Friday, 30 November 2012

"Truffle Receipe"

Good Morning Blog Friends, WOW!! I had a really great sleep again last night.  Anyone struggling with sleep get out there and get a "Memory Foam Mattress" better than any pills. potions, or milky drinks.
Thank you for calling by today.   Oh! I Nearly for got to welcome my newest follower, Carol Yates.  Thank you for joining us, I really hope you enjoy visiting and get some inspiration along the way. 
I was busy yesterday with a few things but thought I would give the recipe for the Truffles.  They are so easy to make.  They go down a treat with my friends and neighbours,  I was asked the other day if I would be doing them again this year. 

24 Digestive Biscuits (I just use own brand ones)
1 Tin of Carnation Condensed Milk
2 Good tablespoons of Cocoa Powder
2 ozs Coconut
1 and 1/2  ozs of melted Marg

Finely crush biscuits, (I do this in my Food Processor) put into a bowl, add all the other ingredients and mix really well.  I also add a small glass of Baileys.
Once you have the mixture mixed really well, roll into balls and toss in either:-  Chocolate stands or coconut.
Place in very small paper cases.................that`s you done!!!!  Now you have to admit that`s easy.  Pop them in nice hand made Boxes, or bags you have the perfect little gift

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it 



  1. Nice easy recipe there Patricia. Glad your new mattress is helping! Have a good day. Christine xx

  2. Thank you for that Patricia may have to have a go for Christmas

    jacqui x

  3. Good Morning Patricia,
    Yum Yum, going to have a go at this in the Christmas Holidays, thank you, easy enough for me to do, hee hee.
    Now you are sleeping well, there will be no stopping you now, lol.

    I did all that resizing of photo's, still will not let me download, so I deleted some of the old posts, still cannot download, went into Piscasa album, deleted the photo's, still will not let me download, so frustrating.
    Will have another mess about when I can sit and think.
    Have a great day.

  4. Good Morning Patricia, pleased to hear you slept well last night and that your new mattress seams to be doing the trick. Thanks for the receipe, I might manage to make some for our xmas meal at work, sadly not for me though, have a good day, kate x

  5. Good morning Patricia, I will have to try this recipe, thank you.

  6. Good morning Patricia,
    Thanks 4 the recipe wat size tin of condensed milk plz coz knowing me i would get wrong size lol

    1. Sue, they only do one size in condensed milk, but they do normal and light, hope that helps xx

  7. Morning Patricia, What a brilliant recipe, I will definitely be giving this one a go, I have lots of tins of condensed milk in my cupboard, my hubby got me into coffee with condensed milk instead of milk and sugar, and I got hooked on it, so I had to stop, I had stockpiled the tins when they were on special offer ha ha.
    Glad you are still enjoying your new mattress, it is amazing what a good night's sleep does.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. Thanks for the recipe Patricia - have to give these a go. Glad the memory foam topper did the trick.

  9. Good Morning Patricia, I'm so glad your sleeping better with/on your new mattress. You are a gem to let us have your truffle recipe and I am going to give them a try this week-end. Silly question, but will they keep from now till Christmas. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xx

  10. That'a a fabulous recipe, thanks for sharing. I will show my daughters later ad they love to make gifts for the family.
    I'm glad the memory foam mattress has helped your sleep.


  11. Thank you for your truffles recipe, Patricia. I will have a go at making some. so glad to hear you're getting a good nights sleep now. We got a new bed with a memory foam mattress, but I still only get three to four hours sleep a night x

  12. Hi - sorry I've not been around much. Having a very bad day today. Thanks for the beautiful card you sent me. It's like a gift so it's still on display. Hope you're well. I'm not sleeping well either but I don't think it's the mattress to blame. Hazel x

  13. May try this receipe I love truffle`s I bought some the other day ,though on a diet >melanie

  14. Hi Patricia,
    thank you for sharing your lovely recipe. Must have a go at these.
    So glad all is still well with your sleep pattern.
    have a wonderful crafty evening.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  15. Hi Patricia thank you for the truffle recipe, one I will have to try. Glad you seem to have solved your sleep problems, another few nights then you will know if it really has done the trick.

    Wilma x x

  16. hi Patricia, glad your mattress is helping. thanks for the recipe.
    Got in touch with Tracey at oyster stamps, what you are after will be in next week.