Sunday, 13 January 2013

"Rescued from Recycling"

Hello Blog friends, another weekend over where did it go??  
Thank  you for calling in to my little corner of Blogland, glad to have you here.  If you have time please leave a comment that way I can link back to you and I can see what you are up to.  
Oh! almost forgot...........Welcome to my new follower glad to have you on board, I hope you enjoy your visits.

Boys were here Friday after school till mid after noon Saturday, man!! can these boys eat!!!  I bought loads of fruit on Wednesday, more on Thursday hoping that would last me till next chance.   We are so  far from shops that I always stock up.  Well guess what the bowls are nearly empty, mind you better that than sweet stuff. 
 I made myself a big goblet of bits and pieces of fruit that were left in one bowl.  Some Blueberries, covered with natural yogurt, chopped apple, jelly, more yogurt, chopped kiwi, jelly, more blueberries, topped with yogurt and a nice big strawberry sliced.  Oh man! it looked good ............... I was really looking forward to having that while they had Apple Pie.  The boys had their apple pie and by the time I managed to sit down to eat my dessert they were almost finished.  Their eyes lit up, they too thought it looked good.  So it was one big goblet of fruit and yogurt and "THREE" spoons.

Anyway, another story:-    
I made this card.................. It was a bit different than this and I hated it.  I was so annoyed with myself I just put the whole thing in the Paper Recycling box.  John saw it and asked if I had meant to do that.  Yes! I said it is truly awful.  Nothing wrong with the concept it is the colours that are wrong he said.   Take of those bits and make them light colours and it will be I did.  Still don`t like it but it is better than it was.  I thought I would show it to let you see I actually do make some horrible things.

Base card is 8x8
This is where it all went wrong I chose shades of Lilac card that was all too similar.
I tried to emboss the central die onto the top piece of card.
It cut through and really was not deeply embossed so I sanded it, did not like THAT!!
Pleated the ribbon added that, not great but!!................stuck it on anyway.
I had cut the central Dies in the lilac shades plus the one for the sentiment.
It was all to samey, did not like THAT!!
That`s when it went in the Recyclying.
However with John`s suggestion, I cut the large central Die in White and slightly distressed it did not look quite so bad.

To be honest it will probably go back in the recycling bin outside, face down then John will not notice  it then.

That`s it for today
Thank you very much for popping in I really appreciate it

Well folks it`s here:-   the snow, boy is is thick!! and STILL falling like fury.
I have moved the 4x4 to the road end of the drive in hope that IF we need out we will manage.
Got the coal and logs are in and "Sleeping Beauty" still sleeps on, off to get him up.
Hope you are all safe and warm 

Patricia  xx
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  1. I like the colours, Patricia. It just goes to show how we all like different things. Your card looks gorgeous! So glad you rescued it from the recycling bin! x

  2. Aw Patricia what a shame all the time spent making it and you weren't happy. I agree with Sasha, we all like different things. I like it, The dies are beautiful and as you say the concept is lovely, but for you the colours wont be quite right, why not take the diess off and layer on some different colour, I wouldn't give up, have a good day, Kate x

  3. I think you card is lovely Patricia, I like the colours and use of dies


  4. Patricia. There is nothing wrong with your card, Ok you are not happy with it but I think it's great, don't bin it I will give it a home. So you can just bring it with you when I see you on Wednesday . Hazel

    1. OK Hazel it`s yours, just hope we will get through the snow to meet up!!!!
      Patricia xx

  5. A few of us are doubting ourselves today Patricia. You know the old saying -"One man's meat is another man's poison" - well Hazel has just proved that to you. The dies you have used are lovely. We have got a great deal of snow too and like you we live in an isolated spot so let's hope it stops soon. Fortunately I did my shopping on Friday because we had some snow, although not a lot, on Saturday too. Roll on spring. Christine x

  6. I can't see what the problem is Patricia love how you've used your dies

    jacqui x

  7. I agree with the others Patricia I think sometimes we are too critical of our own work. Love the braiding on the ribbons. We have nothing but rain rain rain here in Blackpool - we are not snowed in but just waterlogged!! xx

  8. Morning Patricia, We all have this affliction, we make something and then don't like it. This card is lovely, no wonder your Hazel wants it. I sort of understand where you are coming from with the samey colours, but you have broken that up with the addition of the other diecut and distressed it to blend in, loving what you have done with the ribbon, it looks so cute.
    We had some snow yesterday, a little dusting, the paths and road outside are clear, but the snow still on the gardens. I agree with Christine above, roll on Spring, can't come soon enough fort me ha ha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Fabulous card Patricia. I love the lilacs and the pleated ribbon looks gorgeous.
    Good luck with the snow, forecast here this afternoon....I have two very excited children!
    Lorraine x

  10. Good Morning Patricia, I like your card very much , certainly my colours and love the ribbon. Our snow only lasted the hours I was driving in the dark, now back to rain. xx Flora

  11. Hi Patricia,
    I'm going to be cheeky and say the only thing wrong with the card in my eyes is, if you had put a white matted layer under the dusky pink not the lilac it would have lifted the colouring of the card, but I bet someone with your wonderful standards of card making already has thought of that. I hope you don't mind my mentioning it.
    So sorry to hear of your snow, but then I suppose in your neck of the woods, you can't have a winter without snow.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  12. Patricia I love your card and I also think we are too critical at our own work sometimes...Hope you keeping warm and safe in the snow...


  13. I think your card and the colours are lovely Patricia..hope the snow is short lived! Carole Z X

  14. Hi Patricia,
    Your off day's produce something quite different, I love the colours, the centre piece is beautiful. My first thought when I saw it, was ' something missing', hope you don't mind me saying. If I dug your card out of the recycle box, I would have added some shabby flowers in the same shades and removed the sentiment then stamped the sentiment onto the card itself.
    I have room to talk, cannot find time to think alately, hee hee, I will get round to e-mailing you later, keep well, warm and happy.

  15. hi patricia, we all have these cards, we try so hard and we end up not likeing it, quite a few I do I feel the same, looking at your card I think it is to flat, if the background had been embossed in a folder & some of your lovely flowers added, it would make all the diffrence, hope you do not mind my saying...pam