abt 4 times in 3yrs I am glad im not the only 1 who doesnt use it my husband has just bought me a new cartridge to encourage me 2 use it more lol
    Patricia Howarth i wud get in contact with c+ c agen they refunded me on a calibur that the handle broke i hah had 4 6mnths let us know how you get on failing that send old one back in new box tell them it broke not long after opening lol we all seem to be writing a book 2day best get on now see you all 2moz

    1. Thanks for that tip, the only thing is the new one is a raspberry colour and the original was a purple one. But I am thinking of writing to someone at Peterborough, because the Customer Services on phone was Indian and the email person had an Indian name, so presume Customer Services go there aswell. Will let you know if anything positive happens ha ha xx

  14. Love this Patricia, the shoe looks fab.....I haven't made one of those in ages! Carol x