Friday, 21 December 2012

"Crafty Gift for Elaine"

Hello Blog friends, how is it all going???   I hope you are not getting too stressed out, remember it is only one day!!  I know we want everything just perfect BUT!!! there is a limit.   None of us is "Wonder Woman"  I know we all like to think we are but please take it easy.

 Got a funny story to tell:-
You all admired my card yesterday well!!!...................guess what!!   Elaine did not open her card here last night.  She said she wanted to take it home and open with Doug.  
She text me this morning "Hi Sweet Friend we LOVE our card.  Will we get the insert for it when I come next Thursday"  Oh! My! Goodness!  I had forgotten to put the insert in..................stupid or what???  No don`t answer that.   Went into the Dining Room and there it was sitting on the table, printed and ready to be put in.  I must have been disturbed between getting it ready and actually putting it in the card.  That just had to be John wanting me to do something for him.....................well I have blame someone cause! it certainly was not ME!!!!.......................LOL
Thank heavens Elaine is natured like she is and saw the funny side of the situation.  We will laugh about this for months to come.

I hope this little Crafty Gift I included with her Christmas present makes up for it
Every year I make a little "Crafty Gift" for Elaine.  It can be anything at all, I like to include one with her actual present.
This is this years offering

A few weeks ago I bought some little canvases out of the "Works"  £1.99 each complete with the stand.   Had no plans for them at the time but felt I had to have some.
Sprayed with Crafter`s Companion Multicoloured Spray & Sparkle 
I had a Fancy Lattice Die cut in my Bit Box that I used for the background
Cut the Butterflies with Spellbinder Les Papillons Die using bits I had left over from making some of the Gift Bags plus bits of white card.
Made the box you see behind for it to go in,  so all in all a Crafty Gift for almost no money.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really do appreciate it, especially now when time is in short supply for us all.


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  1. Hi Patricia, this is beautiful, I am sure Elaine will love it! Those canvases from the works are a good buy, I use them a lot, in all different sizes! Hugs, Carole Z X

  2. Hi Patricia, thanks for your lovely comment on my ATCs.

    What a hoot, leaving out the insert to the card you made, just goes to show what can happen when you get distracted lol. I love the little canvas too, can't seem to get anything like them here in Aussie which is not surprising, very backward we are!
    Take care and have a lovely christmas/new year.

  3. Good Morning Patricia,
    Hee hee hee, can just picture Elaine's face, hee hee hee. Just loved that, can picture your face too, reading the text, so funny. Bet she was made up when she opened the box and saw this pretty little canvas, you are so full of good ideas, it is soooo pretty.
    Hope you have a good day today, my last day to work this year, yipee.
    Take care, Michelle(happy2craft)

  4. Ha Ha Ha how I laughed when I read bout you leaving out the insert, bet Elaine laughed too. What a sillybilly. Love your easel and canvas where do you get all your ideas you clever lady? Love the butterflies.

    Poor John, getting the blame again.

    Wilma x x

  5. Well, that is so weird - I bought those canvases too but hadn't a clue whether I would ever use them!!! Just can't miss a bargain. This is fabulous Patricia. Leaving out the insert is the kind of thing I can see myself doing, it's so easy if you are disturbed or distracted. And it's great that your friend saw the funny side too! love from Christine xx

  6. Oh, you did make me chuckle Patricia. Sometimes I panic after I have sent my cards that I have done that too but no-one has ever said anything if I have!
    I love how you have decorated the canvas. Those butterflies are so pretty and delicate.


  7. Stunning Patricia and I am sure Elaine will love it, beautiful colours


  8. A very beautiful canvas and I love the butterflies. I'm sure your friend will love it too.
    Lorraine x

  9. Hi Patricia, I'm smiling here because on 2 occasions I nearly did what you did and forgot to put the insert in place, but thankfully my daughter was looking at the cards and noticed. Your canvas is so pretty and I'm sure Elaine will be delighted with it. I'm baking another batch of Craggy Date shortbread to take to my daughter's to-morrow and by the looks of things I will need to make another lot of those delicious Truffles. We packed the car this morning and its ready to go first thing in the morning. Have a lovely Christmas and I'll speak to you when we get back next Thursday. Hugs Rita xx

  10. That is a beautiful canvas Patricia (have you seen Sue Wilson's post today? - she must have been inspired by you!) Have a wonderful Christmas, hugs Jenny x

  11. Well patricia, this story made me smile, it's just the sort of thing I could well have done too. The canvas is so pretty, I'm sure Elaine will love it, Kate x

  12. hi Patricia, so easy to do, forget the insert, we have to blame someone, dont we....
    lovely canvas, fabulous keepsake.

  13. Hi Patricia

    You made me smile with your "lack of an insert" story. It is so easily done isn't it! Especially when we have others helping LOL!!!

    I love the canvas you have made. Very special indeed!
    Lucky Elaine!

    Love Jules xx