Friday, 25 January 2013

"Cards for the Tote Bag"

Hello Blog friends, well what has the weather done with you??
With us is has been snowing very heavily since 7.30am and still falling.
Looks like we will have to dig the cars out yet AGAIN!!!!

Thank you for all your comments on my Tote Bag.  Hazel pointed out that I had done one for her some time ago and  OH! NO!! surely it was not back in time flies.

Today`s offering is the cards I made to go in yesterday`s Tote Bag.

4 x 4 pre-scored cards I bought ages ago
Papers from my Bit Box 
All embellishments from a box I keep to pop odd dies cuts, tail ends of ribbon etc:-

Does any one else have a box where they put Die Cuts, tail ends of ribbon etc:-??
When I mentioned this to Elaine last night she said if she is not going to use it there and then, she just bins it................!!
I do not know why I bought the 4 x 4 cards.   That`s the size of card I usually cut from the bigger bits left over from projects.  Elaine says she just bins those bits of card as well...............................!!!  Oh! how wish I lived nearer her bins!!!!

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Have a fantastic weekend whatever you plan to do looks like we are stuck here
Never mind every cloud has a silver lining............................plenty time for Crafting

Patricia   xx



  1. I think most of us have a bit box Patricia, usually overflowing (at least mine always is!). These are great little cards for using up the contents of the bit box though.
    We've had no snow, just rain although it was bad just 10 miles south of us earlier when eldest came home from work. Enjoy your weekend. Carol x

  2. These are gorgeous Patricia
    I definitely have a bit box (I think it may be bigger than my other boxes) I never through anything out that I think will go through my cuttlebug or even die cuts that I decide not to use straight away
    jacqui x

  3. These are beautiful Patricia.
    Yes, I keep almost everthing, I just can't bear the throw anything that I may be able to use away. I just need to remember to actually use stuff from there that's all!
    I hope you have a good weekend
    Sue xx

  4. Fabulous collection of cards Patricia.
    I never throw anything away, it will always come in handy....but I have so many scrap boxes that I forget what's in them!!lol
    Have a good weekend
    Lorraine x

  5. Excellent for putting in you tote Patricia. The bit box is surely a must have. Think of the fun to be had cutting your selection of die cuts, of course it is die cutting that puts them in my bit box to start with - lol. My question is always how small a bit should I keep. xx Flora

  6. Hi Patricia,
    wonderful cards, and a fabulous idea. I just love the idea of the tote bag and the cards inside.
    Yes I too have a bits box full to the brim now using some space in drawers too. Every now and then I do clear some of it out to make way for more. lol.
    Have a wonderful crafty day. I do hope your snow isn't too high.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. What fabulous cards Patricia. Hugs Rita xx

  8. What a lovely selection of card Patricia they are gorgeous...yes I have quite a big 'BIT' box but they come in very handy for dies and for stamping sentiments on...but as Flora says how small a piece should you keep??
    Sorry to hear you still have snow..thankfully ours has gone at we have some sunshine today....yyiippeee. Will send you some...


  9. Gorgeous cards and such a great idea. I am so glad to see that so many people keep their "bits" - I have a mountain of them.

  10. Like so many others, my bit box is overflowing. I was just thinking yesterday that I need to get a bigger box! LOL! Great little cards Patricia. Christine x

  11. Lovely cards Patricia. I have a 'bits' lever arch file with bits sorted into colours, I top it up from the pile on my desk about once a week. When it is bursting I thin it out and take the scraps into school for collage, I can't just throw them out. I also put spare die cuts etc into cello bags which are then shoved in one polypocket. Every now and then I have a UIU blitz, I am on one now. The bulk of our snow came yesterday but we are forecast heavy rains for this next week so hopefully it will soon be gone.Keep safe and warm.

  12. Hi Patricia, Oh how I wish I lived near Elaine's bins too. I end up with more boxes of odds and ends and offcuts off dies, saying to myself, well that little piece will be useful for a flower punch or something similar, and somehow I amass loads and loads of it ha ha.
    Your cards are just brilliant today to go in your tote bag, you are a little genius, this gift will be so very welcome by the recipient.
    Lots of love from Patricia, in a very, very snowy Cheshire, although it has started to warm up so hopefully it will thaw a bit, the only problem then is if it freezes on top, oh no - I'm not even going there ha ha !! xx

  13. hi Patricia,lovely cards for your tote bag, well I keep everything as well, all my card off cuts, I put one colour in A4 pocket, then in a big box, think you can understand the amount I have, when I make a card find the same off cut for, stamp or whatever have to sort out sometimes as it overflows...pam

  14. Fantastic cards Patricia. Boy you are productive! I'm with you, NOTHING gets thrown, even things I think have gone completely wrong because they will either get resurrected at some point or be put in my notebook to remind me what not to do! We both need to live next to Elaine's bins! Hugs, Jenny x

  15. Hi Patricia, lol I have a few 'bit boxes' for different things :). Even cards I'm disappointed with get a box and will hopefully get re-worked at some point! Love your cards today, a really lovely selection for your tote bag, Carole Z X

  16. Hello Patricia, lovely little cards and yes I have a box like your's I seem to keep everything, but forget to look when I need something.
    No snow for us, in fact it's been a lovely day, even have
    washing out!! but getting very drk looking now as if there is something brewing. keep warm and cosy, kate x

  17. Hi Patricia, gorgeous cards for your tote. I tend to practise a lot when I get a new die so I also have loads of bits which I do collect. I am going to have a clear out soon and like your idea of donating bits to the school or playgroup. I am sure they will be able to use them up.

    Hope the rain has reached you, it's pouring down here.

    Wilma x x x x

  18. Stunning array of cards Patricia!
    Debbie x