Friday, 21 December 2012

" Thomas`s Brooch"

Hello Blog friends, Oh! My! Word! only 3 more sleeps.  Hope you are not beginning to panic!!!  You know what they say?  Worry causes premature aging, now we certainly do not want that do we!!!!
Thank you for calling by today. 
I personally feel the time I spend having a wee hop round Blogland is very relaxing.

Quick post today.

Last week when we were at the boys School Christmas Play there were things for sale that the children had made.   Robert class (that`s the 5,6, and 7`s) had made a couple of things each from Candy Canes and Lolly Pop Sticks , Thomas`s class ( 8, 9,10 and 11`s) had made some cakes and three Brooches each.  Of course we had to buy the things "ours" have made.  Thomas`s brooches were all sold, Audrey bought one, I bought one and Elaine bought the other .  We bought up the things Robert had made as well, so both of them were very happy.  Actually there was nothing left by the end of the evening.

These Brooches are so, so clever.  They are actually made from old clothes.  The base is a circle cut from a sweater, the flower is the "Rib" part of another sweater cut in a concentric circle, rolled to make the flower.  He has obviously been watching Granny!!!!   Then the addition of buttons to finish it all off.   The children were all so pleased their things sold.   Everyone was taking about how wonderful the things to buy were. .  The children did all the sewing themselves apart from a few machine sewed bits done by a teacher.

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  1. As I have said before - you need to look to your laurels! You have two up and coming crafters snapping at your heels. Really excellent brooches. Have a good day. Christine x

  2. Hello Patricia, The brooch is great and I am sure they enjoyed such fab results. Your cards are also beautiful. I have been missing for days so trying to do a wee catch up now. xx Flora

  3. What a special brooch!!! With the standard of these I reckon Thomas could have sold many more. A real chip off the 'ole block eh? Hope you and the famiily all have a wonderful Christmas, hugs Jenny x

  4. What a fabulous must be so proud of both your grandsons! Carole Z X

  5. Gosh Patricia, I'm way behind with my browsing. This is lovely. Such talent, taking after their Gran, Kate x

  6. My Patricia you better look out you have two talented crafters coming up there. Gorgeous brooch bet you are so proud of them.

    Wilma xx


  7. Patricia, Thomas must be so proud of his work

  8. Good Morning Patricia,
    Another great idea, love the brooch, you are a great crafty family, love to log in and see what you post, such a variety of things, it must be good when the kids come to yours and you sit and make things together.
    Have a great day.

  9. Morning Patricia, WOW, the brooch is gorgeous, what really crafty children they are.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Oh Wow Paticia .. .. I am well impressed with the little brooch.

    How good that all the children are involved. I bet that teacher was a little fed up of seeing them all though LOL!! (The brooches not the children!!!).

    I wish you and your family a very special Christmas Patricia and a good New Year. Thank you for all the inspiration you have shared and the lovely comments you have left on my blog.

    Have fun!

    Love Jules xx

  11. Hi Patricia,
    I love the brooch Thomas made. Such a talented grandson!
    Sorry I haven't been around much. I've been feeling unwell and not done any creating either.
    Thank you for your lovely Christmas wishes. I hope you and your loved ones have a really lovely Christmas!! xx