Sunday, 24 February 2013


Welcome! Welcome! you have landed in my wee corner of Blogland, so glad you did.  Thank youy for taking time to visit me I really enjoy having you here.
No card today I have been very busy, also very lazy at the same time............seems rather crazy.  
I have been working on a project that is taking so much longer than I thought it would.   I also have had so many others things going on at the same time.  Anyway! I decided to trawl back to see what I had that I never posted.   I saw this I thought I would use it again, I posted this when I started my Blog.
A few days ago I mentioned I had sent Sue Wilson one of the pendants that Hazel and I make.  Sue had helped me,  I asked her something, she delivered, I was delighted.   It was near Christmas so I thought she deserved a little gift.  I noticed she always wears Pendants so what better to send her than one of ours.  She showed photos on her Blog of her at the Birmingham Trade Show and she was wearing the Pendant.  It matched her top perfectly, Hazel and I are over the moon.
Hazel was Diagnosed with Womb Cancer a year ago next month.   Hazel had a Hysterectomy, of course that was her stuck not able to do much for a few weeks.  Then it was the very radical Chemotherapy which was hard going to say the least.   She cried tears, we all did.    However Hazel being Hazel decided rather than cry the "tears" she would make some Pendants Tear Drop shaped.  I would travel over to her most days and we worked together making Pendants.  Hazel would do the Tear Drop shapes and circles, I did the Hearts.  I made boxes to put them in, we sold them to raise money for the Chemo Unit that Hazel went to.   It was used in their "Comfort Fund" for things for the patients.  Then we discovered Maggies Cancer Care a centre in the grounds of the Hospital where Hazel went.   It is for people with cancer and their families, they do wonderful work.   The next lot we sold they got the money.  We are still making and selling them with the money going to Charity.

This is a selection of some that we have made and sold.
Unfortunately you do not see any of the Tear Drop shaped ones very easily.  They are the 3 little boxes sitting above the box with the Green tissue background.
We also made and sold lots of Button necklaces, it is very difficult to get enough BIG buttons at a reasonable price now. 
Although some people think they can raid their button box to make a necklace it is not that easy.  You need lots of matching buttons......................what`s in your button box??    Yep!! lots of odd buttons.  OK I have raided mine for some odd buttons for something I have been working on, but never got enough to make a whole necklace yet.

Right off to get on with this project I am working on in hope that it will be finished soon to let you see I have not been sitting with my feet up doing nothing.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really do appreciate it

Patricia    xxx

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  1. Such fabulous pendants for a worthy charity, Patricia. You are both wonderful to do this. I hope Hazel is doing well with her treatment.
    I know only too well the heartache that this terrible disease can cause. Both my mum and my grandma had breast cancer, so I am considered high risk. My mum survived, my grandmother did not. My dad died with a brain tumor. Most of the cards I make go to help raise money for cancer research xx

  2. These are gorgeous Patricia and such a worthwhile cause to donate the proceeds to. Carol x

  3. What beautiful pendants and a good cause to donate to .Melanie

  4. Some beautiful pendants Patricia and such a wonderful cause to raise money for - I wish you continued success with it for you and Hazel xx

  5. Morning Patricia, Such beautiful pendants and such a really worthy cause for your fundraising, keep up the good work. I had a quick look through my button drawer, yep - there were very few that matched ha ha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Your pendants are stunning Patricia and made for such a worthy cause too.
    I love the button necklaces too.
    Take care
    Sue xx

  7. GM Patricia,
    Such lovely pendants for a worthy cause as others have said Idont think there are many families that arent touched by cancer these days, Its wat took my lovely Dad Sue x

  8. Fabulous pendants Patricia. Christine x

  9. These are gorgeous. I love that they are one of a kind hand made with love type of item that would have sold like hotcakes especially as the profits go towards making life just a little bit easier for the cancer patients. You have a truly beautiful heart Patricia.


  10. What beautiful pendants Patricia and what a worth while cause..I think every family has been affected by cancer we certainly have more than once


  11. Good morning Patricia

    Such lovely pendants .. .. each one beautiful in its own right. Such a creative way of raising much needed funds.

    How kind of you to send Sue a pendant and how exciting for you to see her wearing it.

    I hope you had a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  12. These are all gorgeous Patricia. A wonderful way to raise money for charity, I wish you lots of success with your fundraising.
    Lorraine x

  13. Hi Patricia,
    fabulous pendants. So wonderful and colourful. This is fantastic work both you and Hazel have done for such good causes.
    I think you are both wonderful caring people, to be thinking of others instead of worrying about yourselves.
    I am sooooooo glad everything is okay with Hazel now.
    You both deserve the best life can throw at you.
    I eagerly look forward to your new project.
    Have a wonderful crafty Monday.
    Lots of crafty love Jenny L.

  14. Good Morning Patricia. What beautiful pendants. I would find it hard to choose just one. I think you both have to be praised for doing such valuable work and lots of charities would not survive if it was not for lovely people like yourself and Hazel. Take a bow, both of you. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  15. What beautiful pendants Patricia, and how wonderful that Hazel could channel in such a positive manner, with your help and support of course. It touches us all.

  16. Such beautiful pendants, such a wonderful cause and what a friend you are. You and Hazel are inspirational and I hope your success with these continues. Sending you both love and hugs in abundance, Jenny xxxx

  17. Hi Patricia, the pendants are fabulous and no wonder they raise money. I'd love you to bring some with you when you visit, I would certainly buy some, I can think of folk who would love them as gifts, and for myself too.

    I'ts marvellous that Hazel is so well now, such a horrible illness. it scares me silly, I've lost many people to it, including mum and dad, and when I think of all the complications I could have with having diabetes, it's cancer that scares me the most.

    Long may your lovely pendants raise money for a wonderful cause. Kate x

  18. Stunning pendants, I can see why they sell well, I am so glad to hear Hazel is doing well... I would love to buy some of these not sure how too as I live down in both are doing a fantastic job... as someone who works in pallative care You both are so appreciated Thank you both so much.... Big Hugs May x x x

  19. Beautiful pieces of art. So very individual, no wonder Sue enjoyed wearing hers. xx Flora

  20. beautiful pendants Patricia, such a worthy cause, will go and look at sue`s pendant you made, so glad Hazel is doing so well, you must have been a rock to her, lol to you both pam

  21. I've just seen Sue Wilson's pendant and she mentioned your blog on the show. The pendants are beautiful. I was wondering whether you were still making them and if so whether I could buy one. Do you post them out if I pay the P&P?

  22. Just seen Sue Wilson with her pendant and am interested in buying one for myself, how do I go about buying one, they are beautiful xxx

    1. Contact me on

      Patricia xx