Saturday, 20 October 2012

"Just a Note"

 Good Morning Blog friends, well here we are again at the weekend, can someone please tell me where the week went!!  
Thank you for taking time to pop in,  I love having you here.

Had a good old "Chin Wag" with Hazel yesterday.   Hazel conquered yet another hurdle yesterday................. she actually came without her wig.  Her hair has grown fantastically since our holiday, it is still very short but she looked great.  I know she is my wee sister, I have told you all how brave she has been but there she goes again, Hazel I salute you once more, you are a Star.
Had the boys for tea yesterday, they love when their Grandpa picks them up from school, busy, busy here from the minute they step through the door.  My friend Elaine who usually comes Thursday came last night.  She had been away all week, said she could not miss our "Crafty" evening.  Crafty evening!! we do more Chatting than Crafting, we did some crafting last week the first for ages, we certainly always have a good laugh.

Today`s card some of you might have seen, one eagle eyed follower spotted it in this months Making Cards Magazine.   I have entered 3 cards in the past couple of years, 2 have made "Star Card" and I have had £50 of Hobbycraft vouchers.  This one did not make that but was shown.  The flowers are a bit flat and crushed but I thought I would show it anyway.

Base card 8 x 8 from Joanna Sheen
All the papers are from the Magazine matted onto pink card stock
Spellbinder Fancy Ovals Die for the center piece
Classic Circle Die to cut out the printed sentiment also from the magazine
Flowers and leaves are made using Crealies Dies from Joanna Sheen
Tiny Butterflies a punch

That`s it for today
Thank you for visiting I really do appreciate you taking time call by


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Friday, 19 October 2012

"Sabby Chic Hearts"

Good morning and welcome to my Blog today.  If you have time please leave a wee message to let me know you called.  I  love to have you visit and  I always read all your comments.
I am meeting Hazel for coffee this morning, looking forward to that.  Have not seen her for a couple of weeks.   We have not met since we handed over all the money we had raised.   We speak every day send so many texts but it is nicer to meet to have a chat
When I was dusting off my CDs the other day I found loads I had forgotten about as you do!!    Don`t know about you but when I get one delivered, I pop it in the CD drawer, then Ooo!! and Aaa!! ...   I print off loads of the Backing Papers with projects in mind, half of them never get used but they are nice to look at at the time!!!   I buy CDs mostly for the papers, not really for any of the images I only ever use a few of these.  Then what happens??? I put the CD away, next time there is one I fancy, the same thing happens all over again..   Come on now, be honest, I am sure you have all done this.  Mind you I have not bought a Crafting Cd in months, can`t say the same about Dies.....................!!!

Today`s card is made with a CD I found, it is a Sheena Douglas one.  I had a look through and saw some "Shabby Hearts" and a backing paper which I printed off.  I have a set of Spellbinder Dies in my box, now I really do not know why I bought these.  I am not sure whether they are meant to be "Hearts" or "Christmas Baubles"..........I am saying they are hearts for this project.

Base  Card 6 x 8 Approx
Pink Centura Pearl Card
The sheet of the Hearts and Shabby Paper printed off
Lace, then another crochet edge on top
Using Spellbinder Hearts/Baubles Dies in varying sizes I cut over the printed Hearts
There was enough on the printed sheet for me to cut these twice, so I doubled them up back to back
A rolled paper flower with a pearl popped in the centre
Some Spellbinder Foliage Leaves

Flora (Crafty Lark) had a card on her Blog recently, it had a piece crochet edge similar to what I have used, that`s what made me go and look for this.

That`s it for today 
Thank you  for calling by I really do appreciate it


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Thursday, 18 October 2012

"A Wreath for a Change"

Good Morning Blog Friends, great to have you visit, I really love when you pop by. Thank you for all your lovely comments on yesterdays post.  Nothing exciting happening here today apart from "Food Shopping. oh! how I hate shopping.   The shopping is bad but even worse is the putting it all away, I know! I know! it has to be done if we want to eat.  

I did this card last week when I did my wreath card, a wreath theme but totally different.

Mid brown card approx 5 x 7 for the Base
Dark brown embossed with a Spellbinder A4 M-Bossing Folder
I love these A4 folders, I got mine from Sunrise Crafts P&P Free
The papers were from a Freebie Stack with a Magazine
Banners a Stamping Up punch, one punch gives both parts of the banner
The central image was a very old free Digi Stamp
Coloured the image with Promarker
I put some Glossy Accents on the spots on the paper to give some dimension

Have you had a look at all the goodies Sunrise Crafts Have??
They have all the new Die-Lites coming in approx 25th October, I really must resist............

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really do appreciate it


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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

"Wired Heart"

Good Morning Blog friends   Welcome to my little corner of Blogland, thank you for stopping off here to have a look at what I get up to.
Yesterday I was overwhelmed by all your lovely comments, thank you so much for taking time to leave them, they really do mean a lot to me.
Today I am offering something totally different.  During the winter I always try to wear bright colours even if it is just a scarf or piece of jewellery, which I make. 
 Yesterday I popped a pale yellow, short sleeved sweater under my wooly cardie, of course I had to put on the jewellery, nothing fancy, usually just a Button Necklace or a Wired Heart Pendant.  Yes! a wired Heart I thought, Oooppps!!! no Heart with yellow beads.  Hazel and I make and sell these to raise funds for Charities close to our hearts....hence the creation of our Wired Hearts.  We also make Teardrop Shaped pendants now.   When Hazel was Diagnosed early this year, rather than shed the tears she decided to make Teardrop Shaped pendants instead, how brave is that!!!!!  As you can imagine, yes!! there were lots tears shed but Hazel got so busy making her Teardrop Pendants when she had to rest through her treatments, she had no time for tears.   
Yesterday, I got out the wire and beads and made a heart with yellow beads, here it is..............

Using thick wire we make the shape we want, fill that in with wire to make a base to place the beads.  The beads are then wired in.  Right in the middle of this heart is a little stone that Grandson Thomas picked up on one of his travels.  He gave it to me and said Granny that could go on one of your hearts.  It has sat on the kitchen windowsill for a while now it has been incorporated in this creation.  I had to wire the stone then try to secure it in the heart. Unfortunately you cant see it too well, but it is in there. 
That "length" of wire is just holding the heart on the frame so I can photograph it, I wear mine on a Torque.  You can wear them with whatever you already have, chain, cord, ribbon etc;

That`s it for today
Just thought you might like to see other thing that I get up to
Thank you for popping in I really do appreciate it


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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"Oh! No! it`s Those Roses Again"

Good Morning Blog friends, I know I say it most days but I really do appreciate you calling by and leaving all those lovely comments.  If you have not visited before, welcome to my little corner of Blogland, I hope you stay a while to have a look around.
 All you followers of Sue Wilson were you watching the show from 8am till 10am?? yesterday.   For me it was a rather silly time, Monday is big clean day here, bed has to be changed, washing organised, cleaning done right through the house.   I get up very early but unfortunately John sleeps a little longer.  Although he encourages me in my crafting I am quite sure he would not appreciate me chucking him out of his bed to get the sheets off it, just because Sue Wilson was on.....................
I have a fair few of the Dies she was showing, it did make me think, now for me.............. that can be rather difficult sometimes!!  While watching and thinking I remembered about some of the Dies and decided I would get them out later and play, here is the result.  

The "Heartfelt Die" along the bottom I got last Christmas as part of my gift from John and Audrey.  I did not realise that it was actually by Spellbinders. So apart from the piercing done with my Tim Holtz ruler everything is made using Spellbinder Dies.

Base Card 2 A4 pieces from the pack I got from Hazel.
I cut them and stuck them together along the top to give me an 8 x 6 card
Pierced piece of card is from the Pack that Sue promotes I think she calls it "Putty"
Brown card stock I embossed with my new Spellbinder A4 Embossing Folder that has Diddy Dots on one half and these Grouped Dots on the other 
Wow! these are so much better than trying to get dots to line up, I feel you are not wasting as the bits left are ready to use on another project
 I threaded some American Seam Binding through my "Heartfelt Die"
Blue paper from my stash for my Roses to match the blue ribbon
I made two Roses using Blossom Five the rest are Bitty Blossoms
Leaves are the Foliage Die
Tag is from the Antique Tag set I cut one in cream and one brown, I cut the cream in half to extend it, the little leave sticking out at the bottom is to cover up the space 
Little Quote done on the computer, sorry it is rather out of Focus
Added a pearl as I felt another Rose or bow would be just too much

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in, great to see you


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Monday, 15 October 2012

"Here come Roses again"

Good Morning, and welcome to my Blog.  Thank you for all your wonderful comments, and for continuing to stop by most days, I love having you visit.
Yesterday Grandpa, Daddy and the boys were all off to a Model Railway exhibition in Dundee.  Great excitement, they all had a good time spending their money.   I suppose it is like us going to one of our shows.  The only one I ever manage is Hobbycraft at SECC in Glasgow.  I love going, yes I do spend too much but what the heck!!!  You get to see all the newest gadgets and products.  Then you can plan how you could spend all that money you don`t have can always dream!!!
Here we are at the start of yet another week, hope you all had a good weekend and are ready for the week ahead.  Our boys go back to School this morning, Grandpa does not like the fact that school really interferes with their free time together...................

Today` card is made from an ooh-la-la CD I found on my shelf, it is called Carnival of Colour.  I had forgotten I had it.  I was actually dusting all my CD`s down, Oh! My! Word! so many, and that`s the ones on show there is a huge box full of them tucked under my computer desk.  Oh! I am sure they will come in handy some day..............I do like having them for some of the beautiful backing papers

Base card 5 x 7 approx made from a pack of card I got from Hazel
Backing paper from the above mentioned CD
Image from same CD
I matted the image on Black Card
Then a piece of the backing paper on Black Card 
The whole lot on a peace of very pale pink card
The flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts 
I added a butterfly charm to some wire and tucked that under the flowers
The little twirly bits you can see are the stems cut off the roses, I twist them round a kebab stick to use as extra embellishments

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by today I really do appreciate it


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Sunday, 14 October 2012


Good Morning and welcome to everyone who takes time to stop by.  If you have time please leave a wee message so I  know you visited, it really means so much to me. 
That`s the fire all cleaned out and re-set , we had it on yesterday.  I was not that cold but by! great! it was so damp and miserable.  The real fire makes it so cozy, only down side is the cleaning it out in the morning.  All done, Log Basket and Coal Bin ready for John to fill when he gets up.  Normally in the summer I clear out the fire place and fill the space with fancy candles, this year for the first time in 16 years it has not been done.  It has been such a horrible summer that fire has been on once or twice, we also had a few power cuts due to high winds so having the fire helped to cheer things up a bit.
Today`s card is a request from the same customer as yesterday.  It is for a couple who`s baby is not to due till the end of the month.  The customer is going on holiday, wants to leave the card ready to post off when the baby arrives.  Again gentle colours and nothing too fancy or bulky for posting.   People are becoming so aware of postal costs.

Base card 5 x 7 approx
Backing papers and image from Joanna Sheen`s Baby Love CD 
Image printed and mounted on Centura Pearl Card that had been embossed

Not much effort in these last two cards but that`s what the customer wanted.

Talking about Postal Cost, I have made a BIG decision.  I usually make and post about 100 Christmas Cards, well NOT this year I am not.  I was in "The Works" shop in Perth, they had boxes of very nice cards, when I worked out the cost of each card in that box it was pennies.  The cost to post them would be more than double what the cards cost.  That means, for us making cards it would cost more..........then the Postage.  This year I have decided that I will donate all my Postal Costs to one of the Charities Hazel and I are raising money for.  I know that may seem a bit Bah! Humbug! but it is getting way out of hand, I feel that money could be better used.   I will still have to send some, I have lots that I have always hand delivered, I will still be very happy making them.  I am not a mean person BUT!!!!

That`s my little bit of a moan for today.
In general I am not a moaner, life is to short for that.
Thank you for calling in


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