Saturday, 26 January 2013


Hello Blog friends, how are you all coping??   
Firstly I have to thank my new Followers for joining me on my Crafting journey.   Can you believe I now have 70 Followers.   Oh! My! Goodness! when I started my Blog back in May/June 2012 I never for one minute thought that I could possibly interest so many people.   I know I am pushing my luck but I have decided that I will have some nice Blog Candy ready and waiting for when I reach that magic 100 Followers.  
Thank you for taking time out of your weekend to pop in to see me, I love to read all your comments.   I keep saying this but if you leave a comment that gives me the facility to click on to your Blog if you have one.   I can then have a look at the kind of things that you get up to.   I love Blog Hopping, since my sister Hazel encouraged me to ask Santa for an iPad I enjoy it even more.   Sitting in my comfy chair, feet up, cuppa at hand ................oh! what luxury.

No card to day I thought I would show you our "Winter Wonderland" before it starts to melt.............hopefully!!!!
This was taken yesterday (Friday) in the afternoon when the snow went off for a few minutes.  Today we have a wonderful sunny day with the most beautiful blue sky, long may it continue. 

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it

Patricia  xx
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  1. Oh Patricia that is such a lovely winter scene, brings back childhood memories of growing up in London - UK and trudging to school through snow.
    Right now here in Aussie we have flood warnings, weather has gone mad.


  2. Yes big sis I am up at this late hour, you know me can't sleep so why try. I see you had a little snow, ha,ha, it makes a lovely picture. It's raining here really heavy so goodness knows what tomorrow will be like. Hazel

  3. Freya would have loved that much snow in the garden....she's hated the rain this week with a vengeance. Hope there's not too much mess when it all goes though. Carol x

  4. Snow looks good in photos but the real thing is getting me down, hope it disappears soon.

    Wilma x x

    1. Wilma, do not know what has happened but I can not linking to your Blog like I used to. You are showing Wilma Brown rather Scottish Crafter

      Patricia xx

  5. It looks so pretty Patricia, none here in Blackpool but my daughter 40 minutes away is snowed in! I also love my I Pad and do the same as you in an evening - bliss! x

  6. Photographs is the best place for snow, with more heavy rain last night ours has finally gone :-)
    take care
    jacqui x

  7. The snow looks great in your picture. All the snow in Southport has now gone, started to rain and strong winds. Perfect for staying indoors & crafting.


  8. Believe it or not it rained in the night so our snow is virtually gone. Not before time. I was getting stir crazy being snowed in for so long! Hope you have the same luck. Snow is okay for a day or two, or on Christmas cards!!! Christine x

  9. What a beautiful scene - I can say that as we didn't get any snow so I did not have to battle through it - but it really is lovely to look at for a short time.

  10. Beautiful scene Patricia, but not for going out in. Your area of Perthshire has really been badly hit. Hope it won't last too long and you can get out and about again. Best wishes Kate x

  11. Hi Patricia,
    such a beautiful picture. Maybe you should use it on next years Christmas cards. I know it looks lovely but in reality can be a bit of a bind.
    So glad you had the sun yesterday too.
    I just loved Wilma's comment on her blog about whats that in the sky, because we haven't seen much sun.
    Have a wonderful crafty Sunday.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  12. Great photo Patricia, we too have had lots of rain and so most of ours has gone, still a bit patchy on the pavements though. Keep warm.

  13. Hi Patricia, Congratulations on 70 followers, we all know a good thing when we see it. Your piccie is gorgeous, but for me, that is where it should stay ha ha, we had very, very deep snow yesterday then it went warmer in the afternoon and started thawing, then last night it started raining and hey ho most of it has gone today, thankfully. I hope that's the end of it, I want some summer to help get rid of my dreaded virus ha ha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. Lovely winter scene, although I am glad ours has all melted! Congrats on your 70 followers, Carole Z X

  15. OMG!!! Picture postcard! This year cards sorted then, eh? LOL!
    Debbie x