Wednesday, 17 October 2012

"Wired Heart"

Good Morning Blog friends   Welcome to my little corner of Blogland, thank you for stopping off here to have a look at what I get up to.
Yesterday I was overwhelmed by all your lovely comments, thank you so much for taking time to leave them, they really do mean a lot to me.
Today I am offering something totally different.  During the winter I always try to wear bright colours even if it is just a scarf or piece of jewellery, which I make. 
 Yesterday I popped a pale yellow, short sleeved sweater under my wooly cardie, of course I had to put on the jewellery, nothing fancy, usually just a Button Necklace or a Wired Heart Pendant.  Yes! a wired Heart I thought, Oooppps!!! no Heart with yellow beads.  Hazel and I make and sell these to raise funds for Charities close to our hearts....hence the creation of our Wired Hearts.  We also make Teardrop Shaped pendants now.   When Hazel was Diagnosed early this year, rather than shed the tears she decided to make Teardrop Shaped pendants instead, how brave is that!!!!!  As you can imagine, yes!! there were lots tears shed but Hazel got so busy making her Teardrop Pendants when she had to rest through her treatments, she had no time for tears.   
Yesterday, I got out the wire and beads and made a heart with yellow beads, here it is..............

Using thick wire we make the shape we want, fill that in with wire to make a base to place the beads.  The beads are then wired in.  Right in the middle of this heart is a little stone that Grandson Thomas picked up on one of his travels.  He gave it to me and said Granny that could go on one of your hearts.  It has sat on the kitchen windowsill for a while now it has been incorporated in this creation.  I had to wire the stone then try to secure it in the heart. Unfortunately you cant see it too well, but it is in there. 
That "length" of wire is just holding the heart on the frame so I can photograph it, I wear mine on a Torque.  You can wear them with whatever you already have, chain, cord, ribbon etc;

That`s it for today
Just thought you might like to see other thing that I get up to
Thank you for popping in I really do appreciate it


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  1. Very clever Patricia, I love the idea of incorporating a stone your grandson gave you! x

  2. Fabulous colurs Patricia and a lovley idea. i bet Thomas will be thrilled to see his stone in one of your hearts. Have a good day. Christine x

  3. Good Morning Patricia,
    This is lovely, what a beautiful idea, you are very talented, it is a wonder no-one has asked you to design for them.
    My best wishes to Hazel, yes she is brave, and strong minded to put behind her own worries and turn it into a good thing for others, all the best in the fundraising, you have a beautiful product.

  4. This is fabulous Patricia Thomas will be pleased to see what you have made with stone...


  5. Morning Patricia, Your 'heart' is absolutely gorgeous, so very interesting and brilliant that you managed to incorporate Thomas's stone that he gave you.
    Hazel is an inspiration to us all, the way how she has turned a 'negative' into a 'positive', so inspirational.
    Our love to Hazel.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx
    PS I'm off to the new Craft Show in Leeds tomorrow, so trying to get all the 'housework' done today, yuck ha ha !! xx

  6. Good Morning Patricia, what a heartwarming and inspiring story, yes Hazel is very brave. It's great that you could put Thomas's little stone at the very heart of your creation, the very place as i'm sure he is at the very heart of your own. Your a very talented lady!, I would certainly buy one of your hearts, they are lovelt, kate x

  7. Hello Patricia. Stunningly beautiful. Love the colours and so sweet.
    Love Sandra xx

  8. Hi Patricia, Yep this heart is so cute, is there no end to your talents. I bet Hazel felt better being able to achieve something while undergoing treatment because what she went through is very tiring really drains a person. But enough of that she is on the mend. go Hazel.

    Take care in the horrid weather.

    Wilma x x

  9. This is stunning Patricia, you are so very clever!
    Debbie x

  10. Hi Patricia,
    I,m very late today, but better late than never.
    I did my blog hopping early before you put your post up, and haven't had a chance to blog since.
    Your heart pendant is very modern, I bet it went lovely with your jumper. Nice to have the stone your grandson gave you in it.
    Hazel is a very brave and strong minded lady, to look at her health issue in such a positive way.
    All my best wishes are winging their way to the both of you.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. hi Patricia, fabulous creation, heart is gorgeous, sorry I did not get by yesturday