Thursday, 29 November 2012

"Yesterdays Makes"

Good Morning Blog friends, how are you all today? well I hope.  Thank you for continuing to call in to see what I have been up to.  I really enjoy having you here, also popping over to your Blogs to see what you have been doing.
Wow! things have been busy here.  Tuesday after I did my very successful talk at the Ladies Club, I came home, John said we would have lunch then go to Blaigowrie  (our nearest biggish town although still very small) to the Bed Shop and get a new Memory Foam Mattress.  I have not been sleeping very well, he felt that might be the answer.  Our bed was only 4 years old, however off we went to see what they had.  OMW! have you seen the price of some of these mattresses????  We have bought quite a few things from the shop.  Andy who owns the shop is excellent, always willing to give you the best price for Top Quality goods.   We had a choice of 3 mattresses in our price range, we chose one and Andy said he would drop it down to us when he closed up.  He had some paperwork to do so would be about 6.45.  On the way home we discussed putting the mattress from our bed which was a top grade one on the guest bed ......... you can see what is coming here!!!!  OK guest bed stripped and bedding in the washing machine, the boys had slept there a couple of times.  Could not put used bedding back on the bed.  Stripped our bed, bundled that in the utility room, that would be the next load to go on.  Swapped our mattress to the guest bed and got it made up...... phew!!!! hard work that.  Left the mattress off the guest bed Andy was to dispose of that.............When I looked at it, it was like new, we have had a few guests and the boys sleep on that bed but it is not old.  Isobel across the road told me a few weeks ago she would have to get a new bed for her spare room soon.  She now has the mattress and is over the moon.  Andy arrived, brought in the new mattress, while he and John chatted I got busy making up the bed.  Tell you what I had a great sleep Tuesday night but I don`t know if I was so blooming tired after all that work or if it was the new mattress.  I did sleep well again last night so maybe John was right!!!!

No card or paper project today, I made some of my "sweet things" yesterday.

Big pot of "Tablet" all my "Scottish Friends" will know exactly what this is.  I have never seen this in England and I know when any of our English friends come up they love it but say you don`t get this down south.  Your nearest would be Fudge but to me it is nothing like it.  Fudge is soft this is harder, anyway it is full of sugar but Mmmmm!! yummy!!!

Next lot "Truffles" I made 60 of these.  I bag some of each, put them in the Gift Bags or Gift Boxes for my friends and neighbours.  Hazel told me that I should cut back on the Baileys that I put in the Truffles...................  Oh! Hazel you have to taste the flavour..................I do not drink but I do like to taste the flavours I use in things.
Now the biggest thing of all is to get them bagged up so that "some people don`t eat them".  Once John, John Jnr. Audrey and the boys know Granny has been making these, I actually have to hide them if they are not bagged up.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it



  1. Patricia I hope you remember to put " Do not eat my truffles and drive ". Notice on your sweetie bags... Ladies these are lovely but oh boy she does put in the Baileys then again you could say it's Xmas . Hazel

  2. Yummy Patricia, I love Butter Tablet it was an absolute favourite of mine when we lived in Nairn many moons ago

    jacqui x

  3. Good Morning Patricia,
    What a hectic couple of days, I do think you will enjoy your new matress, I love mine.
    The chocolates look so yummy, never heard of the first one, but I would eat them all, and the truffles look like they came from Thorntons, I say yes to plenty of Bailey's. Me want some.
    You are such a talented lady.
    Have a great day.

  4. Sounds like and looks like you have been very busy Patricia! I have heard of tablet, perhaps that is because we are nearer the border!! x

  5. Busy busy lady! Your goodies look really yummy! Hope your mattress makes a difference. I sympathise because I am a very poor sleeper too. Have a good day. Christine xx

  6. Oh yummy, and there is me spending the last few days looking at electronic tablets and getting more and more confused, this would have been so much easier. So glad you are getting some good sleep. xx Flora

  7. Hi Patricia, lovely sweet treats!X

  8. Morning Patricia, Wow you have been a busy bee, hopefully the new mattress will do the trick, it is awful when you can't get a good night's sleep, your body needs it to cope with the next day. We sleep on a Northern Nights 'Feather Bed' from QVC, which sits on top of your usual mattress, and I swear by it, it is like sleeping on 'a cloud', I reach under the sheet and fluff up every morning, but I swear by it.
    Your goodies look delightful, and no doubt your friends and neighbours will delight when they receive them.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Good Morning Patricia, I'm so glad you had a good night's sleep on your new mattress, we got ours in July and I love it. I certainly sleep so much better. How yummy are your sweet treats. I'd love to make some of your truffles if you don't mind sharing the recipe. I'm having a day off to-day as I need to recharge my batteries. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xx

  10. I've not heard of tablet, Patricia. It does look and sound yummy, as do your truffles. Such a lovely gift for your friends and neighbours :)

  11. Hello Patricia....oh your sweeties look yummy and those truffles with Baileys in sound mouthwatering and like Rita would love your recipe.....
    Hope you also get a good nights sleep tonight


  12. These look very yummy Patricia. I love sweet things. Unfortunately for me! In Aberdeenshire they call it toffee!! Very confusing for me as I was born and brought up in Stirlingshire. I love tablet but when someone offers you toffee it's a bit of a disappointment when it turns out not to be toffee after all. After nearly 24 years up here I'm used to it now but I still insist on calling it tablet.

    By the way the "Donkey poo" we're making this afternoon is fondant icing with cocoa!

    Kat xx

  13. Hi Patricia,
    now this is right up my street as I have a very sweet tooth. I'm on the next flight up to you. lol.
    There is no end to your wonderful talents. Reminds me of the sweets my Dad would make when I was young. You can see where I got my sweet tooth from.
    Now to your new mattress I have had one of these memory foam ones for a few years now and I wouldn't be without mine. Sure miss it if we go away anywhere.
    Have a wonderful crafty evening.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. I love tablet Patricia, truffles too though I haven't tried them with Bailey's in them.
    We bought a memory foam mattress two years ago...hubby very helpfully turned it one day (upside down!) - worst nights sleep I've ever had!! Carol x

  15. hi Patricia, think I`ll be looking at these mattress`s as I do not get much sleep. pam

  16. What a busy lady. My friend Susan used to make loads of tablet and bring it into the office where we worked. As we worked alongside the Navy she used to have the sailors queuing up for their share of the sweets. Any excuse and in would come the tablet. I think she still does it but its the guys on the oil rigs who benefit.

    Hope you get a better sleep now.

    I don't like tablet but love truffles especially with Baileys.

    Wilma x x

  17. Well Patricia, i'm drooling, I just love tablet and truffles and it's just such a no no for a diabetic. I do indulge very occasionally, but the consequences are a huge spike in BG. But he ho, you only live once.
    Interested in your new mattress and other's comments. I might have to invest in one as I do not sleep well at all. So I hope you continue to get good sleep and feel much more refreshed, kate x

    For Hazel, thanks so much for your kind comments on my last post. yes the concert does take it out of me even although it's great to do. But I also forget that I am nearer the big 60, still working full-time and have diabetes. You can't go at the same pace as you once did, and all my colleagues are much younger and they feel exhausted after a weeks work too.
    Anyway, I'm going to enjoy my days off, and we hope to go and see the new Great Expectations film, we are both Dickens fans. Seemingly it's supposed to be really good.

    So, I hope you are well and have a great weekend, kate x

  18. OMG my mouth is watering!!! Ashleigh just asked me last week if I would be making truffles this year and its a definate YES!!! They look fabulous!!!
    Debbie x

  19. evening watching Masterchef and then your lovely photos...I'm hungry all over again! Carole Z X

  20. These look yummy... I WILL be adding the baileys tee-hee.. Thank you so much for sharing... Hugs May x x x