Monday, 14 January 2013

"Our Flower Gift"

Hello Blog friends, well do you have snow yet??  
We do!! and plenty of it, went off mid morning thank goodness.  Got up at approx 6.30 and was it snowing or what!!!!   I got worried if it had stayed on all day we would have been stuck I am sure.  Cleaned out the fire, we had it on yesterday.   Even with the heating on the house seemed cold., so on went the fire.  It is great to have it on, the drawback is the cleaning it out and re-setting it in the morning.  Does not take long, 10mins at the most, it is just the thought.   Got on the wellies,  they are "pretty" ones I have to admit.  Jacket and hat on, out to get some coal and logs.  Then I decided to get the 4x4 to the road end of the drive just inside the gates.   We normally park our cars in front of the garage, two years ago when the snow came overnight to a knee deep depth we got stuck.  Even with the 4x4, now we take precautions.

OK! welcome to my little corner of Blogland,  glad to have you visit.   I do hope you enjoy your browse.
No card today, I thought I would show you the gifts of flowers we got on Saturday evening.

Last week I told you Isobel my friend and neighbour her son Rory and his girlfriend Paula got a nice new apartment to rent in a converted mill in Blairgowrie.  John and I gave them a gift of a set of cutlery, this was our "thank you"   
Paula is a florist, she exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show last year and got a Highly Commended for one of her displays.  This is just a little arrangement but it is beautiful.  Just one problem!!!  it has to live in the kitchen,  John finds the smell from the flowers give him a headache.  Normally it is just Stargazer Lilies that do that, if we visit he can tell as soon as he steps in the front door if they have Lilies in the house.
I don`t mind them in the kitchen I spend lots of time in there.  I don`t have a "Craft Room! so that`s where I work. 

Have you been watching the shows from USA.
I have not had much time to watch, have caught bits of a couple.  Leonie is so excited she just shouts all the time.  The things I have seen are not really for me but have enjoyed looking.

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping by I really appreciate it

Patricia  xx

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  1. Your flowers look really lovely, Patricia. I can imagine they smell beautiful.
    We had a lot of snow last night and during the morning, but we're high up overlooking the Pennines, so we usually get our fair share. It's not snowing tonight, so far, but it is freezing!
    As for Leonie, she has gone from being a quiet little mouse on QVC to being over hyper on C&C. I would prefer something in between - LOL! xx

  2. What beautiful flowers Patricia. Your tale of John reminded me when I came home from hospital after my op a few years ago - I had so many flowers none of us could stand the scent and I ended up putting several vases into the garden!
    We didn't have any snow here, a wet start followed by beautiful sunshine. Carol x

  3. Lovely flowers Patricia. What is it with Johns? My John is the same with flowers; the pollen makes him very chesty and it seems to be getting worse as he gets older. The snow continued to fall yesterday, eventually stopping late afternoon, but more is forecast. Fortunately the freezer and cupboards are well stocked. Christine x

  4. Hi Patricia. What a gorgeous arrangement, bet it smells wonderful. Paula is so talented, you lucky lady. Hope the snow has stopped, our snow only lasted a day thankfully, it looks good on Christmas cards but not in real life.

    Wilma x x

  5. Morning Patricia, Your 'Thank You' flower arrangement is absolutely gorgeous, and at least you can see it when you are crafting in the kitchen, it is amazing how the scents from various flowers have a debilitating effect.
    We only had a small amount of snow, thank goodness, but then we had lots of rain, and it was very frosty last night, so that will be ice now, oooeeerrrrrr.
    I have been recording the spellbinders parts of the CHA shows, but was not impressed that they didn't even show any footage of the actual Show, in fact, apart from the Spellbinders people, Leonie and Nigel could have been in a studio anywhere !!, not impressed really, although I did buy the embossing folders, and you know my tale about that ha ha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Beautiful flowers Patricia and such lovely colours.


  7. Beautiful flowers, they will be nice and cheering in your kitchen I am sure. Snow yesterday followed by bright sunshine, main roads clear but side roads hit and miss dependent on how much sunshine they got. Followed by a heavy frost last night, and it is trying it's best too snow but not doing well. Have a good day.

  8. Hi Patricia, lovely floral display. I watched Spellbinders shows, some of the American Crafts and Teresa Collins previews and Indigo Blu as I'm a fan! I have met Leonie a few times and she is lovely, I like her the way she is...steered clear as usual of Sara Davies and Co shows as they really so drive me mad!!!Carole Z X

  9. Hello Patricia, Gorgeous display and very inspirational. xx Flora

  10. Hello Patricia, what gorgeous flowers, the colours are just magic. I'd love to be able to arrange flowers, I can see in my mind's eye what i want to do but it never quite turns out like it. My friend Dale is a florist and makes the most amazing arrangements.
    We have no snow so far, thank goodness.

    Not been watching C&C, last couple of years I was hooked and watched everything and bought everything, but I'm finding my own way now with all the talented folk in blogland, and to be honest there wasn't enough of the demo side of things it was all about selling, well i suppose it would be as it's a shopping channel.

    keep your self warm, kate x

  11. Gorgeous flowers Patricia, I hope the snow has stopped in your area... we have none as yet!!! Hugs May x x

  12. Hi Patricia

    I have been without my internet for a week so am on a huge blog catch up now.

    Hope all is good with you.

    Thank you for checking upon me.

    You have certainly been very busy on your blog and these flowers are gorgeous. Such beautiful colours.

    Love Jules xx