Sunday, 6 January 2013


Hello Blog friends, I say this almost every day but I am really pleased that you take the time to call in to see what I have been getting up to.
I  was checking statistics on my Blog yesterday.   I see that on average 69 people look in on each Post.   Out of that number approx a third actually leave a message.  Me being rather nosey would love to know who all these other people actually are.  Have any of the rest of you ever wondered about this or is it just me??

Now another question:-  
This is one that Hazel asked ................"Patricia how many of the ladies who comment on your Blog do you think make a point of going to the Hobbycraft Show in Birmingham"???  Either April or November.
The reason for asking is that Hazel and I have been chatting about trying to get to this show.  
Do any of you go to the show and stay over???   If  a few of us were staying over night at the same Hotel we could have a "Bloggers Party" in the evening and meet face to face.
Just a thought let me know.

I have been asked a few times how I tie my bows.  
This is my Bowmaker which I designed myself, that I think is very obvious.  However it works very well.
May 2011 my friend Elaine asked if I would make Bows for the Pew Ends for her daughter wedding.  I tried and tried to find a Bowmaker with "Tall" pegs ............nothing to be found out there.
I mentioned what I wanted to John but he did not have clue what I was talking about.    Out to the garage for a rummage, found some bits and pieces.   Once I explained to John what I wanted he drilled the holes and stuck the "pegs" in.   When done it looked like a bit of wood with bits sticking out......of course I had to decorate it!!!   
Looking back I should have got the holes drilled deeper and more of them.  I could have then moved the pegs to give me many more options.  I could also have had some shorter pegs for narrower ribbon bows.   I just use the top part of the pegs to tie narrower ribbon bows.  You live and learn as they say!!!
So ladies there you go...........................A piece of 2 x 2 and some garden canes and you will have a Bowmaker to make large multi loop bows.  
By the way the pegs on my Bowmaker are 3" I can tie bows using really deep ribbon.
In the end we did not make the bows we found large Pull Up Bows and Oh! Boy! that was so much easier. 
This is the way I tie a multi loop bow:-
Do not cut the ribbon off the spool.
I start by holding the tail of ribbon from the starting end on the outside of a left hand peg.  I go round the back of a right hand peg depending on what size of bow I am making.   Cross to the back of the left peg in a figure of eight.  Do this figure eight for as many loops as you want to make (remember to count as you go).  When you have the number of loops you want drop the right hand end of the ribbon over the top of the loops.   Push the left hand end through under the ribbon loops and tie in the middle of the loops at the back in a "reef knot"
I hope this makes some sense if not I will try to do it in pictures, or else try Youtube.  There must be a Bow Tying Video out there somewhere. 

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it


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  1. Wow!! Patricia!! Aren't you the Clever one! 8-) Love your Bowmaker!! So Fabulous!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    hugs & Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Patricia, clever John for making this and you for designing it, teamwork. Would love to go to Birmingham shows so will watch your blog and see what transpires.

    Wilma x x

  3. Your bow maker is so pretty Patricia! I have a wooden one too but I have to admit I bought it on the net quite cheap too! I go to the NEC in Birmingham, I either drive or take the train as I live in Blackpool it only takes about 2 hours to drive. The train goes right there so that's useful as well. Would love to meet up for a coffee if you go on the same day!! x

  4. Hello Patricia. Your bow maker looks fabulous and beautifully decorated too!
    Unfortunately I live much too far away to attend the show in Birmingham. It would be nice if you were able to meet up with some of your blog friends.
    I hope you have a good day
    Sue xx

  5. This is lovely Patricia, I go to the NEC but as its only just over an hour from me I don't stay over have never needed a second day :)

    jacqui x

  6. Hi Patricia,

    I go to the NEC every time on Day 1 because it's not quite so crowded then. Like Jacqui I only live an hour away so no need to stay over but that's not a barrier!! Hey, I would LOVE to meet up with some of my lovely blog friends. I'm up for it!! Love from Christine xx


  7. Patricia I see you have put some wheels in motion ??? We will have to start doing a bit of planing. Not a problem with us is it??? Hazel

  8. Good Morning Patricia,
    I was just thinking yesterday, I need to make a multi- sized bow maker, at the moment I get my Mum to stick her fingers in the air, lol.
    I go to the NEC each year, I live 2 hours away and usually drive there. I will be up for a blogger's day out, if I can, even a sleep over, hee hee.
    I even drive down to Ally Pally and come back the same day, lol.
    Need to go buy some wood today, want a bow maker like yours, hee hee.
    Have a great day.

  9. Morning Patricia, I have a bowmaker similar to yours, I have never done the 'figure of 8' technique before, I always wrap around in a clockwise direction and then underneath in middle and then over the top to tie the knot.
    I usually go to the NEC but never stay over, go down on the train and back the same day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. I have a little plastic bowmaker and have to tape it to the table to stop it falling over!!lol
    Your's looks really pretty.
    'm lucky if I get to the Harrogate show, The NEC is a bit too far to go, but hope you get to meet up with lots of your blogger friends.
    Lorraine x

  11. Hi Patricia,
    love the bow maker. I make my bows on a crafters companion ultimate pro and also have the glitter girls bow maker, but I find the ultimate much better, it doesn't move about so much as the glitter girls one.
    I would dearly love to go to the Nec never been before.
    It seems a long way for me to go too, but you have even further than most of us. So I think I'm up for it. Would love to meet lots of you in person.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  12. Good Morning Patricia. Your bow-maker is very similar to mine, but my one was bought, but its been in uses for many years now. Hope you and Hazel are well. Hugs Rita x

  13. I use a mix of a plastic bow maker and the bowdabra. They don't look as useful and pretty as yours. My friend and I went to Exeter last year and had a fantastic time. Got to plan our next trip there. I would love to go to the NEC but would not be able to manage the drive and the going around in the same day, never know. Would love to meet up. xx Flora

  14. Hello Patricia, thank you for the instructions for the bow maker. i've got a Papermania one and no way does it do such a lovely professional bow as yours does. I might ge t Alistair to have a go at making me one.

    I would love to go to the NEC, but i live so far away as you know plus I still work full time. however if something was planned well in advance and I could book some time off it could be possible as I'd love to meet up with you, Hazel and others. I'll watch this space, Kate x

  15. Hi Patricia, I have a bowmaker but rarely use it as I'm one of those rare people who actually like tying bows! I used to go to the NEC with Tom and we'd stay over and make a weekend of it, with a trip into Brum..last time we met up with some of my twitter friends which was great. But last year we decided to try Ally Pally instead and I'm's smaller, more focused (Sue Wilson is usually there) and we get a weekend in London as well, so I'm afraid we've forgone the NEC for that again in April! Carole Z X

  16. Me again, in response to Hazel, yes if I was to manage to go Nov. would be better, as you say more time to plan, not to mention saving up the dosh. Trying hard to put money by for my big holiday in June, Alistair is taking me to Iceland for my 60th, and at the moment i hardly have enough for Iceland the freezer shop. But it would be great if a trip to the craft show was possible.
    Cheers Kate x

  17. great bow maker Patricia, I had a simular thing I used for my knitting machine`s, to hold your cone`s of wool, the bottom was a flate piece, with dowls in, NEC been once to the crafting, by coach a few years ago, do not drive myself, so dont think there would be a possability of me going.