Wednesday, 14 November 2012

"Adding Awards to your Blog"

Good evening Blog friends, thanks for calling by.  Was missing without trace yesterday, but I am back.
To tell you the truth, I had not slept more than 2 hours each night since Thursday night Friday morning.  Had Robert Saturday thought I would sleep after our mammoth bake, well not the bake so much but the clean up..........!!!   Hazel and I had the Craft Fair Sunday absolutely shattered, had to sleep after that no!! not a chance.  However it all caught up with me and yesterday was a really bad day. I did managed to sleep for six hours last night so feeling so much better today.
Hazel and I had a meet up with Wilma (Scottish Crafter).  We met in Perth this morning and had a great chat what a super person Wilma is.  I had met Wilma for about 15mins at the Hobbycraft Show, SECC a few weeks ago but today was great.  We chatted, drank tea and coffee, chatted more had a laugh and decided we will do it all again soon.

 OK, because I have not been feeling good I am way behind with my Crafting.  A few of you have been asking about putting these award things on your Blog.  I have instructions here which I am going to give you.  Kasey-oz who leaves comments on my Blog sent me this when I mentioned on her Blog that I could not do it.
To be honest I a finding all the Extra things I have to do to put these awards on my Blog Sidebar is a lot of work that I find really daunting on the computer for me.

Sign into your Blogger

Go to your dashboard by selecting <Design> from the top right hand corner

Then from the menu on the left hand side of your screen select  <Layout>

This takes you to  a screen with lots of "elements" on it all these make up your Blog

See where it says Add a Gadget click on that and you will get a pop up window.  Scroll down till get <Picture>  select the white cross in the blue square beside <picture> this will open a new window

Title will put a label above your picture
Caption will put words below your picture
Link if you enter a URL (Blog Address) into the link field it will put a link on the picture to the Blog you linked to.
Image  This is where you add your picture, select Browse to select the picture to paste on your sidebar.
Click on Save and it will show up on your Blog it will be in the top position, so before you save to the final position, you can pick the newly added gadget up by left clicking and dragging it down into a new position on your sidebar
Right,  I am a real "Numpty" on the computer and I managed  so I guess you will need to try and see for yourself.

Have fun I hope this helps.
Thank you Kasey for this.

That`s it for now
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it.
Hopefully I will have something here for you tomorrow.



  1. Hi Patricia, thank you and Hazel for a great chat this morning it was a delight meeting you both and look forward to the next girly morning.

    Again thanks for the "Idiots Guide" for adding the "Award" to your blog, just away to give this a try.

    Wilma x x

  2. Hello Patricia, thank you for the instructions, I had managed to work it out last night and put the button on and was going to give Wilma the instructions tonight but dozed off to sleep and only just wakened up to see you've managed it. Phewwww!.

    So pleased you Hazel and Wilma met up and had a lovely time, just wished I had been closer to Perth and not at work and i would have joined you.kate x

    1. Thanks for thinking about me and my lack of PC Knowledge but I have been able to add the Award thanks to Patricia's info. Had a lovely morning and yes we can always arrange another venue which is better for everyone.

      Wilma x x

  3. WOW way to go Patricia this "Idiot" has done it thanks to your instructions.

    Looks like we could have a crafty morning if we get everyone who is interested in meeting to come.

    Thanks for everything.

    Wilma x x

  4. Good Morning Patricia,
    Thank you so much for the 'Computers for Dummies' tutorial, I will have a go tonight.
    So glad you and the girls had a good day out, bet it was fun. How far is Perth from Yorkshire? Hee Hee.
    Have a relaxing day today, if you can.

  5. Morning Patricia, I do hope you are feeling better now. What a lovely lady, your instructions will be greatly appreciated by people wanting to add awards to their Blogs.
    So happy to hear you and Hazel met up with Wilma, and a grand day was had by all.
    I'm full up with a head cold at the moment and full of catarrh, so feeling rather 'yuck' ha ha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Hi Patricia

    It sounds like you have worn yourself out!!!

    I hope you manage to catch up on your much needed sleep and that you can find a bit of "chill time" for yourself.

    Take care

    Love Jules xx

  7. glad your feeling better your better on computer than me i havent even got a blog loltc have a gd day

  8. Hi Patricia,
    so glad your feeling better. I did wonder why you had not blogged.
    Looking forward to more posts soon as your feeling up to it.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.


  9. Patricia, Well done for being a winner on " In The Pink" challenge