Saturday, 1 September 2012

"Pretty Pink"!!!!

Saturday 1st September 2012
Good Morning and welcome to my Blog, thank you so much for calling by I really do love to have you visit.  If you have time please leave a wee message to let me know you were here.  WOW!! have you seen the number of followers I now have??  Thank you, thank you  friends, I will be doing a Happy Dance round the room when I get finished this...........................!!!

Have to say "Happy Birthday" to our Grandson Thomas who will be eight today.
My goodness how time flies seems like only yesterday he was born.

My card today is one I finished from the "projects half done" box

Base card approx 8 x 8 white card
Pink check paper printed using my Rob Adam`s Polka Dot, Check and Tartan CD
Two pieces of card that had been embossed using a Spellbinder M-Bossibility Folder
I was going to stitch round those but took the lazy was and did some Faux Stitcthing
Spellbinder die cut rectangle and a bit card that had been embossed with Polka Dots
Made some flowers using Crealies Die CL CF 05 
Leaves using Crealies Die CL SC 11 both from Joanna Sheen
I found that ready made tag, tied a wee bow and used that to finish it all off

If you could see the state of the Crealies dies that I use for the flowers and leaves they are so battered and bruised, I really will have to buy some new ones. Different from Spellbinders Dies in so far as they have this foam stuff on them.  They have a paper picture on the front which is all tattered and torn,  just with the pressure of the cutting machine.  The dies still cut OK but what a state they are in.

That`s it for today
Thank you again for calling in I really do appreciate it


Friday, 31 August 2012

"Tattered Roses"

Friday 31st August 2012

Good morning and welcome to my Blog, I am so glad you popped in for a visit.  If you have time please leave a wee message so that I know you called, I love to read them all.

Only a couple more sleeps then Hazel and I are off  on our annual holiday together YES!!!

My card today is one I made from my box of  "projects half done" Oh! My! Word! I had to do this or I would have needed a bigger box!!!

Base card 8 x 8  -   Joanna Sheen
Pink card, I use this colour of card a lot so there are always plenty of bits
Polka dot printed from Rob Adams Polka Dot Check and Tartan Paper CD
Floral from a Nitwit Collection download, bits of both papers used on previous cards
Flourishes cut from bits using a Crealies Die -  Joanna Sheen
Spellbinder Bitty Blossoms Die for all the flowers using just bits
A few pearls from Wild Orchid Crafts also a few punched butterflies

I decided to give this card a Shabby Chic look, not really my scene but I do like to try things.  I tore the floral paper, distressed the edges of the Polka dot.
Once I put them together I was not so sure about the torn bit so decided to cover most of it with the roses.
I love making flowers so I cut out loads.  Because the embossing on these does not have to be too deep I put 2 pieces of paper together for each flower.  Lay all the dies on, I get far more done on one pass through my Calibur.
People ask how I manage to get my petals on my roses so rounded  -  I use my Round Nosed Jewelery Pliers to manipulate the petals once they are dry.

If any of my usual followers are wondering if Elaine liked her gift, guess what!!!.......................she called me on her way home to Perthshire from Newcastle to say she would not make it.  Elaine and her hubby had gone off on Monday morning for a few days, to let Elaine do some shopping, a treat for her birthday.  Oh! Man! can Elaine shop!!!!  when we go on trips to the USA she always gets an extra baggage allowance.   She is coming this evening instead.

That`s it for today
Thank you for stopping by I really do appreciate it


Thursday, 30 August 2012

"For My Friend"

Thursday 30th August 2012
If you have called back because I had problems earlier today, thank you very much.  I do love that you take time to call.  Please leave a little message so I know you visited I love to read them all.

Oh! My! Word! have I had problems trying to get this on here today.

I made up quite a few cards from my "Unfinished Project" box yesterday, the weather here was appalling to say the least.  However this is not one of them.  I was frantically pressing buttons, this is what came up so we will use it!!!!  This is for my friend Elaine who comes every Thursday evening, it was her birthday yesterday.  I bought her a little antique perfume bottle, I made her card and the box for her gift to kind of match.

Base card cut on Grand Calibur using Spellbinder Large Circle Die
I used a mixture of distress inks round the edges
I cut 2 more circles using Spellbinder Dies (think they were lacy circles)
I have offset these to give a lacy look
Made my usual rose using Classic Circle Dies
Leaves are cut using Crealies Die CL CS 11 from Joanna Sheen
Box made with Centura Pearl card from Crafter`s Companion
The topper on the box is made up slightly smaller than the card but in the same way
I hung a little Dragonfly charm on the box, this matches a Dragonfly on the top of the Perfume Bottle

I have made a box for the card, I have left that plain, feel there is enough decoration on everything else
Elaine is coming as usual this evening so I do hope she likes her gift

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really do appreciate it


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

"Just for You"

Wednesday 29th August 2012
Good Morning Blog friends, thank you so much for calling by if you have time please let me know you visited by leaving a little message.  I love to read them all.

I have had terrible trouble getting on to my Blog this morning, however we are here at last, I hope.  Might just all disappear when I press the wrong button.  I am talking from experience here!!!!

My card for today is very plain but I like it, did this a few days ago only finished it off yesterday.  I have decided to get all my half done projects finished before Hazel and I go off on our annual holiday on Sunday.  Did you know I have a first class Projects Half Done that is................!!

Base card approx 8 x 8 Lilac
White card pierced edges, I quite like to doing this and have almost mastered getting it in line
White card embossed using Spellbinders M-Bossibilty Folder "Paisley"
Die cut using a Heartfelt Die from Crafter`s Companion
Threaded Lilac American seam binding through top of the die
A four loop bow done on my Bowmaker
Pearls from Wild Orchid Crafts
Sentiment done on computer matted on a little piece of Lilac card

I love using American seam binding for trying multi loop bows it works so well.

That`s it for today off to have a lie down after the struggle getting this on.
Thank you for calling by it is much appreciated.


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"Tag Card"

Tuesday 28th August 2012
Good Morning welcome to my Blog thank you for calling in, if you have time please let me know you called by leaving a message, I love to read each one.

My card today is dedicated to my sister Hazel.  I saw this "quote" and thought of her. Followers of my blog will know Hazel has been through a lot this year but has always come out of these horrible Chemo treatments in such a positive way.  She has been given her date for Radio Therapy but before all that we are going off on holiday together.  This holiday, booked long before she had her diagnosis has been her goal , so now it is only 6 days till we go.

Base card 4 x 8 approx
I embossed this with a leaf Embossing Mask
Distressed it them Heat embossed a design on it
(I learnt something, I should have Heat Embossed before distressing)
Cut a matt of pink card which I also distressed
Did the "Quote" on the computer and distressed it 
My roses were cut and made from Spellbinder Classic Circle Dies
Leaves from Spellbinder Foliage die
A brown organza bow to finish it off

 I have ordered the Spellbinder Blossom 5 die which will give my roses a softer edge, I wish it would hurry up.......................I am so impatient.  I ordered it as Sue Wilson has a Tutorial over on her Blog today for roses using the Blossom 5 Die her roses are just stunning.  Sue`s Blog is pop over and have a look there are some beautiful cards there.
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in it is much appreciated


Monday, 27 August 2012

"All the Best"

Monday 27th August 2012
Good Morning and welcome to my Blog, I love to read your comments, thank you so much for taking the time to say hello and leave a message.

Bit later today was getting the ironing up to date, trying to keep things well up to date in preparation for going away next week.  Hazel and I are now beginning to count down the "Sleeps"

I am very luck to be extremely healthy but I do have to have B12 injections every 6/8 weeks Deirdre along at the GP Surgery does these for me.  She is moving on to be a Community Nurse in a Surgery in Dundee,  I made a card and I have a little gift for her.  I will give them to her tomorrow when I get my injection.

Base card 5 x 7 cut from white card stock pierced round the edge
Pink matt
Spellbinders M-Bossiblity folder "Splendid" used to emboss white card
The rest is from the Bit Box
Burgundy, Pink Polka Dot matted across
Roses made using a Crealies Die with  papers from the Bit Box
Leaves, and flourish made previously, popped in the Die Cut Bit Box for later use
A few pearls
Sentiment done on computer 

It is amazing what you can do with all these little bits we all keep.

That`s it for today
For all who are off for the Bank Holiday have a great day
Apart from Banks and Building Societies it is business as usual here in Scotland
Happy Crafting


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Sunday, 26 August 2012

"Sunset Sailing"

Sunday 26th August 2012
Good Morning and thank you for visiting, I hope you have time to let me know you called in, I love to read the comments left.

Wow! the sky is clear, at this moment I think it might be a nice day today. Yesterday started similarly but it changed dramatically by lunchtime. 
 My faithful followers will know my sister Hazel and I had a table at the Street Fayre in Glamis yesterday.   Would you believe that there was black skies, thunder and lightening, torrential rain all round us.   Glamis its self had a shower during the official opening at 1pm another around 3pm and that was it.  Someone up there! was looking after us.  We did very well, sold lots, and made money for the Chemo Unit where Hazel has been having her treatment, we are delighted with the final totals.  We now have a nice amount to give to the Maggies Centre in Dundee and also the Chemo Unit.   Hazel and I are going off on holiday Monday 3rd September, when we get back we will present them both with their cheques.

Today`s card is a card I have made with an image I got last week along with the one I used a couple of days ago,  They were in an Angle Envelope from Julie Rose on the Joanna Sheen forum.

Base card 5 x 7 approx
Chocolate brown card for the matt then soft white card pierced round the edge
Chocolate brown cut with Spellbinders Romantic Die
Soft cream cut with the next die down in the set, then the image
I have left the card blank at the moment will add a sentiment when I use it

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in it is much appreciated