Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cat Food Boxes????

Hello and welcome Blog Friends from a very cold Perthshire.  Last night the forecast was not good for here today.   I decided I would be up early, and get the house all done and dusted.  Then I would have all day to play no matter what the weather threw at us!!!  In the end it was just miserable.  Still lying snow, at least no more falling so far.
Thank you for popping by, I really like when you come to visit.  If you have time when you call in please leave e wee message so I know you were here.  If you have a Blog I can then link back and have a look at what you get up to.  It is good to see what others are doing, there are so many talented people out there.
 A teacher asked me a few months ago if I had any ideas for something the children could make and sell.  Needed to be cheap to make and something they could all get involved in..............not too girly!!!  I asked if she could get them to collect smallish boxes ie:- the boxes that Soap Tablets, and Cat Food comes in.    I told her it would be very messy, but they would have good fun and great results.
Here is what we made, these are the ones I made showing them what to do, I don`t have a pictures of theirs, I will try and get one soon.

Art Class Week One
We covered the boxes inside and out with "bog standard copy paper" using "bog standard P.V.A. glue"  This was to cover all the bold graphics and writing on the boxes.  They did not have worry about where the glue went as long as they had plenty on to make the paper stick.  We had to leave them to dry till the next week.  The P.V.A. glue actually makes the boxes very stiff, great it you want to put heavy things in them.

Week Two 
We covered them with Mulberry Paper which I supplied.  I had a big bundle that I knew I would never get through myself.   My friend Elaine brought me "LOADS" of the stuff.  Her and her hubby had been at some Auction and got a "Lot" for a few pounds, she brought a bundle along for me.
Again we used P.V.A. glue.  They liked the fact that they had to wet the paper to tear it.  That way they could join it up and you did not see the joins.  Plenty glue again, we left them to dry till the next week.

Week Three
We decorated them, the children used thick cord for their handles.  They just punched holes and threaded it through, tying big knots on the outside, quite rustic looking    The girls stuck flowers and ribbons on theirs the boys mostly left them plain.
I had a box of beads so I made beaded handles for mine.   
I took mine home to finish off,  I did send them back for them to sell, along with theirs.

So! If any of you have these kind of boxes lurking around there`s a project to keep you out of mischief.  Joking apart you could really go to town with the decoration and make a great box with a difference.  
I used a Large Washing Powder Box, covered it in White Mulberry Paper,  decorated the front with some flowers.  I put a bottle of wine (the box was not fat enough for a bottle of Champagne) plus two Champagne Flutes, all filled out with white tissue.   Thomas and Robert presented it to a couple who had just got married rather than a Horse Shoe!!

That`s was a long post today, sorry about that.  You might need to have a lie down to recover.
Thank you for visiting, I really appreciate it


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  1. My goodness Patricia, is there no end to talent at all girl. All your ideas are wonderful and these boxes are really stunning and your doing your bit for recycling too. Hugs Rita xx

  2. What a great idea for putting gifts in and we all know how much children just love gluing, sticking and decorating....especially where glitter is


  3. These are gorgeous. Such a great design idea and wonderful colours. Thanks for the clear instructions on how they were made too, my daughter loves to do things like this.


  4. Hi Patricia,
    How fantastic are these, you are a genius, they are stunning. Bet the kids loved all the messy glue and paper, what fun you get up to.
    I am definitely voting you the crafter of the year 2013. Love your blog, look forward every day to see what's there, hee hee, sometimes I don't know who to click on first, you or Sue, so that@s saying something!
    Keep up the fantastic surprises each day, and watch yourself in the bad weather.
    Take care, Michelle(happy2craft)

  5. Hi Patricia, what a great project, bet the children had a ball. Messy to start with, but beautiful at the end.

    Wilma x x

  6. What a great idea Patricia especially this time of year

    jacqui x

  7. Morning Patricia, What a fantastic idea, bet the children absolutely love it too.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. mornin Patricia
    wat a clever idea bet u had as much fun as the children lol

  9. how lovely Patricia !- certainly given me an idea to try as I have been trying to recycle these boxes using fabric but have had mixed results and this idea seems much more successful

  10. What a brilliant idea. I bet the children loved it too.
    Lorraine x

  11. No doubt the kids had a whale of a time making these super boxes Patricia. Good for you. Christine x

  12. beautiful Idea and I bet the children loved it ,well done.Melanie

  13. Fabulous idea... The children had a great time I bet.... Hugs May x x x

  14. Fab idea, bet the children loved it too! Carole Z x

  15. Totally amazing Patricia, great boxes and i'm sure the children had a wonderful time making them, kate x

  16. fabulous idea Patricia, bet the children had a great time.


  17. Wowser idea Patricia!! Love em!!!
    Debbie x

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