Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Making those Decorations"

Hello Blog friends, Hope you are all well and not getting to stressed out about "Christmas".  It is just "ONE" day, my priorities have changed this year and I am looking at it as just"one" day.  Every day is a bonus no matter what day it is.
Thank you for taking time out to visit, I really appreciate it when time is so precious just now.
I have done all the Christmas cards I am doing, ones that needed posting have gone.  The ones to be popped through the doors of my friend and neighbours in the village sitting waiting to go.  Wrapped the presents, well the ones that I have. I have a few wee things still to get, nothing major.
Have not done the tree, afraid I leave that till much later.  I really am a bit "bah! humbug" about Christmas, if it was not for the boys I really would not bother. 
This is a very personal thing.............I feel the true meaning of Christmas has been lost and it makes me sad.  Right enough about that!!

I have been asked to do a Tutorial on these "Decorations" .  Ladies they are so very easy, here is all you need to do.    Remember any shape of Die will make them as long as there are a few sizes in the set.  You do need an empty Ribbon Spool as the base.  I use the spools from narrow ribbon.

I cut out two blank circles to cover up the writing on the spool front.  You don`t have to do this but some can be very bright and might shine through.

Stack up your layers with foam pads between to give you depth.  This one I made a rosette for the front, a Brad or a bead is fine.
Tie your chosen colour of ribbon round the Ribbon Spool Tie off and hang up...................Simple.
To see my others scroll back a couple of days.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by, I really enjoy that you stopped to see what I have been up to.



  1. this is so pretty and a great way to recycle all those ribbon spools! i don't buy into the hype and commercialism of the holiday so i don't get too stressed; i know a lot of people that do though, unfortunately.

  2. Hi Patricia, like you I feel Christmas has lost it's real meaning and become very commercial. When I was young children were the mainstay of Christmas now is a competition on how bigger and better can you go. Rant over. You show us projects which look intricate and then when you break it down in a tutorial they are easy enough for me to attemp. Thank you for bringing these tutorials and opening my eyes to other projects.

    Wilma x x

  3. I so agree with you about the true meaning of Christmas, and I posted a comment about this on my blog a little while ago. There is just so much hype!! I love these decos, and did a have a go the other day, and as yousay they are pretty easy. Silly me forgot to take a picture before I gave it tomy friend.. I guess that means I need to make another one! Have a good day. Christine x

  4. Hi Patricia,
    Thank you for the tutorial, the decorations are really pretty and original, will have a go when I have a chance. I too, think Christmas is a waste of time and money, no small kids in our family at moment, so the fun has gone, it is just another day, like you say.
    Have a great day today, another late one for me, boo hoo.

  5. Hi Patricia

    What a great use for the empty ribbon spools.

    Have a lovely day and stay warm.

    Love Jules xx

  6. HI Patricia - thanks for the detailed explanation - and certainly agree with you re less Christmas stress. I have come to the stage where if it isn't done - no problem as long as you have good company and a meal to enjoy that is how I enjoy mine. I can't believe sometimes all the mad stress I used to have for just one day - mind you I have the same approach to New year no more cleaning everything from top to bottom!!.

  7. What a brilliant way to use an empty ribbon spool...will save them from now on!!
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Lorraine x

  8. Morning Patricia, Thank you for showing the side-on view of your ornaments, brilliant tutorial, thank you.
    I have to agree with your sentiments re Christmas, I think people should remember that it is a celebration of Christ's Birth, today people are under great stress and guilt to buy the biggest and best presents, often putting themselves further into debt.
    It is only one day, but you wouldn't think so in the supermarkets, people shop for a 'siege', which causes others to become stressed with all the pushing and shoving. Also my hubby is most annoyed at Sainsburys advert, which states 'Christmas is not just one day' !!!!!, he gets his 'Victor Meldrew' head on ha ha.
    It is 12.12.12 today, and it's my Birthday, yippeeeeeee xx
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

    1. happy birthday its my sons 2 day also

    2. Aww Sue, give him a Belated Happy Birthday from me.
      Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Good Morning Patricia, I think if there is an award for sharing, you have definitely won my friend. Our Christmas is so love key it is lying down, it was very different when the girls were younger so we have to take a break until the next generation comes along, lol. We buy the things we want when we want them provided the reddies are in the purse and count each day as a gift. xx Flora

  10. thanks for sharing,
    I hate how commercialised christmas has become the only reason im bothering is because my grandchildren visiting so feel i have to make the effort

  11. Thanks for sharing how you make your ornaments, Patricia. When I make mine, I just make two exactly the same and stick them together with the hanger glued in between...if you know what I mean.
    I agree with you about Christmas. It's just one day. Most of my family are gone, there's just me, hubby and our son. I no longer look forward to Christmas xx