Saturday, 3 November 2012

"Ruby Wedding Wishes"

Hi there and welcome to my little corner of Blogland..  Great to have you calling in.
Short Post today, mind you some of you will be glad of that after yesterday`s.
Hazel and I have a Craft Fair from 10am. till 1pm.  It is near me so I will get along early and start setting up.  Hazel will come to be there for the opening.  I have the car packed and ready (did that yesterday).   Just have to remember things like the Float/Money Box, glasses and some eats.  The people organising the Craft Fair are really good at keeping us supplied with tea and coffee but when they get busy selling them you cant expect to be getting served.

Card today, quite simple this is Hazel`s card for my friend Elaine who is off celebrating the occasion in the sunshine.

Base card Centura Pearl 6 x 4 approx
Bright Pink rather than red card from my stash
White card cut and embossed with a Mariannie`s Folder 
I like this folder but can never get it to cut those wee bits out right
Spellbinder Poppy Patch Die-Lites Die
Another Die that really needs, dusting with Anti-Static Powder, rubbed with a Tumble Drier Sheet and MUST have Waxed or Greaseproof Paper between the card and Die.  Those stems are a real bother to get out they are so fine.
I made the Fish Tail banner, did the sentiment on the computer
Popped a red Pearl on to complete.

Patrica Howarth suggested I might do a Video to show how to make the Gift Bags.......................well!!! as many of you know I really, really struggle with the computer.  I only managed to get my blog up and running by "Pressing Buttons" I obviously pressed the right ones in the end.   So do a Video and put that on I really don`t think so!!!
I made a bag, photographed each step (10 Pictures) Do you want me to try to put them together to let you see this bag under construction.  I will see how many yes`es I get and will take it from there.

That`s it for today
Thank you for stopping by I really do appreciate it

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  1. You are a busy lady Patricia. Hope you and Hazel have a good day today. Give her my love! I had the same problem with one of the dies in the Marvellous Squares set. Every time I use it I have to use the tumble dry sheet and the baking parchment or it tears. Such a pain. All tutorials are welcomed by crafters so if you have the time I'm sure people will be appreciative. Love from Christine x

  2. After all that I forgot to comment on your card.!! It's my ruby wedding next month so it struck a chord. It's really lovely and the poppy spray is so pretty . Love again Christine x

  3. Hi Patricia, how sweet is this card, some dies can be a real pain but you found a way round it. Your tutorial would be a help to some in making the gift bags, so go for it. Hope you and Hazel have a profitable day for your charities.

    Wilma x x

  4. Hi Patricia,
    beautiful anniversary card love that poppy die. So classical in design. Have you tried the Tesco baking parchment. I find that works a treat on the Venetian Dies
    which are really fine.
    Good lick with your craft fair.
    Will you give Hazel my best wishes and thank her for all her lovely comments on my cards, and her get well wishes.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Good Morning Patricia,
    A simple but beautiful card, I am really into these white cards with a spot of colour, really lovely.
    Have a good day today, hope you do well.
    As to the picture tutorial, go for it. You are definitely giving us some inspiration, I personnally would appreciate the pictures for my soap.
    Have a great day

  6. Good Morning Patricia, Love this card, simply beautiful, I like using those dies and have been lucky with the Marianne die cut I get, I do like that poppy die and it is on my wish list - I think it has just moved further up even if it is difficult to use. Have a great day today and best wishes to you both. xx Flora

  7. This is stunning, I love the elegant design and gorgeous colours.
    I hope you have a good time at the Craft Fair

    hugs Sue

  8. Morning Patricia...beautiful card, simple but so elegant love the die cut


  9. Morning Patricia, Whoa, got a shock when I saw my name come up on your intro..... I, for one, would definitely love to see the step-by-step tutorial on the bags, it always helps with the written word and piccie, to me anyway ha ha.
    Hazel's card is beautiful today, I love that poppy die, I have it but haven't used it yet, so thanks for the tip with the greaseproof, I have another poppy die from Memory Box and that has really, really slender stems, and is so intricate to get out of the die. I just love the embossing on the card, and the banner is gorgeous, and the colours are beautiful.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx
    PS Hope you have a good day at the Fair xx

  10. Great work with the card and good luck with the fair. Hugs, Buttons x

  11. Patricia, your card is beautiful and I'm sure it will be treasured by your friend. Hope you have a brilliant day at the craft fair and have a sell out. I loved the bags too, but what did you use to cut the apertures for the handles. You've certainly inspired us all with these wonderful bags. Hugs Rita xx

  12. wow, this is gorgeous...I adore the pop of red...hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  13. Hi Patricia, lovely card, simple yet elegant. I too have the poppy die and I've yet to manage to get it released sucessfully, so thank you for the tips. Yes I would love to see how you made the gorgeous bags, so if you are able to make the time to do the photos I would love it. Have a great day at the craft fair, Happy Selling!!, kate x

  14. Hi Patricia
    lovely card i also have these dies but havent used yet so thx foe the tip a pic tutorial would b great if you have the time good luck at the craft fair

  15. Hi Patricia, as others have said a really simple but elegant card and so effective. If time allows looks like you will be busy as I too would very much welcome the tutorial for your bag so can I say thank you in advance. Good luck and I hope you and Hazel have an enjoyable time at the fair for your charities. Love Christine H xx

  16. Hi Patricia, beautiful card, I would love to see a tutorial on the bags you made. good luck..

  17. Stunning card I haven`t used this die yet I find the the long edge which was in the set very tricky to get out the amount I have thrown away as they ripped getting it out the die ,would love a tutorial on your bag >melanie