Wednesday, 20 February 2013

"Another Little Box"

Hello friends, weather was not so nice today.  Hope those few days were not the spring!!!

Met Hazel this morning, had a good old chat.  We always catch up with things we missed, in the evening.  Thankfully we have very understanding husbands.  They both say the same thing, "you meet, you chat, how come you still need an hour chatting in the evening??" 
We also met Hazel`s daughter and her two boys.  I got a lovely gift from Tammy, some Turkish Lira for my holiday with Hazel in June.  I had given Tammy a Heated Clothes Drier that I bought and never used.  Better her using it than it taking up space in the store room.  I did not want anything for it but Tammy being Tammy had to give me something.   I am very delighted with my gift.

When I was looking for things to put in the cabinet in Elaine`s Tearoom I came across this box.  I had cut it out but never made it up.   The box is approx 3 x3 x 3
Here it is made up, decorated and will probably go in the cabinet at a later date.

Kanban Card I got some time ago at Kanban before the Takeover.
I used to love going there and getting a BIG box of card etc:-  for £20.  
I don`t know if you can still do that.   We used to be in Yorkshire a lot, John worked for a Yorkshire company till he retired after an accident.
Card is double sided with opposite colours, the base is orange and white with the lid white and orange.
Orange satin bow, some more of my Anna Griffen ribbon bought in the Sates some time ago.
Some Mulberry Paper Roses I got as a Freebie from WOC with an order.  I wet them and scrunched them up.
A rummage in the Die Cut Bit Box produced the leaves.

I am quite proud of myself I have using up lots of things.  It is amazing what you find when you go on a purposeful rummage though your craft stuff.  Have not found half of things I set out to find in the first place but there you go....................that`s crafting for you!!!!

That`s it for today
Hope you enjoyed your visit to my little corner of Blogland.  I really do appreciate you calling in.

Patricia   xx

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  1. Another beautiful box Patricia, love the gorgeous colours.Been darned cold here today! Carol x

  2. Another rummage triumph!! Love this box and the way you created it. Actually having a pile of stuff to look through and match up often works better than creating bespoke bits for each project for me(plus it saves time!) Just need more storage or learn to use it up like you. Have a good night Patricia. Hugs, Jenny x

  3. This is gorgeous Patricia. I love the flowers and beautiful lush bow.
    I do the same, when I look for something I often end up using something completely different.
    Sue xx

  4. I'm a sucker for boxes too Patricia, this one is gorgeous.

  5. Another gorgeous box, Patricia...perfect for a special gift. It will look fabulous on display in the cabinet.
    I've also filled one of those boxes several times at Kanban. If you were canny you could fit tons of card in one box. Unfortunately, I heard that they no longer do that xx

  6. Hi Patricia,
    This box is a super gift all by itself, Im sure it will sell quickly thanks for your comments on my blog they are duly noted & will be applied with next lot of photos i take Sue x

    1. I ordered my project book 2 from countryview crafts its free p + p


  7. Orange ribbon on an white and orange box, that's out of your comfort zone is it not Patricia ??? Then again you are using up stash, well done you and a lovely box too.


  8. Hi Patricia, lovely box, lovely colours very spring like to raise our spirits. It is amazing what is found when we are looking for something else. Hope you eventually find what you were looking for. Love to Hazel.

    Wilma x x

  9. The box is lovely, nice spring colours. I love making boxes-have no use for them just like making them!


  10. What a pretty box Patricia, love those flowers such a beautiful colour
    jacqui x

  11. Hi Patricia,
    This is very pretty.The big bow is great. I often start out looking for something, find something else, then forget what I was looking for in the first place - or why I was looking for it!!
    Have a good day. Christine xx

  12. A beautiful box Patricia! The Kanban shop is on my to do list I keep pestering my husband to take me, perhaps in the warmer weather! x

  13. Good Morning Patricia. What a striking box. The colours and roses just give it that luxurious look. I still have loads of the old Kanban card and paper too. Thank-you for asking about my X-Ray, it will be 2 weeks before I hear the results though. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xx

  14. Good morning patricia, another beautiful creation from you. I didn't know that Kanban had been taken over, is it still not Keith who owns it? I have got a visit on my wish list. Keep warm.

  15. Hi Patricia,
    fabulous little box. Love the colours and that beautiful ribbon bow. Yes that card is super. Kanban do sell the loveliest of card don't they. This sounded very super the box for £20.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. Hi Patricia, A beautiful box, gorgeous paper and roses.
    A friend of mine in Blackpool used to go to the Kanban place for the card too, but she said they stopped doing it for anyone other than businesses.
    I, also, ordered my Project Book 2 from Country View Crafts, no p&p.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  17. Hi Patricia, such a pretty box. The colours are gorgeous, as are the flowers and ribbon. I saw your comment on my blog about the Cosmic Shimmer glue lid flying off..I'm glad it's not just me. I did email them today, let's see if I get a reply! Carole Z X

  18. A gorgeous box Patricia. I love the pretty card and fab bow.
    Lorraine x

  19. Love this very cheery box, gorgeous decor. It is a shame when you lose a supplier, I used to love wandering about our papermill outlet and the staff were brilliant. xx Flora

  20. Beautiful box Patricia, the colours are gorgeous, kate x

  21. Gorgeous box Patricia, Love the colours & stunning flowers... Hugs May x x x

  22. Great box so spring like just wish the weather would look like your bx ,I miss papermill shop I use to go and get big bxs for for a £5 >Melanie

  23. beautiful box patricia, love the colour and gorgeous embellishments,
    I have been to Kanban on two occassions, but I do miss the papermill shop, get most of my card at craft shows from them now. pam