Saturday, 17 November 2012

"New Baby Card"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for calling by today, I hope you enjoy looking round.    I love to have you visit, if you have time please leave a comment so I know you were here.   If you do that, I can visit your Blog to see what you have been doing.   I love looking in on others it is amazing what you can learn.
At last I seem to have caught up with myself, I feel so much better today.  I have even managed to get my ironing bang up to date , finish my card orders and fix two necklaces my neighbour brought over.  So I think that`s me back on track.............   !!

This is a card is for Hazel, her friends daughter and husband have just had a baby boy.   It has to go in the post so has to be flat.  

Base card Centura Pearl 5 x 7 approx
Baby Blue card stock
White card cut using Spellbinder Fancy Lattice Die
This image I use a lot but can`t find the CD that it is on.  I had printed off a few last time, it was in my images box.
Sentiment done on computer

 I have a few crafty things in mind I want to do today, you know how it is.  Off to rummage and use up some of the "stuff" I have...............................!!

That`s it for today
Thank you popping in I really appreciate it


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Friday, 16 November 2012

"A Little Bit of Happy"

Hello there Blog friends, thank you for popping in, I really do appreciate it.  For all my friends that I have not managed to get round to visit these past few days I do apologise.   I have not been quite "with it" lack of sleep is a horrible thing.   I have made nothing!!!! sorry about that.  I have almost caught up with my self once more, not quite but nearly there.
Today`s card, it is the first one I ever put on my Blog back in June.  At the time it got one comment from my friend Debbie down in Darlington.  I think since then it has had an other three comments.   To give me time so that I can catch up with myself I thought I would post it once again, hope you don`t mind.
Today I have to get on with orders for 4 cards.  Hopefully that will give me something to show you over the next few days when hopefully I will be back in full working mode. 

Base card 5 x 7 approx Craft Card
Cream card pierced down each side
Zig Zag edge cut using a Spellbinder Edgeability Die
Marianne's Doily cut twice, one used on the front and the other folded over the top
Brown Roses, Brown American Seam Binding from Wild Orchid Crafts
Bakers Twine
Sentiment a download from Pink Petticoat

That`s it for today
Thank you you much for calling by


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

"Adding Awards to your Blog"

Good evening Blog friends, thanks for calling by.  Was missing without trace yesterday, but I am back.
To tell you the truth, I had not slept more than 2 hours each night since Thursday night Friday morning.  Had Robert Saturday thought I would sleep after our mammoth bake, well not the bake so much but the clean up..........!!!   Hazel and I had the Craft Fair Sunday absolutely shattered, had to sleep after that no!! not a chance.  However it all caught up with me and yesterday was a really bad day. I did managed to sleep for six hours last night so feeling so much better today.
Hazel and I had a meet up with Wilma (Scottish Crafter).  We met in Perth this morning and had a great chat what a super person Wilma is.  I had met Wilma for about 15mins at the Hobbycraft Show, SECC a few weeks ago but today was great.  We chatted, drank tea and coffee, chatted more had a laugh and decided we will do it all again soon.

 OK, because I have not been feeling good I am way behind with my Crafting.  A few of you have been asking about putting these award things on your Blog.  I have instructions here which I am going to give you.  Kasey-oz who leaves comments on my Blog sent me this when I mentioned on her Blog that I could not do it.
To be honest I a finding all the Extra things I have to do to put these awards on my Blog Sidebar is a lot of work that I find really daunting on the computer for me.

Sign into your Blogger

Go to your dashboard by selecting <Design> from the top right hand corner

Then from the menu on the left hand side of your screen select  <Layout>

This takes you to  a screen with lots of "elements" on it all these make up your Blog

See where it says Add a Gadget click on that and you will get a pop up window.  Scroll down till get <Picture>  select the white cross in the blue square beside <picture> this will open a new window

Title will put a label above your picture
Caption will put words below your picture
Link if you enter a URL (Blog Address) into the link field it will put a link on the picture to the Blog you linked to.
Image  This is where you add your picture, select Browse to select the picture to paste on your sidebar.
Click on Save and it will show up on your Blog it will be in the top position, so before you save to the final position, you can pick the newly added gadget up by left clicking and dragging it down into a new position on your sidebar
Right,  I am a real "Numpty" on the computer and I managed  so I guess you will need to try and see for yourself.

Have fun I hope this helps.
Thank you Kasey for this.

That`s it for now
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it.
Hopefully I will have something here for you tomorrow.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

"For Daddy"

Hello Blog friends, I know I say this almost every day but I really do appreciate you calling by my corner of Blogland.   Also when you leave all those lovely comments it makes this Blogging all the more worth while.
I think I have recovered a little from Sunday.   Hazel and I have decided that we are both getting to old for the standing around.  We said at the end of last year we were not doing any more Craft Fairs.  When Hazel was at home during her treatments that`s when we began making the Pendants.  We were asked by quite a few people if they could buy them...........well that started the ball rolling again.  We sold lots at the Chemo Unit and at Maggies.  When we were at Maggies one day they told us they were doing a Christmas Craft Fair and asked if we would like a table.  We said yes, we were then asked by others that we had done Fairs with before would we like tables ...........if you do one you might as well do them all.  We have learnt this time, we will just say NO!! when asked in future.  We will still sell our pendants, and other bits a pieces we make.  We have a few people who have us along to their house, they invite a few friends in.  On the lines of Party Plan but we are not looking for future bookings.  If we get them we take them on the understanding that it is a simple get together with just a cup of tea or coffee.

My fist Christmas Card for this year, I have not started on any for myself yet.
This was an order from a girl, for her two boys to give to their Daddy at Christmas.
I made a card using this image a few years ago.  I made the card for my Grandsons to give to their Mummy and Daddy.  The sentiment was to Mummy and Daddy from your Little Angels, they are always Little Angels when they are sleeping......!!!

Base Card red card from stock 5 x 7 approx
Silver and dark green card for matting
Image from another old CD I found on that last rummage.
It was part of a Christmas Box Set from C&C quite some years ago
Sentiment done on computer, mounted onto silver and red card
Attached with Jump Rings

That`s it for today 
Thank you for calling by I really do love to have you visit.

Have to say a Big thank you to Sharon for my Liebster Award


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Monday, 12 November 2012

Birthday Card for a "Princess"

Hello friends, great to have you here, I really enjoy when you pop by.  Thank you so much for taking the time do so.
Another quick post to day I am rather tired.  Hazel and I did our Craft Fair yesterday, for the first hour we did not sell anything.  It was very busy, people were just not buying.  However it did pick up and we ended up doing Ok.   A long tiring day, poor Hazel has to work today starting at 7.30am.  I am always up early, I like to potter about doing what I have to do......then I have my shower and get dressed.  No chance this morning the Gas Man is coming to service the Boiler a morning appointment between 8am and 1pm.  Just be my luck if I don`t get a move on for him to be at my door me being his first appointment

Today` card is an order for a "Little Princess" so what better than her Castle.

Base card is an A3 sheet of card folded and cut to fit the project 
Castle is matted onto some dull silver card and edged with peel offs
Everything on the card is from Crafter`s Companion Guys and Girls CD
I matted the sentiments on card, strung and attached them together using Jump Rings

I spent more time looking for the CD than I did making the card.   I do not use CDs much now, I knew that I had that CD and exactly what I wanted was on it.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really do appreciate it.


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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Robert and his creations

Hello Blog friends, so nice to have you call by today, I love when you visit.
Quick post today, I had Robert most of the day yesterday.  We had a "Baking Day" he loves to have them here.  Grandpa and Thomas were at a "War Games" thing.  Thomas had picked up the leaflet when they were at a Model Railway exhibition and asked if they could go.
Hazel and I are off to do our Craft Fair for Maggies I just hope it is busy.   It is from 1pm till 5pm so makes it a long day.  If they are from 10am till 2pm it does not seem so long for some reason.
Thought I would let you see Robert in action and what he made.

I just give him the scales, all the ingredients and let him get on with it.  Obviously I am there supervising, I like him to do as much himself as possible.

These are biscuits he is working on in the first photograph.

Now his masterpiece:-

He took this home with him to share with mummy, daddy and Thomas

He made some Cup Cakes ""BUT"" we sat down to have one of the biscuits and a drink, we forgot about them, they did get rather brown!!!   They tasted OK but not the usual showstoppers that he makes.

That`s it for today
Off to load the car
Thank you so much for visiting I really do appreciate it