Sunday, 11 November 2012

Robert and his creations

Hello Blog friends, so nice to have you call by today, I love when you visit.
Quick post today, I had Robert most of the day yesterday.  We had a "Baking Day" he loves to have them here.  Grandpa and Thomas were at a "War Games" thing.  Thomas had picked up the leaflet when they were at a Model Railway exhibition and asked if they could go.
Hazel and I are off to do our Craft Fair for Maggies I just hope it is busy.   It is from 1pm till 5pm so makes it a long day.  If they are from 10am till 2pm it does not seem so long for some reason.
Thought I would let you see Robert in action and what he made.

I just give him the scales, all the ingredients and let him get on with it.  Obviously I am there supervising, I like him to do as much himself as possible.

These are biscuits he is working on in the first photograph.

Now his masterpiece:-

He took this home with him to share with mummy, daddy and Thomas

He made some Cup Cakes ""BUT"" we sat down to have one of the biscuits and a drink, we forgot about them, they did get rather brown!!!   They tasted OK but not the usual showstoppers that he makes.

That`s it for today
Off to load the car
Thank you so much for visiting I really do appreciate it



  1. Good morning Patricia, After looking at your great photos of Robert baking,
    I suddenly feel guilty that I never got ones of Beth and her beautiful chocolate
    cake to do a scrap book page. I hope you will do that with these. Will just have
    to let her do another one this Saturday. Off to get ready see you at the Hilton for
    hopefully a busy day. Hazel

  2. You must really love having the children there with you Patricia. Not having children I have missed out on this sort of experience until the last couple of years when my nephew visits with his children and I then get to do the baking with them etc, which is such fun. Last year they were here for Halloween so we were carving pumpkins - another new experience for me. Have a good day at the craft fair. I am a morning person and much prefer to get everything over and done with in the morning. Maybe that's why the afternoon shows seem longer - you have already been up and busy for hours before you even get there. Anyway, hope all goes well. Christine x

  3. Good Morning Patricia,
    The boy did good, lol. Can I have some please!!! They look yummy.
    Hope you and Hazel have a great day at the craft fair, sell out hopefully!!!
    Had a terrible day on Friday when I went to NEC. Bad accident on M1. Junctions 33 to 30 closed, I set off at 7.30am, should be 2hr run down, waited 1 1/2 to get off motorway, got lost around Mansfield, found sign for M1 again, it is now 11.30am. I got there at 1pm. What a day, it was so busy in the show, didn't buy much, I only stayed 2hours, as I had to be back home for the dogs.
    Have a good day today.

  4. Hello Patricia, Oh that brings back such wonderful memories of when I used to bake with my Nan. My girls love baking too.
    I hope the craft fair is successful, having seen you creations I am sure it will be

    All the best

  5. Morning Patricia, Ooops sorry, I thought your Fair was yesterday, like our Church one, so I left you comments about that last night. Anyway I hope your day, today, goes well for you, and that people buy lots and lots.
    Robert looks like he's really enjoying the baking, and his masterpiece and biscuits are truly gorgeous. He is a 'Jamie' in the making, I think it is brilliant when boys want to do cooking and baking.
    Have a good day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Gorgeous biscuits, they look yummy!
    Good luck with the fair.
    Lorraine x

  7. Morning Patricia....what gorgeous photos and why is that our grandchildren just love to cook with us....such special times to be treasured...


  8. Hi Patricia,
    I too got it all wrong, thought your craft fair was yesterday.
    So much nicer to be at home with someone very dear and watch them creating for themselves. Robert made a wonderful creation with the star biscuits. So lovely to see young people getting to grips with baking.
    Oops I didn't mean your craft fair wasn't important, because I know it raises money for a very worthy cause.
    Have a wonderful crafty Sunday and I hope your sell lots! and lots! of your lovely things.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. Hi Patricia, your Grandson did so well with his baking and what lovely photos! Good luck with the fair today, hugs Carole Z X

  10. Great pictures Patricia. Obviously takes after you. His biscuits look delicious and that masterpiece is so beautifully presented. Hope you and Hazel do well at the Fayre. Hugs Rita xx

  11. Lovely post Patricia of Thomas in action...His bakes look so yummy...hie star biscuits look AmAzing... a budding cook I see .. I hope you craft fair went well... Hugs May x x x

  12. Alovely post Patricia, photos of Robert at work are great. he is certainly a Master Baker in the making, his biscuits look wonderful and what precious times you must have with him. Have a really good fair day, kate x

  13. hi Patricia, this takes me back, to the older two grandchildren, bet they tasted good.
    hope you enjoy your craft fayre..

  14. Mmmmmm looks delish! Hope you're having fun at the Craft Fair. Sounds like the perfect Sunday.

  15. What fab pics Patricia, nice to see Robert baking, the star tower looks awesome! Great job Robert!!!! Hmmmm might have to go and have a piece of chocolate cake now that I made on Friday!!!! Have a good day at your fair, whilst typing this you only have about an hour to go!
    Debbie x

  16. Hi honey. Those cakes look absolutely yummy. Your grandson is adorable. Hope you and hazel enjoy yourself at the craft fair. hugs xxx

  17. oh by the way you havent let me down honey, I gave it to you as you deserve it and I love your blog. No need to pass it on. hugs xx

  18. I love your photo's, Patricia. I also love to see the younger generation wanting to bake, or learn crafting. Much better for them than constantly gaming. Well done Robert, your baking looks delicious:)

  19. Hi Patricia, I have added you to my blog to receive an award. I don't know if you are in to this or not. If not just ignore it as it feels like chain letter we used to received. got carried away and passed it on. have a look anyway. OOOOOPs did not realise Craftyhugs had already sent you one, just ignore this.

    Wilma x x

  20. great pics its great to see boys learning to cook star creation looks fantastic .Melanie

  21. Sorry Patricia, I thought I had commented on your photograph this morning when I have a quick browse but seemingly not. Robert really looks as though he is enjoying himself, reminds of when my son, also Robert, used to bake scones, his always turned out better than mine.

    Hope Hazel and you have sold lots at the Craft Fair and made loads of money for such a good cause.

    Wilma x x