Saturday, 8 December 2012

"Another Tree Decoration"

Hello Bog  friends, hope you are all enjoying your weekend. 
Thank you for taking the time to pop in to see what I have been up to.
I have far more followers than I ever thought possible.  If I do not get to you for a few days please forgive me.  This is all meant to be good fun so let`s keep that way.  Visit when you can I love it when you call but I fully understand the pressures we are all under at the moment.
The forecast for this area from Monday is horrendous, I really am not looking forward to it.
My friend arrived and returned home safely, she does not leave my house till after midnight.  She had strict instructions to Text me as soon as she got home.  She lives about 20/25mins drive away, I would not have slept if I did not know she got home. 
Another busy day here with the boys.  Grandpa had to deliver some things along to their house this morning.  We knew mummy was working so we were prepared for the request Grandpa would get......................."Can we come back to your house please".  Back they came, daddy walked the dogs then he came along and we all had lunch.  I really thought that I might also be serving up the evening meal.   No! daddy had been cooking so he was all organised for that.  Tell you we have to be prepared for all eventualities in this house, thank goodness for "freezers".

I posted a "Pink" Tree Decoration during the week, which I did for  "In The Pink Challenge".  That one is now hanging on my dining room door.   I just thought I would let you see the "standard" ones I do.   I try to do them all a little different even if it is only the colour of the bead in the centre, hate doing two the same of anything. 

Again this one is using the Spellbinder Lacy Doily Motifs
I do them white which I think looks nice and fresh.
They also look good done in Gold and Silver
I use an empty Ribbon Spool in the centre
You need 2 Large, 2 Medium and 1 Small Die Cuts for both sides
I also have the "Accents" which gives you the edge Die.  I cut the edge twice to create the rosette in the middle.  You could use any edge Die you have to do this.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it


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Friday, 7 December 2012

"Very Simple Chistmas Card"

Hello Blog Friends, my goodness can you believe it, the weekend again!!!!    Welcome to my newest follower Bea, thank you for joining me on my Crafty journey.   
Do not know if any of you do this:- when I click on a new Blog,  I go off on a great journey.  I find things to "click" on, I click here and find a great idea, I click there and see a fantastic project.  Then sit back and wonder how the heck did I ever manage to land where I eventually end up!! !!!!  Mind you it is far better than sitting watching the rubbish on that other screen..................!!!!
My friend Elaine did not manage to come last night.  Her daughter phoned to say mum slipped on the ice in the morning and was still not feeling good.  They had packed her off to bed.  Elaine Text me this morning to ask if she could come along tonight. I text back and told her to come to the Front door. as round the back although all salted and sanded could be icy.  We craft and chat in the kitchen or should I say we "Chat" and sometimes craft in the kitchen, so she just comes round the back.  She told me she would come prepared and bring her "Crash Helmet "  I told her better make it full Body Armour.  It is only a few weeks since Elaine broke her nose running into my Patio Doors...................!!!
In the spring of 2010 I had what I thought was a brilliant idea.  I decided to have quite a bit of our rather large back garden done in Paving Slabs.  We had it all in chips to keep the gardening down while we spent from May till November in Turkey.  When we were at home we noticed that the boys liked to ride their bikes along the paths that were there.  We had sold the house in Turkey and were home permanently, the boys were spending lots of time at our house. We had the Paving slabs laid, the boys had a ball on their bikes, motorized Tractor and Car, plenty room for them to whizz about. Then winter came.......................................Oh! Oh! then we realized that it had not been such a great idea after all.  We just did not think about winter,  when it snows the slabs get very slippy.  We salt and sand them to get to the Coal, Log Store, Rubbish Bins and the back door of the Garage.
So folks if you have had thoughts about Paving or these fancy Paviors really think about it.  They look great BUT!!!!

I have mentioned I am not sending out many Christmas Cards and have donated the "Postage Costs" however I have to make a few.  I have done John and Audrey`s, now done a few others here is one of them..  I have done quite a few like this although I have tried to make every one just a little different. They are all done, in the envelopes ready to be handed over or delivered.

Base card White Card Stock approx 5 x 7 
Centura Pearl
White Card cut using Spellbinder Christmas Tree Die
White Organza Ribbon from my Ribbon Box
Creative Expression Pearls for Sam Poole

I have not put any Greeting on, I wanted to keep them clean and simple.

That`s it for today
I love to have you visit I really appreciate it


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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cat Food Boxes????

Hello and welcome Blog Friends from a very cold Perthshire.  Last night the forecast was not good for here today.   I decided I would be up early, and get the house all done and dusted.  Then I would have all day to play no matter what the weather threw at us!!!  In the end it was just miserable.  Still lying snow, at least no more falling so far.
Thank you for popping by, I really like when you come to visit.  If you have time when you call in please leave e wee message so I know you were here.  If you have a Blog I can then link back and have a look at what you get up to.  It is good to see what others are doing, there are so many talented people out there.
 A teacher asked me a few months ago if I had any ideas for something the children could make and sell.  Needed to be cheap to make and something they could all get involved in..............not too girly!!!  I asked if she could get them to collect smallish boxes ie:- the boxes that Soap Tablets, and Cat Food comes in.    I told her it would be very messy, but they would have good fun and great results.
Here is what we made, these are the ones I made showing them what to do, I don`t have a pictures of theirs, I will try and get one soon.

Art Class Week One
We covered the boxes inside and out with "bog standard copy paper" using "bog standard P.V.A. glue"  This was to cover all the bold graphics and writing on the boxes.  They did not have worry about where the glue went as long as they had plenty on to make the paper stick.  We had to leave them to dry till the next week.  The P.V.A. glue actually makes the boxes very stiff, great it you want to put heavy things in them.

Week Two 
We covered them with Mulberry Paper which I supplied.  I had a big bundle that I knew I would never get through myself.   My friend Elaine brought me "LOADS" of the stuff.  Her and her hubby had been at some Auction and got a "Lot" for a few pounds, she brought a bundle along for me.
Again we used P.V.A. glue.  They liked the fact that they had to wet the paper to tear it.  That way they could join it up and you did not see the joins.  Plenty glue again, we left them to dry till the next week.

Week Three
We decorated them, the children used thick cord for their handles.  They just punched holes and threaded it through, tying big knots on the outside, quite rustic looking    The girls stuck flowers and ribbons on theirs the boys mostly left them plain.
I had a box of beads so I made beaded handles for mine.   
I took mine home to finish off,  I did send them back for them to sell, along with theirs.

So! If any of you have these kind of boxes lurking around there`s a project to keep you out of mischief.  Joking apart you could really go to town with the decoration and make a great box with a difference.  
I used a Large Washing Powder Box, covered it in White Mulberry Paper,  decorated the front with some flowers.  I put a bottle of wine (the box was not fat enough for a bottle of Champagne) plus two Champagne Flutes, all filled out with white tissue.   Thomas and Robert presented it to a couple who had just got married rather than a Horse Shoe!!

That`s was a long post today, sorry about that.  You might need to have a lie down to recover.
Thank you for visiting, I really appreciate it


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"Pink Christmas"

Hello there Blog Friends, thank you for popping by to see what has been going on in my little corner of Blogland.
It is not easy at this time of year to get round everyone when we are all so busy.  If I miss anyone out please forgive me.   You are so talented and full of inspiration, without you this Blogging lark would not be so much fun.  Thank you for all your lovely comments it makes this all this more worth while.
 Met up with Hazel today at the Maggies Centre, Dundee we were handing over another donation.  We then popped over the road to the Chemo Unit with a donation for them.  That`s us finished Fundraising for this year we will see what next year brings and who we will be supporting.  There is always something or someone needing a little help.

My project for today is a "PINK" version of Christmas Tree decorations I make and give to friends.  I think everyone has one now, but will make a few more just in case.  
I have made this one "Pink" I am entering it into  

The whole thing is made using Spellbinder Lace Doily Motif Dies
2 Large, 2 next size down, 1 need this combination for both sides
There is an empty ribbon spool for narrow ribbon in the centre
Long length of Ribbon round the spool centre tied to form the loop to hang on your tree or window
They look pretty on the window when the sun shines on them and you get the reflection 
Pearl for the centre

My friend Elaine asks me to make her one every year, I make and hang a Little Tag with the date on it
I try to make them as different as possible using different dies, I am running out of ideas.  I have made quite a few for her.  She has a big house and puts up lots of trees.   They are not all hung one the one tree.

That`s it for today, will be back soon
Thank you for calling by, I really appreciate it


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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

"Roberts Origami Box"

Hello Blog Friends, hope you are all well.   I have to apologise for not mentioning my new followers before this. Welcome to my Crafty Corner of Blogland, delighted to have you join.   I hope you can get something out of popping in now and again to see what is going on here.     
After my mammoth task of making all those Wallets yesterday I have decided to have a wee rest today.  Not really a rest in fact I have just caught up with the ironing, and a few other household things.  I opened the cupboard where I keep the ironing basket and it was looking at me over the top.  I don`t normally let it get like that BUT!!!!...................I had been busy making things.
When the boys were here on Saturday Robert wanted to do something "crafty"   I got out some 12 x 12 papers and we all sat round the table including Grandpa to make one of these Origami Boxes.  Thomas gave up when he did not get his first couple of creases to his perfect standards, he made something else. (think it was a paper Aeroplane)   Anyway the three of us carried on and this is Roberts box.  Not bad for 5 well only 9 more days till he is 6, he keeps telling me how many more days.  He filled his box with some of Granny`s truffles and gave it to his mummy.  
Tell you what!! you could have knocked me over with a "feather"  when I saw Grandpa`s creation. John never does anything like this, said he actually enjoyed making the Box, which I am keeping.

Robert did not want bows on the sides but did want flowers.  These are on with the Glue Gun, I put the glue on he put the flowers on.  Kids are funny he did not want the lid fancy, just plain please Granny, then he decided it might need a couple of flowers.

That`s it for today will be back soon
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it


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Monday, 3 December 2012

"Hazel`s Order"

Hi there Blog Friends, sorry about this mornings Post.  I have no idea what happened to the picture it was there when I pressed Publish.  Thank you for bearing with me, and popping into to see what I have been up to. 
Was surprised when I got up this morning and saw the snow.  It should not have been such a surprise, yesterday when we were coming home the Motorway signs were displaying "Snow Forecast".  Well we have got it.  It has gone wet I just hope it does not decide to freeze overnight.......................

Hazel phoned me this morning asking if I could make her 6 more Chocolate Bar Wallets.   By the time lunch time came it was up to 12.  So me being me when on a roll, have made her 16, I do hope that will be enough.  She did ask for a few Non-Christmas I have included them in the pile.
I got the idea from Pam`s Tutorial at  It is brilliant for a bar of chocolate to become a little gift.  Hazel`s daughter Tammy has lot of friends with children at school, guess what the Teachers are getting for a Christmas Gift this year......................!!!!

All are made from card from my stash
Feebee papers from magazines for most
Hunkydory Card for the Non-Christmas ones
Ribbon from my Ribbon Box

That`s it for today
With any luck it should all be there
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it


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Sunday, 2 December 2012

"Tablet Recipe"

Good Morning Blog Friends.  Glad you have found time in your weekend to pop in, I really appreciate that.
We are off later this morning to Bo`ness, we are going with John, Audrey and the boys to join the "Santa Special".    There is a Steam Railway at Bo`ness, we have done this, since the boys were babies.  Audrey thinks this might be the last year as Thomas is now 8.  Don`t want to labour on this, the girls that Hazel looks after are very keen on checking my Blog.......................................!!!!!

I am going to give you the recipe for the Tablet.  Is a very old family recipe, it is not the easiest thing to make.   You MUST use a heavy based pan, it is also much better to control if you have gas.  If you are on a Diet or Diabetic it a definite NO! NO!

2 oz of "BLOCK" butter ..........soft spreadable is absolutely no use
You could use Block Stork but butter is better
1/2 pint Full Fat Milk
2 lbs of Sugar
1 Tin Carnation Condensed Milk (as far as I know you only get one size)

Place the butter and milk in the pan, heat till the butter has melted
Put in the sugar and gently heat till all the sugar has melted
Bring to the boil, turn down the heat till you have a gentle simmer and simmer for 15mins.
Keep stirring as it will burn, stick to the pan if you don`t.
After 15 mins of simmering put in the can of Condensed Milk.
Bring gently back up to the boil, turn the heat back down to the gentle simmer and simmer for 10 mins.  Remember to keep strirring.
You should now start to feel it thicken slightly
Remove from the heat using a "HAND" blender with metal blades start whipping the mixture in the pan.
If you don`t have a hand blender you just have to use "Elbow Grease" and beat.......................
After approx 3 to 4 mins it will definitely start to get thicker.
Beat till thick, but mobile enough to pour from the pan.
Pour onto a well greased baking tray.
Leave the tray of tablet standing on a cooling rack to cool
When cool score into squares.
The texture should be firm......................I really do not know how to put this into words.
Don`t laugh.............  like biting into the crust on a nice apple pie, then it just melts in your mouth

I really hope if you try this it works out first time, quite a few have tried with great success,  others just have not got it.  
Don`t mean to be negative but as I said it is not the easiest thing to make.

That`s it for today
Off to get my M&S long sleeved thermal  T/shirt on.  
Have you tried these??  Hazel put me onto them they are "FABULOUS" for keeping you cozy in this freezing weather.
When I look out my kitchen window I can see the snow on the hills I just hope it stays there.

Thank you for calling by