Monday, 11 February 2013

"Recycling Again"

Welcome Blog friends, great to have you here with me in my little corner of Blogland. Thank you for continuing to call and leave all your lovely comments I love to read each and every one..

My regular visitors will remember my friend Pearl has been flooded out of her house.  We see a fair bit of each another, I try to help as much as I can to keep her cheery.  Not easy when you are not in you own home with all your things around you.   Pearl came on Saturday with her two Granddaughters looking to borrow some Baking Trays for the girls to make Tray Bakes for a school project.  They have to make and sell things to raise money for schools in Africa.   I had made a couple of these Origami Boxes for them to sell which they thanked me for.   While they were at the house they were asking for ideas for other things to make and sell that did not cost a lot of money.   I showed them a couple of tins that I was working on.  Just empty "Ring Pull" cans well washed out.  I told them what to do but they looked rather confused.  That of course led to them staying and working with me.  I always have a stack of these tins, the boys like to work on this kind of thing.  The girls went away with their tins which I forgot to photograph.  These are the two I worked on to show them what to do.  Now they are finished I will give these to Pearl to give to the girls.

Taller tin was a Creamed Rice tin, the smaller Baked Beans.

I covered the tins with corrugated card, kept from a parcel that had come.
Painted them with a coloured paint, left to dry then gone over with white paint and rubbed back
You need to line the tin with card on the inside to just above the rim as the edge is sharp
Decorate with whatever you have in the box that crafter`s always have:-
I found some stamped sentiments, some roses and leaves.  The butterfly is Waxed Paper Waste. 
Bingo you have nice tins to pop Pens and Pencils in,  the taller one is good for Brushes

The girls were delighted with what they made.  They went away with a load of bits to do some more.
Just hope they manage to sell them to raise money for their project.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it.

Patricia   xxx

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  1. These are gorgeous Patricia. It must have been nice for you to help out Pearl's Granddaughter's in such a way , I bet they were thrilled. I am sure they will sell very well.
    Sue xx

  2. Fantastic recycling, Patricia!! These would be lovely on a desk for pens, or other craft storage containers. They look fab! x

  3. These are really fab Patricia you are so clever at this craft I couldn't even start to think of this sort of thing
    jacqui x

  4. Thee look great Patricia, fab projects for the kids to make themselves too. Carol x

  5. These are gorgeous Patricia - it just goes to show how such pretty things can be made with what we often throw away without thinking.

  6. WOW were do all your ideas come from. This project is great. Bet the girls enjoyed decorating their cans. This is recycling at its best.

    Wilma x x x

  7. What a brilliant bit of upcycling Patricia some lovely ideas! x

  8. Great recycling Patricia...really pretty! Carole Z X

  9. Hi Patricia
    The children must have been thrilled to do something like this. I remember many years ago doing something similar with a group of children, although much plainer! These look terrific. It just shows what we can do with stuff that usually gets thrown out! Enjoy your day.
    Christine xx
    PS Still got lots of snow.

  10. great recycling Ised to do this when my children were small unfortunately my grandchildren live too far away, I might make some of these when i move

  11. what a great idea you should have been a teacher in design maybe do a craft book of idea`s in recycling I`m sure it would sell keep them coming .Melanie

  12. Very pretty and such a lovely idea. These would make great pen pots on craft desks!x

  13. Hi Patricia,
    fantastic project and such a clever idea. They look very pretty. You really do have a way with teaching youngsters, you should have been an art teacher.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. Fabulous projects Patricia. Who would guess a baked bean tin could look so pretty!!
    Lorraine x

  15. Brilliant!! what a fantastic idea for the girls to make and sell, bet they will be snapped up. I never cease to be amazed by your very creative talent Patricia, love them, kate x

  16. Fabulous idea Patricia... These can be used for so much... candles, Pencil/pen storage the list goes on.. you are so creative... Love them!! Hugs May x x x

  17. Patricia these are great I expect the children thoroughly enjoyed recycling these tins and making then into something fabulous