Saturday, 15 December 2012

"Cup of Tea anyone"

Hello Blog friends, I really wish I could invite you all for a cuppa.  It has been such a privilege to have you here with me since I started my Blog back in May/June.   Thank you so much for all your lovely comments I really do appreciate them.  Without your support none of this would be worth while.
Since I cant have you here, I dedicate this Post to all my followers and anyone else who may pop in just to have a look. 

This will be a quick post, I have not long waved the boys off.  They have been here since Grandpa picked them up from school yesterday.   Dad had to be in his office in Glasgow in the morning.  He had a Reception somewhere in Glasgow in the afternoon, then a Dinner in the evening that they had both been invited to.  Mum went through to Glasgow in the afternoon.  Both went on the train thank goodness, the weather yesterday was awful.  I think it was more or less the same for everyone.  At least it has been rain rather than snow.
The boys are now off to Robert`s Birthday Party.  It is at one of these places that caters for Children's Parties. We don`t go now they are so noisy, loud music and rough play..............................sorry we are getting too old for that.

My card today is one I made a couple of weeks ago.  I has been lying waiting to have the insert put in. 

Base card 8 x 8
Papers are all NitWit downloads
Brown card from my stash
Spellbinder Labels One Dies 
Spellbinder Fancy Oval Die
Image I got on the Internet ages ago coloured with Copics
Spellbinder Blossom Die for the flowers
Punched out Butterflies
A few pearls and a charm from stock

That`s it for today,
Thank you for taking time to pop in


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Friday, 14 December 2012

"Commissioned Card"

Hello and welcome to my creative corner.  
Great to have you here, thank you for taking time in your busy schedule to pop in.  

John and I had a great afternoon and evening yesterday.  John picked the boys up from school, they like when he does that.  Back to their house to open lots of parcels, great excitement at all the goodies.  Grandpa and the boys then decided to play "Bowls" down their long hall with things that had not been given as that not just typical!!  Kind of like kids playing with the box rather than the toy!!
Their Christmas play was great, one little girl got stage fright.   Head Teacher (one of only two in the school) just got in there and took over the part to a loud cheer and applause from both the pupils and the capacity audience.    Added to all the fun, great to see such a little school putting on a super show which they all seemed to love doing.  They had made lots of things to sell, had to buy some of what both boys had made.  Some really good things were made by the children.
My friend Elaine who usually comes to me on a Thursday evening came along to the play.  Her children went to that school many years ago.  She of course met many of the people who had been "Mums and Dads" with her then.  They were now supporting their "Grand Children"

Today`s card is one of two cards I was asked to make.  The girl who ordered them had seen something similar on my Blog and wanted it done in these colours.   I enjoyed making it as it is nothing like what I would have chosen to do as far as the colours are concerned.    It is good to break out of your comfort zone now and again.

Base card Centura Pearl 5 x 7 approx
Red card from my stash
Paper printed from Create and Craft Floriography CD
Spellbinder Botanical Die used to cut out the "Swirl and leaf" design
Spellbinder Blossom Five Die for the Roses and a Crealies Die for the leaves
A little "Bit" I found in a box with a red pearl popped in the certre
Grey ribbon from my Ribbon Box
Computer generated greeting

I really am not keen on that Botanical Die.   It cuts out all the main part but there are loads of bits round the perimeter that have to be cut away using your craft knife.
Oh! Patricia stop moaning it does a beautiful job!!!.........................

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by, I love having you visit


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Thursday, 13 December 2012

"A little bit Vintage" ??

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Blogland. 
I know I say this almost every day but I really do appreciate you calling by and leaving such wonderful comments on my work.  It makes it so much more fun to create.
I am going to try and "Schedule" this post, BUT!!! you know me and computers!!!!
This afternoon we are off along to John and Audrey`s for a Birthday Tea,  Robert is 6 today.  We are going along to their Village Hall for 7pm.   The school children are doing this years Christmas Play,  Jack in the Bean Stock.  I asked Thomas if he was to be the Giant, he is so tall I thought that would have been a perfect part for him............No! Granny! I am narrating. 
This surprised me, he really does not like being "Up front" in things.  He likes to take part but melt into the background.   The whole school are involved all 20 of them, great fun is had at these events.  After the performance we have tea/coffee with goodies the children have baked.  They also sell things they have made in the art classes, this raises funds for the school.

My card today I feel is a little bit Vintage.  I really have not done many Vintage cards or projects so maybe it is not.   Let me know what you think.
I did start it out to be a "Tag" but had a good bit of it done when I discovered I had not cut the top corners into a Tag shape.......................typical!!!!

Base card approx 4 x 6 Centura Pearl
Pink card embossed
Kraft card embossed
Green card to pick out the green in the backing paper.
Patterned Paper is a NitWit Download
Spellbinder corner Dies I cut these three times for each corner.   I cut the corners from Kraft card, stacked them to give me depth.  I also lightly dusted them with a little Gold paint.
Piece of lace from my Lace Box
American Seam binding threaded through the lace and for the triple bow
Spellbinder Dies Blossom Five for the Rose, Foliage for the Leaves
Some pearl stick pins

I looked at Sasha`s beautiful card on her Blog.   I think I should have "Triple Embossed" my Corners, might just do that next time.

That`s it for today, thank you for taking time to call in
Hope you get just a little bit of inspiration from your visit


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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

"A Pot of Ponsettias"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for popping in. I know time is precious just now so I do appreciate you taking the time to call.
The forecast this weekend past, was to be horrendous for this part of the North East of Scotland all this week.   We went out, stocked up with extra Freezer goods and other bits and pieces.  Ordered in more coal, stacked more logs................we would be fine what ever they threw at us.  Well how "WRONG" could they have been.  We have had beautiful sunny days Sunday, Monday, yesterday and today.  Very cold, but we can cope with that.  Just hope they have not got it a "week" out..........LOL

Today`s card is one I made for Hazel and Charlie.  I had another idea, way, way different from this, for some reason I changed my mind.    It is not Perfect, you can see the top of the card behind the Poinsettias on this one.  That should have been shorter, you know what they say.................. you live and learn.  Will know for the next one I do

I cut the single base "Flowerpot" shaped
I used distress inks along the bottom and up the sides to give it depth and texture
Put an embossed piece along the top, for the brim of the flowerpot
Put some ribbon over that.  A bit pointless to have done the embossing, I covered it up with the ribbon........silly girl!!!
I then made a narrow "Tent Style" Card which I attached to the back of the Pot (next time I will make that shorter)  I punched two holes at the top of the "tent" and threaded some of the ribbon through.  That way the card can also be hung up
Poinsettias cut using my Spellbinder Die.  I placed them so they looked like they were in the Pot
Tied a Triple Bow using White Organza Ribbon from my ribbon box
Popped pearls in the centre of the flowers
Computer generated greeting on a Spellbinder Tag Die

That`s it for today
 Thank you for visiting, I really love to have you here


Kate asked me how I made my Bow.  I tried to comment on my own Blog and what a gutter I made with the first one, I had to delete it.
Mind you the second is not much better.
Sorry about that folks, will show you  my wonderful Bowmaker later this week.


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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Making those Decorations"

Hello Blog friends, Hope you are all well and not getting to stressed out about "Christmas".  It is just "ONE" day, my priorities have changed this year and I am looking at it as just"one" day.  Every day is a bonus no matter what day it is.
Thank you for taking time out to visit, I really appreciate it when time is so precious just now.
I have done all the Christmas cards I am doing, ones that needed posting have gone.  The ones to be popped through the doors of my friend and neighbours in the village sitting waiting to go.  Wrapped the presents, well the ones that I have. I have a few wee things still to get, nothing major.
Have not done the tree, afraid I leave that till much later.  I really am a bit "bah! humbug" about Christmas, if it was not for the boys I really would not bother. 
This is a very personal thing.............I feel the true meaning of Christmas has been lost and it makes me sad.  Right enough about that!!

I have been asked to do a Tutorial on these "Decorations" .  Ladies they are so very easy, here is all you need to do.    Remember any shape of Die will make them as long as there are a few sizes in the set.  You do need an empty Ribbon Spool as the base.  I use the spools from narrow ribbon.

I cut out two blank circles to cover up the writing on the spool front.  You don`t have to do this but some can be very bright and might shine through.

Stack up your layers with foam pads between to give you depth.  This one I made a rosette for the front, a Brad or a bead is fine.
Tie your chosen colour of ribbon round the Ribbon Spool Tie off and hang up...................Simple.
To see my others scroll back a couple of days.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by, I really enjoy that you stopped to see what I have been up to.


Monday, 10 December 2012

"Almost White Christmas"

Hello there Blog friends, hope you have all had a great weekend, once again that`s it over.   How quickly time goes, even worse at this time of year.  
Thank you for taking time out to come and visit me, I really appreciate it.
Also thank you for all your lovely comments, I enjoy reading each and every one.
Made a few cards last night......there was not a lot to watch on the telly.  Nothing else for it, just had to "Keep on Crafting" .  Got another order from Hazels daughter for more Chocolate Bar Wallets, there all done and ready for me to deliver to Hazel.  I can almost do them in my sleep now!!!

Today`s card is one I made last night.  It is not just how I thought it would turn out, but there you go, you cant have everything!!! 
Funny how you get an idea, once you make it all up it is not just how you imagined it.

Base card 5 x 7 approx
A piece of embossed card I had in my Bit Box
Centura Pearl card embossed 
White Organza ribbon from my Ribbon Box
Labels Twenty
Poinsettia  Die, I used Victorian Velvet Distress Ink on it before I removed it from the Die
A double bow using the Organza ribbon
All the embossing Folder and Dies are Spellbinder

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by


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Sunday, 9 December 2012

"Christmas Door Wreath"

Hello Blog friends hope you are well, the end of yet another weekend.  Oh! My! Word! they are fairly flying by!!!
Glad to have you join me in my little corner of Blogland. 
Thank you for continuing to call by I love having you here, hope you can stay a while.  If you have time please leave a message so I know you visited,

Thought I would let you see what I was up to Sunday afternoon.
I put up a Christmas Door Wreath.  I was inspired by Carol who comments on my Blog.  She has adopted a great American tradition by hanging Wreaths on her front door throughout the year.    I love when I am in the states, no matter what time of year it is most houses have a wreath on their front door.   Another great tradition they have, being so patriotic, is flying their flag.  When we visit our relatives they have their American flag flying but they also fly a Scottish one while we are with them, I think it`s a great idea.  Thomas adopted this tradition after one of his many visits to the States and has his Scottish flag flying in the garden.
Anyway I managed to do my wreath this afternoon  I took a break from making cards.  I went to Ceramics Classes a few years ago and made quite a few nice things.  I made the centre piece in the wreath but never used it, it has been out in the Summerhouse for ages along with bits of artificial Christmas greenery.  Fir cones were collected by the boys on one of our many walks through the woods.  I bought a wicker wreath base during the week, now we have our wreath all made up and hanging on the door.  It has little battery operated pea lights though it.  I will pop them on when it gets dark.  I just hope I remember to switch them off or I will need new batteries every day.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in, I really appreciate it