Saturday, 10 November 2012

"Elaine & Dougs Ruby Wedding Card"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for taking time to pop in today.  I hope you find stopping worth while.  If you have time do leave a comment so I know you were here.
I did show the card from this Combo last week.   Now we have the "Card" and the "Box" that it goes in.  I gave it to Elaine when she came along on Thursday, she was delighted.    Maybe a little OTT but there you go, when I start on these Roses I get rather carried away.  The box also holds their gift, they both love to visit the Theatre, so I bought them a load of Vouchers that they can use for visits.  They are a couple who have everything and so much "Stuff" in their house that I did not want to add to it.     Elaine has come to me almost every Thursday evening,  for the past 15 years .  When we lived in Turkey during the summer months for quite a few years she would phone every Thursday and chat because she missed our evenings together.   She was one of the first people I really connected with when we "Escaped to the Country".  To get involved when we moved I joined a Ceramics Class.  On my first evening I sat beside Elaine, we just seemed to click.   We have had great times and so many laughs together.   Visited the States and Canada quite a few times to do our Christmas Shopping...............well Craft Shopping really.   We go with just the basics in our bags and fill them up with Crafty Goodies coming home, all great fun.  

The card is a Tag Card that I have put a little stand on the back so they can have it standing on show

Tag card and Box both Centura pearl
I have used the same Pink for the box as I did for the card
All the Dies are Spellbinder 
Fancy Lattice Die
Blossom Five Die for the Roses
Foliage Die
Banner Die cut in White and pink I split the Pink lengthways to give me the matted effect.  Greeting done on computer
Double bow American Seam Binding
Red Pearl, Elaine does not like Red but had to get Red in somewhere for their Ruby Wedding

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it


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Friday, 9 November 2012

"Felt Rose Brooches""

Hello there Blog friends.  Thank you for calling by this little corner of Blogland.  I really hope you find something to interest you and you stay a while.  If you stay to browse please let me know by leaving a comment.  I can then pop to your Blog to see what you get up to.

Has anyone made one of my Roses yet???
These are just some of the Roses I have made for Sunday.  A friend has gone off with quite a few to try to sell them at a Coffee Morning she is having this morning. 

I am showing you Roses don`t have to be done with paper.  These look great on a parcel, tie your ribbon and fix one right in the centre, makes the bow look beautiful and an extra little gift for the recipient.  Have to say this was not my idea it was Hazel`s.  Hazel and I sell these Felt Brooches as well as our pendants.  We bag them for selling, they do not photograph well when they are in their bags you get terrible reflections off the Cellophane.

These are actually stamped and cut from Craft Felt.  People now are counting their pennies, so I use craft felt which is much cheaper.  I feel you have to use Wool Felt for Die Cutting, that can be rather expensive.  The principle for the Roses is similar to the paper ones. 
Sometimes I am left with not enough to make a dimensional Rose.  If I have enough I cut out two base layers, stuff them with all the cut "Bits" from all the Roses and Blanket Stitch them together.  Some I just cut two base layers, Blanket Stitch them without stuffing adding an embellishment on the top.

Stamp used is  from Dimension Stamps
Craft Felt from Hobbycraft Store
Brooch backs bought on eBay 
Gold Backing Card to hold the Brooch cut with a Spellbinder Die

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping in to see what`s on offer,  I really appreciate your visits


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Thursday, 8 November 2012

"With Love"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for calling by, I really love to have you visit.  If you do stop for a while please leave a comment so that I know you called by.
A very plain and simple card for today, I have had loads to catch up both in the house and other Crafty Projects.  Hazel and I have another Craft Fair this Sunday, it is for the Maggies Centre in Dundee.  This facility does so much for people with Cancer, their family and friends.   Although I had fund raised for this a few years ago with a group of friends I never thought for one moment  that I would actually be in that unit supporting my sister.  As soon as you walk through the door you are  greeted by someone with a happy smile.  You are made so welcome, get involved with chat and cups of tea and coffee that you forget you are with people who are going through the riggers of all kinds of Cancer.
 I will show tomorrow what I have been making for Sunday.  We have plenty stock of our Pendants, well I hope we have anyway.  Hazel and I have both been busy with them.  I do not sell cards, everyone and there Aunty has tables with cards at Craft Fairs.  I do far better with my Special Order one of cards.

Today`s card is Plain and Simple I have entered it into the In The Pink Challenge

Base Card White Centura Pearl approx  5 x 7
Pink Card stock pierced round the edge
Pink card stock that I very slightly distressed round the edge
Pink Co-Ordinations embossed with Spellbinder Paisly M-Bossiblity Folder, sanded back
Some lace across the front with a Five Loop Bow
A Fish Tail tag I cut and a stamped greeting
A tiny gem at the point.  The Bling on the bow is an adapted hair clip.

That`s it for today 
Thank you so much for looking in I really do appreciate it


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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

How to make "Those" Roses

Hello there friends, thank you so  much for all your kind comments on my Gift Bag Tutorial.  It was a struggle, I am not good with the technical side of this computer lark. I will plod on and hopefully you will be able to get the "Gist" of how to make" those" Roses.

You will need;-
Spellbinder Blossom Five or Rose Creations
160 to 220 gsm paper
Large headed Embossing Tool (I use the Glitter Girls Ball Tool )
Small headed Embossing Tool
Embossing Mat
Cosmic Shimmer Glue
Kebab Stick
Distress Inks

Through experience I have found that 160 to 220 gsm paper makes the roses easier to manipulate. Do not try to save paper/money by using less than 160gsm it is not worth it your flower will fall to bits.
Don`t use your best paper when experimenting, rummage in your bit box.  Use up all those bits, you will have lots of different roses to play with once you have mastered it. 
I prefer to use Blossom Five Die, I bought the Rose Creation at SECC but still prefer Blossom Five.
Before either of these were produced I used my Spellbinder Classic Circle Die, folding and cutting it in 8 sections, so use what you have.
If you have Rose Creations the process is the same, your petals are already cut for you.  There is quite a big hole in the centre of each shape, just work with that it`s fine.

For a "Large Rose" you will need to cut:-
2 size 2 Die Shapes
2 size 3 Die Shapes
1 size 4 Die Shapes  *
*For the standard Rose just leave out the Large Shape

Right lets get started:-

Cut out your shapes for the amount of Roses you wish to make.  I cut them out double to save time, you don`t need to emboss them.

If you are using white paper distress the edges lightly with a colour of choice.  I have used Victorian Velvet and Squeezed Lemonade. On the small shapes do one colour they are so small you will not see the centre, colour both sides.   Pop some colour in the centre of the bigger shapes, remember to colour  both sides you will see some of the underside when they are made up.

 Cut into towards the centre of each of the "Dips" round the side of all the shapes there are 7.  Be very careful not to cut too far in.

Start with the small shapes and your embossing mat.  My mat is the one I do my paper piercing on..
Pop the small shapes on your embossing mat, with the reverse side facing you.  Using circular movements "Mash" each petal using a Large Embossing tool.  Do this quite firmly you want to soften the paper.  Once you have done that, pop a small embossing tool into the very centre and rotate, this will bring the petals up together. See below:-  
Do the larger shape the same starting on the reverse side.  Turn over and lightly "Mash" the leaves on the right side.  Still using the Large Embossing Tool, rotate in the middle to see it beginning to lift and slightly come together, see below:-

Do all the shapes for one rose.  
Now, here comes the "Messy" bit..................................!!!!
Try not skimp on the Glue, for me the best one is Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear.  It is a bit more expensive but is the best.  Don`t worry if you use too much on your first trial, remember it "Dries Clear"

Take your first small shape, put plenty of glue on the inside of each petal, take every other petal, go round stick them together, yes! there is an odd one, just stick it, that`s fine. This bit is very fiddly, once you have done it a few times it gets easier.   Twiddle the bud between your thumb and fingers to get it round and stuck.  It will hold together in a couple of minutes, that`s the beauty of Cosmic Shimmer Glue.

Take your next small shape, put a blob of glue in the centre and stroke glue up the inside of each petal.  Do the same as with the first, stick every other petal then that last odd one.

Hopefully you should have something like this. 
I this size for adding buds to my Floral Arrangements.

Are you all still with me???

Take your larger shape, with your Kebab stick (I actually use a small wooden knitting needle) start to give your petals a bit of shape by rolling the edges. some on the right side others on the left some in the middle.

Once that`s done, pop some glue in the centre and up the inside of the petals, start bringing up the petals to attach to the bud.

If you have used the 160 to 220gsm it is amazing how you can manipulate paper. Go round and gently squeeze the petals to the bud.  They are "Paper" not fragile "Glass" so give them a squeeze............!!

Are you still there???? 
Take your next shape and repeat the process.  Keep remembering they are paper give them a squeeze at the base.

Now you should have something that looks like this......................this is what I call a "Standard" Rose.*   If you want a larger Rose just repeat and add the largest shape you cut.

 Your Large Rose will look like this.

Once you have got the hang of it, these Roses are quick and easy to make.  I love doing them, I prefer to manipulate paper, making Flowers, Bags and Boxes than making cards.

Ok folks that`s it for today, think I deserve a rest.
I hope I have not driven you crazy with this Turorial
Please ask if there is anything that you don`t "Get"   There is nothing worse than trying something and not mastering me and this computer!!!!


After all this I want to see "those" Roses


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ruby Wedding Tag Card

Hello there Blog friends ..................I have 60 Followers now, I can hardly believe it, doing a wee Happy Dance here.    Welcome to my latest followers, thank you to all of you who have been so loyal since day one.  I would not be doing all this without your support and encouragement. 
I have to say that this has been an incredible journey into Blogland.   I have seen so many wonderful creations from so many talented people.  Everyone is out there sharing, helping and giving so much welcomed inspiration. 
A few of you will have noticed my sister Hazel is commenting on some Blogs.  I think she became interested when we were on Holiday in the sunshine back in September.  She had her iPad with her, when were relaxing in the room I would have a look at what you were all up to and of course would show her lots of your creations.  Once home I think she enjoyed browsing and having a look in.  Now that she is commenting all we have to do now is try to get her Blogging.  No point her asking me for help .......!!!!    I did tell her just to keep pressing buttons and she would manage to comment.   She has managed this far pressing buttons, some more button pressing might get a Blog up and this space.

My card today is one I made for my friend Elaine and her Hubby.  Sunday was their 40th Wedding Anniversary.  They went off to the sunshine to celebrate, arriving home sometime this week.  For that I am grateful as I just did not have time over the past few days to get a card made for them.  I have not really done it Red, it is the same dark pink I used to make Hazel`s card for them.  Elaine does not like red so this is the next best thing that is not actually red!!!

Base card for Tag approx 7 x 4 Centura Pearl
Pink Pearl card stock
White card cut using Spellbinder Fancy Lattice Die
Roses made using Spellbinder Blossom Five Die
Foliage Spellbinder Dies
White tags cut using Tag from Spellbinder Antique Frames and Accents
American Seam Binding Bow and a red pearl .......there had to be a bit of red!!!

I now have to make a box for it, that will be tomorrows job unless there is the usual rubbish on the TV this evening.   I bought them Theatre Vouchers as their gift, the two things will go in the one box.

That`s it for today
The Rose Tutorial should hopefully be ready for Wednesday
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate you coming by to visit


Monday, 5 November 2012

My Finished Tutorial Bag

Hello Blog friends, thank you for coming to visit.  Thank you for all your wonderful comments on the Tutorial. below this Post
I have recovered (I think) from the mammoth task of producing it.  I thought I had better show you the finished bag.  Now the sensible thing would have been to END the Tutorial with the bag with all "Those" Roses on it...................!!!  Oh! well now you know I am not sensible.
I have done all the photos for the Rose Tutorial, I just need to get it all together here on screen.
I have an order for some Felt Brooches I make and would you believe it, I don`t have enough.  Off to get some of them done this afternoon.
I was at the Dentist this morning, nothing needing done thank goodness.  All cleaned and polished for another 4 months.  Then it was a trip to Blairgowrie Tesco to stock up on supplies.

 Here is my finished Bag...............

I use 160 to 220 gsm for the Roses. Two of these are made with Co-ordination card, that lets you see that it really is a case try.....................but certainly no less than 160gsm for a nice 
Leaves are cut from white 160gsm using Spellbinder Foliage Die.  I like to give my leaves shape, I shape them round a Kebab stick or a small wooden knitting needle.
Finished off with an organza bow, ready for  a gift to go inside.
Hazel and I make sweets, these bags are perfect for them.  
They are also really nice for Hand Made Soaps

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for popping in I really appreciate it


Sunday, 4 November 2012

How to make "Gift Bag"

Good morning Blog friends, great to have you here.  Thank you for taking time to visit,
Hazel and I did quite well at our Craft Fair.  We did not sell as much this time as we did at the same Fair last year.  Noticed that people came, looked, looked again then walked on.  Not just at our table, at them all.  We were saying people are definitely being far more cautious about spending their money. Tell you something we were both very "Tired"........... after it.  Gosh!! maybe being another year older has something to do with it.
 I did have a fair amount of white hair before I started this Oh! My! Goodness I think it is 100% white now..............!!!!
I have tried and tried to get the pictures side by side, sorry this very stupid person has not managed that........ I am so angry with myself.   However I am posting what I have managed to do after all the sweat and tears.

You will need:- 

Grand Calibur/Large Die Cutting Machine
2 sheets of thick paper thin card 12" x 12"
Spellbinders Grand Labels 1 or any shape you wish to cut the Bag
Classic Circle Dies or any shape you wish to cut out the handle
Scissors, Cosmic Shimmer Glue 
Use a wet glue it gives time to move the sides into position.

Cut paper to fit the Die, this leaves you bits to make the flowers or other embellishments. If using Labels 1 you will have 2 pieces approx 12" x 4" & 2 approx 4" x 8" left over.   Cut out both side of the bag together, I don`t emboss.  Still keeping them together,  tape on the Classic circles Die or die of your choice.   Place the Die about 1" down from the top and eyeball the centre from the sides as shown.



 Cutting out the Handle:-
Place the project on your cutting plate, leaving the bit that is NOT going to be cut, sticking out.   Run the rest of the project through your machine. 



  Fold in and stick the 1/2 shape you cut


Taking one of the 12" strips score and fold in 1/2" down both sides   

On the same strip score and fold down 3" from the top and 3" up from the bottom.  Crease all the folds         

To form the box shape.  Where the 3"score line meets the 1/2" score,  snip and stick for the 4 corners

Attach to one side of the Bag

Once in position attach this to the other side of the Bag
 The base of the bag



You should now have a finished bag. 

Oh! My Goodness!  the bag took me 20mins to make.  Trying to put this poor attempt of words and pictures together has taken over 2 hours. 
Please forgive the very amateurish way this has been done I just hope you all understand it.
Can you please give me your honest opinion on this.  Be honest, it would help if I did do something like this in the future. 
I did think about showing you how to do the Roses but that`s a big IF.........................!!!!

That`s it for now, gone to have a lie down.


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