Sunday, 2 December 2012

"Tablet Recipe"

Good Morning Blog Friends.  Glad you have found time in your weekend to pop in, I really appreciate that.
We are off later this morning to Bo`ness, we are going with John, Audrey and the boys to join the "Santa Special".    There is a Steam Railway at Bo`ness, we have done this, since the boys were babies.  Audrey thinks this might be the last year as Thomas is now 8.  Don`t want to labour on this, the girls that Hazel looks after are very keen on checking my Blog.......................................!!!!!

I am going to give you the recipe for the Tablet.  Is a very old family recipe, it is not the easiest thing to make.   You MUST use a heavy based pan, it is also much better to control if you have gas.  If you are on a Diet or Diabetic it a definite NO! NO!

2 oz of "BLOCK" butter ..........soft spreadable is absolutely no use
You could use Block Stork but butter is better
1/2 pint Full Fat Milk
2 lbs of Sugar
1 Tin Carnation Condensed Milk (as far as I know you only get one size)

Place the butter and milk in the pan, heat till the butter has melted
Put in the sugar and gently heat till all the sugar has melted
Bring to the boil, turn down the heat till you have a gentle simmer and simmer for 15mins.
Keep stirring as it will burn, stick to the pan if you don`t.
After 15 mins of simmering put in the can of Condensed Milk.
Bring gently back up to the boil, turn the heat back down to the gentle simmer and simmer for 10 mins.  Remember to keep strirring.
You should now start to feel it thicken slightly
Remove from the heat using a "HAND" blender with metal blades start whipping the mixture in the pan.
If you don`t have a hand blender you just have to use "Elbow Grease" and beat.......................
After approx 3 to 4 mins it will definitely start to get thicker.
Beat till thick, but mobile enough to pour from the pan.
Pour onto a well greased baking tray.
Leave the tray of tablet standing on a cooling rack to cool
When cool score into squares.
The texture should be firm......................I really do not know how to put this into words.
Don`t laugh.............  like biting into the crust on a nice apple pie, then it just melts in your mouth

I really hope if you try this it works out first time, quite a few have tried with great success,  others just have not got it.  
Don`t mean to be negative but as I said it is not the easiest thing to make.

That`s it for today
Off to get my M&S long sleeved thermal  T/shirt on.  
Have you tried these??  Hazel put me onto them they are "FABULOUS" for keeping you cozy in this freezing weather.
When I look out my kitchen window I can see the snow on the hills I just hope it stays there.

Thank you for calling by 



  1. Hi Patricia, enjoy your day with the boys and wrap up warm. We have snow on top of rain, frozen solid making walking treacherous. Glad it's hubby's turn to take the dogs out.. I know hw difficult it is to get the tablet right it's a bit of trial and error, you need a strong arm for beating.

    Take care.

    Wilma x x

  2. Thanks for the recipe Patricia. I only need to work out how to make non-dairy condensed milk now because John cannot have dairy. I have seen a recipe on the internet but it's a bit fiddly. Still, I'm going to have a go because poor guy misses out on so many goodies because of his problem which only started three years ago. Good job I retired when I did because I have to bake everything he eats now - no shop bought cakes etc. I have a couple of those thermal long sleeved tee shirts - wonderful!! Have a good day. Christine x

  3. Thank you so much for this recipe looks so yummy

    jacqui x

  4. That's a fabulous recipe, thank you for sharing Patricia.

    I hope you have a good day


  5. Another yummy one Patricia, my friend Patricia will be one of the recipients of your delicious recipes.

  6. Morning Patricia, I was wondering if you would treat us to the recipe for Tablet, yeah, brilliant.
    I hope you all have a great day, I know my hubby, Graham, would like to be with you as he is a steam railway enthusiast, he is building his own 'OO' gauge layout as we speak, it is three quarters of the conversion that used to be the garage (we had it converted in 1992 for my Mum when she got lung cancer and couldn't cope with her own stairs). He has been building it for over 12 months now, at the moment he is doing the wiring (the air is blue at times ha ha), in the meantime he has developed (after visiting many shows) a liking for 'O' gauge and has started building a small layout for the engine and wagons he has got in that scale, he enjoys building the wagon kits and then painting them.
    Have a lovely day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Good Morning Patricia, Haven't done this for many years so thank you for the recipe, also I will try the truffles with more biscuit as I cannot use the coconut so thank you for that tip also. You will get good use out of your thermals this year I think, I'm already up to 3 layers of clothing. Have a great day out. xx Flora

  8. Hello Patricia, thanks for putting on the recipe and of course it has to be butter, why would it be anything else!! Have a great day with the boys and their mum and dad. Good idea the thermals,no snow here yet only on the hills and who in their right mind would go up them? My Alistair thats who, enjoy the rest of the weekend, kate x

  9. I love tablet Patricia... My hips don't but I do! my mum used to make this all the time when I was little, Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, Have a great trip... Hugs May x x x

  10. hi Patricia, thank you for your recipe, sound gorgeous.

  11. Hi Patricia,
    You are certainly one lovely lady, yummy yummy sweet recipes, I am definitely going to try making this, however, I thought you could get two sizes of Carnation Milk, 200g and 400g?????
    I am so lucky that I could eat a ton of sweets and not add a pound, hee hee, but don't ask me to smile, I have no teeth, hee hee, only kidding, sorry, I am always messing.
    No snow here yet, but very cold, I have my thermal long johns ready, it is my legs that feel the cold more.
    Take care for now, catch you later, keep warm.

  12. Oooh thanks for this Patricia, must give it a try. I haven't been to Bo'ness for years - we took the boys to a Thomas day when they were very little (think eldest was about 3!). Hope you enjoyed your day. Carol x

  13. Thanks for the receipe I`m trying to imagine what it would look like may have to try it I have never heard of it before ,Hope you had a great day out,.Melanie

  14. Hi Patricia,
    Sorry, yes you are right, I was thinking of the red tin, Carnation Milk, so glad you put me right as I put milk on the shopping list. My tablet would have been a disaster from word go, even before I had mixed it, lol. You are a star.