Wednesday, 2 January 2013

"Pretty Butterflies"

Hello Blog Friends have you all recovered??   
Thank you for popping in today, if you have time please leave a message, that way I can click on and get back to your Blog to see what you get up to. 
All back to normal here, mind you in this house there is no such thing as normal..................................... 
Sometimes I pretend to be "normal"
But is gets a bit boring
so I go back to being me!!!

Had John, Audrey and the boys here for their New Year Lunch/Dinner whatever!!!  Plenty food and the plates were cleared so that`s all that matters.  
Robert got his Full Sized Drum Fit for Christmas.  Thank goodness they are not portable, he would have brought them with him.  Robert is getting on really well and is actually managing to keep in time with Dad on the Guitar.  Thomas is not into the instrument side of things he prefers to sing.  Between them they make a great little team.

My card today is made with one of the new Dies I got for Christmas..........Spellbinder Butterfly Magic and inspiration from Sue Wilson.   I really love the effect you get with this Die "but" it is one of the Dies that does not cut to the very edge.  You have lots of bits to cut away with the craft knife.  A bit of a "faff" but it is worth it.

Base card is approx 5 x7 Kraft card
Pink card stock
Kraft card pierced round the edge  (Looking at it finished I really should have embossed this piece of Kraft Card it looks rather "flat" looking through the brown.
Brown card cut using Butterfly Magic Die
I ran the die through just over the Butterfly using Pink card to give me the extra embellishment.
I also cut a Butterfly using Spellbinder Las Papillans Die to add to the bottom.
A few pearls added to the body of the bigger Butterfly.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I love to have you here


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  1. A stunning card Patricia. I have one of these SB dies and they are very faffy! I have only used it once tut tut!! Happy New Year xx

  2. Beautiful card Patricia. I have the botanical swirl die and it is a nuisance to get it to cut through even with shims and then to have to do the edges.

  3. Gorgeous card, Patricia! I love your colour combo!
    I got that die for Christmas, too. I've already made a card with it, but it's been too dull to take a photo for the past two days. I found it very fiddly though and I almost lost patience with the end I cut the edges off - LOL! I may be able to take a photo tomorrow, if the dark clouds don't come back, again!! xx

  4. Beautiful card Patricia, love that background die, looks complicated. I have the botanical one but gave up on it, will ave to dig it out again and give it a try.

    Wilma x x x

  5. Beautiful card Patricia love how you've done the butterflies

    jacqui x

  6. WOW! This is stunning Patricia. Such a delicate and detailed design and the colours are gorgeous. I love those butterflies too.
    sue xx

  7. Morning Patricia, A beautiful card today, I love the butterfly magic die, I used it at the weekend to do the embossing that Sue does, and also as a die like yours, I had a great problem when using as a die, I was going to try extending, but because the inside didn't cut and I had to turn the die in the GC, ended up having to trim the card to fit the die. I know what you mean about having to get the craft knife out, but it looks really gorgeous when die-cut.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. A beautiful card Patricia and I love the combination of pink and brown. I have always been put off these dies by the comments others leave about how faffy they are! Have a good day. Christine x

  9. Good Morning Patricia,
    STUNNING, you must have alot of patience, I'm afraid I gave up on this die and it's back in its packet, lol.
    Have a great day.

  10. A very eye catching card Patricia, love the die cuts and the colours look stunning together


  11. Gorgeous card Patricia, the die looks fab but I think I'll stay clear of it lol. Carol x

  12. OMG,,,,,I love how you use these amazing die cuts,,,,love the butterflies and all voer your die cut background,,, absolutely a play of ARt. Thanks for your comments on M. Antoniette May`s Happy Daze blog..She was working with my CS,,,,feel free to choose your favorite product from all my stuff free. E-mail me to

  13. Gorgeous card Patricia! Loving the butterflies!
    Debbie x

  14. Stunning Patricia..I had this die for Christmas and am yet to use it! Carole Z X

  15. Absolutly stunning ,I have this die but i`m not sure about it but the way you have used it it may have to come out again just love your colours maybe I used to light a colour .Melanie

  16. Hello Patricia, what a gorgeous card, I love the butterflies. Shame your die is so difficult to cut, but the faff as you say made it all worth while. Pleased you had such a great day with your family. I bet though like me that your glad to get back to whatever your normal is, take care, kate x

  17. A beautiful card Patricia. i love the design, fab colours and pretty butterflies.
    Lorraine x

  18. Loving your 'Sue Wilson' card Patricia. You are really nailing these. Wishing you the best year ahead in 2013. Hugs, Jenny x

  19. Happy New Year xx This is a very pretty card and the butterfly is gorgeous. I also like your colour scheme it is very elegant xx

  20. hi Patricia, this is a beautiful card, love the colour and all the die cutting.