Saturday, 3 November 2012

"Ruby Wedding Wishes"

Hi there and welcome to my little corner of Blogland..  Great to have you calling in.
Short Post today, mind you some of you will be glad of that after yesterday`s.
Hazel and I have a Craft Fair from 10am. till 1pm.  It is near me so I will get along early and start setting up.  Hazel will come to be there for the opening.  I have the car packed and ready (did that yesterday).   Just have to remember things like the Float/Money Box, glasses and some eats.  The people organising the Craft Fair are really good at keeping us supplied with tea and coffee but when they get busy selling them you cant expect to be getting served.

Card today, quite simple this is Hazel`s card for my friend Elaine who is off celebrating the occasion in the sunshine.

Base card Centura Pearl 6 x 4 approx
Bright Pink rather than red card from my stash
White card cut and embossed with a Mariannie`s Folder 
I like this folder but can never get it to cut those wee bits out right
Spellbinder Poppy Patch Die-Lites Die
Another Die that really needs, dusting with Anti-Static Powder, rubbed with a Tumble Drier Sheet and MUST have Waxed or Greaseproof Paper between the card and Die.  Those stems are a real bother to get out they are so fine.
I made the Fish Tail banner, did the sentiment on the computer
Popped a red Pearl on to complete.

Patrica Howarth suggested I might do a Video to show how to make the Gift Bags.......................well!!! as many of you know I really, really struggle with the computer.  I only managed to get my blog up and running by "Pressing Buttons" I obviously pressed the right ones in the end.   So do a Video and put that on I really don`t think so!!!
I made a bag, photographed each step (10 Pictures) Do you want me to try to put them together to let you see this bag under construction.  I will see how many yes`es I get and will take it from there.

That`s it for today
Thank you for stopping by I really do appreciate it

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Friday, 2 November 2012

"Work in progress"

Hi there Blog friends, here we are at the 2nd of November ...........where did all the other months of this year go??  So glad to have you visit, love having you pop by to have a look at what I have been up to.  I like popping over to your Blogs to have a look at all your wonderful creations.  There are so many talented people out there.   
I had Christine ask yesterday if it was OK for her to join as a follower, she does not have a Blog.  Everyone is welcome, even if you don`t have a Blog.  If you come and see things that gives you inspiration, that makes my day.   I just love that you have taken time to come and visit.   It is nice to know you were here if you have time please leave a wee comment.

Hazel asked if I would make her some bags for Christmas Gifts.   She did not particularly want them Christmas themed,  felt they were too pretty to have sitting out just over Christmas.  Here are her bags, Hazel chose the papers.  Oh! My! Goodness! when I saw the price she had paid for these individual sheets I was shocked.  I have some others in my stash that I will make up for her.  I have to say that being Double Sided makes a very effective bag.

I have shown two pictures so that you can see how decorating them makes all the difference

 Gift bags made
Gift Bags all decorated, it had to be...... Roses!!!

Each Gift Bag is made from 2 sheets of 12 x 12 thick paper/thin card
Have to say I do prefer the Double Sided papers
I use the largest Spellbinder Grand Label 1 Die for the bag sides
I cut both together, then still keeping them together cut the hole for the handle, then they will both be in exactly the same place.   I use the largest Classic Circle Die to cut the handle.
Cut the paper to fit the Die, before actually cutting out the shape.   That leaves you strips approx 4" x 12" to make the base of the bag and also the flowers.
The base is made using one of the 12" strips scoring it 3/4" in, down the LENGTH of both sides.
Scoring at 3" up from the bottom and 3" down from the top. Fold all your scores. Cutting at the 3" scores where it meets the 3/4 scores fold and stick to form a box shape.
You fit this to the inside of your pieces of the bag (I hope you get this)
Once dry you can decorate as you wish.  I use all the bits left to make my Roses.
I made these roses so that the design on the inside of the bag is the design on the roses.
Roses made using Spellbinder Blossom Five Die
I used Spellbinders Foliage Die and a Crealies Die for the leaves. 
Some ribbon to tie the handles together, I found some small circle Hook & Loop dots that I thought I might use to keep the handles closed 

Oh! My! just realised that it is a very long post, hope you are still awake!!!
If you need any help with this project just ask, I will try to help you.
That`s it for today, thank you for calling in I really appreciate it


 A few of you asked which distressing ink I used on my yesterday`s card.  It was Tim Holtz "Old Paper" I did not re-ink my sponge it had been used earlier in the day, still had ink on it so I used that.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

"Birthday Boy"

Welcome! Blog friends, great to have you visit.  If you have time please leave a message so I know you called.  That way I can be nosey, link back, see what you have been up to and leave comment on your Blog.  
Oh! I have just noticed I have another follower, delighted to have you on board.
Yesterday was a great day here we had a "Family Lunch" with Hazel and my other sisters (I do have more than one but that`s a whole other story) their husband the ones that were not working and our Daughter-in-Law.  We had a good lunch, interesting chat, and a GREAT laugh, a good time had by all I think.

Nothing exciting today, but you have to take to good with the not quite so good.  This was an order for a neighbour, she wanted a flat card not fussy, it had to be posted.  It is for her Grandson James.

Base card 6 x 6
Kraft Card embossed with an A4 Spellbinder Embossing Folder
Script paper from my stash
Piece of the embossed card cut using Spellbinder Labels 1
Sentiment done on the computer cut out using smaller Labels 1
I distressed the sentiment to co-ordinate with the vintage style script paper 

That`s it for today
Hopefully I will have more time to play tomorrow, where is all the time going these days.
Thank you for popping by, I really do appreciate it


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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

"Spellbinder Rose Creation Die"

Hello again Blog friends, I say this almost every day but I really do enjoy you calling by and leaving such wonderful comments on my work.   It makes all the more fun to actually create.
Have not had a lot of time to play with the things I got at SECC in Glasgow on Saturday.  I did get a couple of hours to myself last night, I needed to make a Ruby wedding card........did that.  Once I had finished I just had to have a go at making roses with my Rose Creation Die.  The roses are really not that much different from the ones I make with Blossom Five Die. Never mind you live and learn, the Dies looked so different in the packet but there you go.

 I decided to make a Tag Card  which could be used as a card or on a Gift.  However I think the Gift Box or Bag would need to be rather big to accommodate the Tag.

Tag Approx 4 x 6 Centura Pearl
Pink Card
White card cut using Spellbinders Fancy Lattice Die.
I had to extend the die to get the length I needed
Roses cut using the Rose Creation Die
I lightly distressed the edges with Victorian Velvet Ink
Leaves are also in the same packet of Dies
The feathery leaf bottom right  is from another set 
Pin I made up with some odd beads
Sentiment Tag I found while rummaging
American Seam Binding Bow

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping in I really do appreciate it




Tuesday, 30 October 2012

"Smell the Roses"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for visiting today.  If you have popped by and have enjoyed looking please leave a comment so that I can visit you.  I love have a look at what you and others are doing.  There are so many talented crafter`s out there, they give so much inspiration.
Still have not had time to play with the goodies I bought on Saturday, I really do not know where the time is going  just now.
Hazel and I have a Craft Fair on Saturday.  Yesterday I spent ages out in the store where we keep a lot of our stock.  Sorted through things, have got them crated and ready.  Of course once out there I decided to have a bit of a tidy up.   I pop any boxes that I think I could re-cycle plus lots of other bits and pieces out there.  A case of out sight out of mind till the next tidy up!! .  I binned lots, the paper bin is almost full, the men don`t come till Friday.

Today`s card is one I made for a friend who has a birthday next month.  I might send it but you never know by the time her birthday comes I may have changed my mind.

Base card 8 x 8 from Joanna Sheen
Silver Mirri card
Paper and images from Joanna Sheen ATC Assistant CD
Each image is matted on to pink and Mirri
The flowers and leaves are made with Crealies Dies also from Joanna
Sick Pins and Pearls from Wild Orchid Crafts

I do not use many CDs now but this image I really like and do use it quite often.   I have made lots of cards for customers using this image.

I am taking my car to Perth this morning for it`s Winter Service, I hate taking it for servicing.     Although I like shopping in Perth I don`t like the hanging on waiting for the phonecall to say my car is ready.  I suppose it is the feeling I am not in control and cant go home when ever I want.  Has to be done so better get on with it.

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling in I really do appreciate it


Monday, 29 October 2012

"Another Little Box"

Good Morning Blog friends, thank you so much for popping into visit I love to have you here.
We had the boys here all day yesterday, we did do some crafting, of course it was the boys style crafting, nothing girlie.  Thomas is really into Steam Engines and draws them all the time.  He gets Grandpas books, has a look through some then decides which engine he will draw.  Some are rather good actually.  Robert he just like to make cards for his mum.  Thomas has made a couple of models of Steam Engines not scale by any means but they are rather good.  He does ask for some help but the majority he does himself.

Today`s offering is just another little box I made when I did the one for Friday`s Post.

 Frame is made using Spellbinder Die with a smaller one to cut out the centre
I sandwich a piece of Acetate in the middle for the window
I just measure for the little box and make that on my Crafters Companion Box Board
The thing I have learnt is, remember to cut out the window in the lid of the box before you make it up  
Triple Bows using American Seam Binding

That`s it for today 
Thank you for calling by and leaving you comments I really do appreciate it



Sunday, 28 October 2012

"My Purchases"

Good Morning Blog friends, great to have you popping in, I love when you call.  Thank you for all your lovely comments, I really do love to get and read them.
I was at Glasgow yesterday, I met Wilma (Scottish Crafter) what a lovely lady.  We did not know each other we had never met but now we have faces for the names, it was really great to meet her.  We do not live that far away from each other.   Hopefully we can make arrangements and meet for longer, and have a good old "Gossip".   We kept it short as we wanted to have as much time as possible for looking and spending.
Sorry! no card this Morning, did not get round to doing any crafting yesterday, not home till approx 5.45.  By the time I had something to eat, drool over the Goodies it was time for another cuppa then fall into bed.   

Here is most of what I bought, can`t find a couple of rolls of ribbon I bought.  They must have rolled out of the bag in the back of Isobel`s car.   
I felt I was rather good this time, could have spent a lot more but did I really need it???!  how good was that........................!!!
Oh! I did buy some sausages, I don`t eat sausages but John does so that`s what I brought back for him.  There is usually a man selling gorgeous nuts done in different flavours did not see him.  I usually buy loads of these for John, so he got sausages instead.   Mind you I was with my friend/neighbour Isobel by this time and I don`t think you get the same good old rummage about when there is someone with you. 

We have the boys all day today, Mummy a Midwife is on a 12hr Day Shift and Daddy has gone to Aberdeen.

If I get time I will post a card later this evening.
Hope you all enjoyed your extra hour in bed this morning......................Oh! I do hope you all remembered!!!!
That`s if for now 
Thank you for calling by I really do appreciate it


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