Friday, 11 January 2013

"Last nights work"

Hello there Blog friends, how are you all??  Thank you for calling by I really love having you here in my little corner of Blogland.
Well its the weekend once again, I hope you all have a very good one.

We have the boys here tonight and tomorrow till Mummy and Daddy come for them.  Daddy goes to his Glasgow office every Friday, Mummy went through on a later train to meet up.   They have a dinner to go to tonight.   However we will have good fun here, got the supplies in, plenty of Milk that is the number one priority..

My Friend Elaine comes every Thursday evening supposedly to "Craft" we normally do more chatting than crafting to the extent no crafting is really ever done.  However these past few weeks we have been busy.  I text Elaine in the morning to ask if there is anything in particular she would like to create in the evening.   Her reply to me yesterday was "Mayhem would be good" .............. that is a typical Elaine answer.  She should know by now that "Mayhem" often happens in the house.  The family moto here is:- "Come to Duffy`s if your nerves can stand it" 
The cat is out of the bag............ now you all know this is a bit of a "Mad House"

Here is what we were up to last night, making Gift Bags.   They are not finished but for my regular followers you know once finished they can look really good, embellished with flowers and leaves.    Looking at these I think with just ribbon round the handles they could look OK.   Normally they have flowers, we did cut out all the flower pieces.   We managed a few flowers, Elaine took the rest home with her to make up.  I bet she brings most of them back next week for me to do.  She says she is not as good as me at making them, what she really means is she does not have the time.  She is a very, very busy lady who runs herself ragged at her family`s beck and call.  She always says her Thursday evenings at our house is the only "sanity" in her week.  Now if our house is sometimes "Mayhem"  you can imagine what her`s is like................................!!!

Each bag uses 2 matching sheets of double sided 12 x 12 card
I like to use 12 x 12 or else 3 sheets of A4 this gives plenty for making the flowers to decorate
Each bag is cut using the biggest Die from Spellbinder Grand Labels 1
Handles cut using largest from Spellbinder Classic Circles Die set
Flowers that Elaine will make up were cut using Spellbinder Blossom Five Dies.

For anyone who has not seen these bags before, scroll back to my post on 20th November 2012 you will see a bag with the flowers embellishments to get a better idea of the finished product.

That`s it for today
Have a fantastic weekend, thank you for taking time to pop in I really appreciate it

Patricia  xx

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  1. Your gift bags look fab, Patricia. I love the papers you used x

  2. I thin k the bags look lovely just as they are ... and filled with choccies they would be even better Mmmmm!!
    sounds like you have some fun in your house and I wish i could join you for an evenings crafting ... or not... as the case may be xxx


  3. Good morning Patricia, you two were busy on Thursday!!! You actually did craft stuff again that's got to be a record. I take it these will be for that new project of Elaine's??? They are going to look stunning when finished as they look that now. Will it be baking or crafting with Robert to day? Looks like it will be chocolate cake making for Beth and I. Enjoy your day. Hazel

  4. Your bags look good Patricia and I think they would still look great just with ribbon on! x

  5. The bags are gorgeous. Love the papers and I think they are great as they are.

  6. Very nice Patricia love those papers always love to see your creations

    jacqui x

  7. Love the papers you have used this time Patricia. Your Thursday evenings sound fun. Hope you don't get too much snow. We have a covering but it is still coming down. Thankfully I did my shopping yesterday because John had a hospital appointment. We live in very hilly area so whichever we go we have to contend with a hill which can be rather tricky in the snow!! Have a good day. Christine x

  8. Your gift bags look fantastic-i'm hoping to attempt to make some later.


  9. Good Morning Patricia,
    They are just lovely, especially the black and pink paper. I bet it is really good, just sitting with Elaine, crafting, chatting and having a laugh. I can imagine these finished, they will be stunning as per.
    Have a great weekend with the boys, I know you will have lots of fun. Me off to work, grrrr.

  10. Lovely gift bags Patricia, such pretty papers. Enjoy the weekend!x

  11. Your little gift bags looks so pretty Patricia just with your gorgeous papers...its always so nice crafting with friends


  12. Lovely bags Patricia. The papers are very pretty and they would look just as good with ribbon instead of flowers.
    Lorraine x

  13. Morning Patricia, your bags are lovely - beautiful papers...enjoy your weekend! Carole Z X

  14. Good Morning Patricia, your little bags are so lovely, the papers are stunning, I don't really think they need more other than your wonderful ribbon tied in to bows. It's great to do things as nice as crafting with friends, especially when you create something like these.

    Have a lovely weekend with your boys, maybe something from them on your next post, Kate x

  15. I think they are perfect as they are, great use of such lovely papers. Have a relaxing! weekend. xx Flora

  16. Good day Patricia, looks like you had a productive evening, your gift bags are lovely. It's good to know that there are other crazy houses too.
    Enjoy your weekend with your grandsons.

  17. Hi Patricia, Your bags look gorgeous now, and I know how gorgeous they will look once embellished, they will be stunning.
    Have a lovely weekend with the boys.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. These bags look Gorgeous... you're right just some ribbon to finish off... Thursday nights sounds fun!! Have a good weekend with the boys... Hugs May x x x

  19. These look great as they are Patricia, love the papers you've used. Carol x

  20. Fabulous bags again Patricia. You could single-handedly put any card shop out of business! Oh, and I can imagine I would do the same thing on a craft play date:) Hugs, Jenny x

  21. HI Patricia

    What great gift bags - sounds like you had 'bags' of fun making them - sorry ;o)

    Thank you for dropping by to see me and leaving me some very much appreciated comments.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Ta ta for now.

    Hazel xx

  22. again fabulous bags Patricia love the papers you have used . pam

  23. Hi Patricia,
    tried to comment last night but blogger was playing up.
    Wonderful bags. Lovely card used on them.
    Hope you are having a fab weekend.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  24. Gorgeous bags Patricis, love those papers!
    Debbie x

  25. Gorgeous bags Patricia, love the gorgeous papers.

    Donna x