Friday, 4 January 2013

"My Card for Pearl"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for calling by today. 
A BIG Hello! to my new followers, you are so very welcome.   Thank you so much for joinging me on my Blogging journey.   I have more followers than I ever thought possible.  It is not easy to get round everyone all the time now.  I will try to pop into as many as I can each day. 
You are all so talented and inspirational.  Without you all visiting my Blog this would not be so much fun.  Thank you for all your comments it makes it all worth while.

I have mentioned recently about my friend Pearl being flooded out of her beautiful cottage.  This is a card I made for her this week.  I have decided that I will try and make a card for her every week till she gets back into her house.  Hopefully they will cheer her up just a little.

Base white card 6 x 6 approx
Pink Co-ordinations card
The papers used are My Minds Eye
Stamps are Just Rite,  
Rose coloured using Spectrum Noirs
Die is Spellbinders labels????................
American seam binding for my 4 loop bow
Button embellishment  and some pearls

Before I started Blogging I bought my Dies, took them out of the packets, popped them on Magnetic Sheets.  I stored them in a Plastic Box never thinking that one day I might need to know the name of each Die.
Now I carefully open the packets, pop them on a piece of the magnetic sheet and put it back in the packet.  I have a much bigger Plastic Box to hold them all but at least I know what is what when I make something

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping in really do appreciate it


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Thursday, 3 January 2013

"No Greeting Card"

Hello Blog friends,thank you for dropping into my little corner of Blogland.  I hope you can stay while, if you have time please leave a little comment.   If you have a Blog I can click on and see what you are creating.
Nothing exiting happening here, everything is still in quite mode in this part of Scotland.  We will not really be back to full working order till Monday. 
I do not know when my Crafting will be back to working order, I seem to have ideas, when I try to get them into projects everything goes to pot!!!  Thought I had a great idea this morning Oh! Man! when it was finished  or should I say almost finished I knew it was a complete disaster.  Colours all wrong, design well! that was more than a disaster.................enough said, it is languishing in the re-cycling so not totally gone to waste

Here is one I did actually manage to get together.  This card is not for anything or anyone, hence there is no greeting as yet.  When I do decide hopefully it will fit in that rectangle in the centre.

Base Card approx 5 x 7 Teal card from a pack I got from C&C
I got it and some Blush card stock as used by Sue Wilson
White card embossed using a Spellbinder embossing folder
White card pierced round the edges
Teal Card
White card cut using Spellbinder Antique Tags Die
Mariannes Dies used to cut some Flourishes and Flower
Bow using American Seam Binding
A button and some Bakers Twine to finish off

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling in today I really appreciate it


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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

"Pretty Butterflies"

Hello Blog Friends have you all recovered??   
Thank you for popping in today, if you have time please leave a message, that way I can click on and get back to your Blog to see what you get up to. 
All back to normal here, mind you in this house there is no such thing as normal..................................... 
Sometimes I pretend to be "normal"
But is gets a bit boring
so I go back to being me!!!

Had John, Audrey and the boys here for their New Year Lunch/Dinner whatever!!!  Plenty food and the plates were cleared so that`s all that matters.  
Robert got his Full Sized Drum Fit for Christmas.  Thank goodness they are not portable, he would have brought them with him.  Robert is getting on really well and is actually managing to keep in time with Dad on the Guitar.  Thomas is not into the instrument side of things he prefers to sing.  Between them they make a great little team.

My card today is made with one of the new Dies I got for Christmas..........Spellbinder Butterfly Magic and inspiration from Sue Wilson.   I really love the effect you get with this Die "but" it is one of the Dies that does not cut to the very edge.  You have lots of bits to cut away with the craft knife.  A bit of a "faff" but it is worth it.

Base card is approx 5 x7 Kraft card
Pink card stock
Kraft card pierced round the edge  (Looking at it finished I really should have embossed this piece of Kraft Card it looks rather "flat" looking through the brown.
Brown card cut using Butterfly Magic Die
I ran the die through just over the Butterfly using Pink card to give me the extra embellishment.
I also cut a Butterfly using Spellbinder Las Papillans Die to add to the bottom.
A few pearls added to the body of the bigger Butterfly.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I love to have you here


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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

"New Home Card"

Hello Blog Friends I hope you all had a good day today and not been indulging too much!!!!
Thank you for taking time to have a wee look at what I have been up to. 
Very quite here, thank goodness, I really do not like the New Year much.
John, Audrey and the boys were all at their village "New Years Scottish Celebrations" last night.  We are always invited but John is not able for all this energetic dancing about now.  Since he broke his back in an accident quite a few years ago he finds by the time late evening comes it is hard enough to walk any distance let alone dance.  John and Audrey always have two sets of friends staying over.   They never seem to get going till late morning early afternoon when they all go for a walk.  
We leave it till the 2nd for them to come here for a meal, got everything I need just have to cook it all. 
My friend and neighbour Isobel, her Son and his girlfriend have just got the keys to a beautiful apartment in an old converted mill in Blairgowrie about 8 miles from here.  They are moving in together (Oh! how the young ones do things).  Anyway we wish them all the very best in their new home.  I have made this card to go with the gift I hope to get for them on Thursday when the shops open.   I bought a new set of cutlery for us on Sunday, came opened it up washed it and put it into use.  Isobel came over and told me about Rory and Paula.............could she not have come before I opened the box.  I could have given them the set of cutlery, we all need to eat.  I am sure they would have a use for set of tools to eat with.  I would not normally give a gift in this sort of situation, Rory is a great help to us doing things like cutting the Field Hedge that runs along the front of our property, chopping logs and doing other bits and pieces.

This is my card for Rory and Paula
I am sure it was Christine who showed a New Home card a few months ago.  Her idea stuck in my mind so if it was you Christine thank you for the inspiration I really need all I can get just now.  

Base grey card stock 4 x 6 approx  
Printed paper from my Bit Box plus a bit of floral that was lurking beside the check stuff in the box
Black and grey bits of card
Computer generated Greeting cut with Spellbinder Floral Oval Die mounted onto black card
Black ribbon, and a butterfly.
Looking at this it is really a "Bit Box Card"

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate it


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"Happy New Year"

Happy New Year Blog Friends and many, many more to come. 
Thank you very much for joining me this first day of 2013. 
I am really looking forward to my first full year of Blogging and hope you will continue to journey with me.  I really enjoyed having you with me last year, I also enjoyed managing to follow the Blogs of those who left such lovely messages and learning from all you talented people out there.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and Santa was good to you.   He was good to me, I got quite a few Crafty things but guess what..............!!!! he forgot to put some "Inspiration" inside the packets.  I am really struggling here to get back into the Crafting Mode.

We had devasting floods here the Friday/Saturday before Christmas.  Our house was safe but my friend Pearl was flooded out.  Pearl and her husband are now living in a Holiday Cottage belonging to a very large Estate just along the road from where her house is.  Pearl is well known in the small community, so when the Estate Manager saw the pictures of her house on the Television News, he was on the phone and offered them the Holiday Cottage.   At least she is able to keep an eye on things being so near.  Everything is so slow just now with the holidays, hopefully next week Pearl will see some signs of movement.  They are saying 6 to 9 months before she will get back into her house.   The rain dramatically changed the whole landscape of the surrounding countryside.   The fields we look out on to became rather large lakes.  The lakes have gone now but there is no way we can walk accross the fields or even walk through the woods everything is just MUD!!!

I made today`s card to wish you all A Very Happy New Year.    Very plain and simple it was all I could get round to doing.

Base card approx 5 x 7 white card
White card embossed using Spellbinder Music Embossing Folder
A double piece of Navy Ribbon with a buckle embellishment from my box.
Computer generated Greeting cut out using Spellbinder Floral Oval, mounted on a Classic Oval cut in Navy card stock

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it


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