Monday, 22 April 2013

" Four Little Boxes"

Hello Blog friends, well I don`t know about where you are but we`re about blown away here.
It has been so windy today I could hardly see as got into the open countryside heading home from Dundee.   The top soil off the fields was blowing like snow and you could hardly see through it.

Thank you for visiting me today and for all the lovely comments you have been leaving. 

I went into Dundee to be with Hazel for her first appointment since all her Hysterectomy, Chemo and Radio Therapy..........................she`s great and does not have to go back for another 6 months "Wooopppeee".    We did a little happy dance, how great is that.  Tell you what this time last year we were crying not dancing, so a very Happy Day here.

My Post today is little boxes I have done to pop in my cabinet at the Tearoom.  All the others that I had in have sold, they were Black and Pink.  I just hope these go as quickly.

Boxes made using SB Bracket Box Die,  you do need a large Die Cutting Machine to do these.  I have my trusty Grand Calibur.
I used some Foiled Kanban Card I have had for ages, got it when I was down in Yorkshire.  That was in the days when you could go into the factory and buy a BIG box of card and paper for £20.00.  Unfortunately Kanban are now closed.
Pink Card Stock 
Embellishments are a selection of things I had made and in my box, plus an odd button.
Each box has a little piece of tissue pink inside, I feel it just finishes off the box.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate that you take the time to come and see me.

Patricia   xxx

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  1. Such beautiful little boxes. The card is gorgeous. I enjoy making boxes but I do not have this die. We had a beautiful day here bright and sunny with some wind - just enough to nicely dry two lines of clothes.

  2. Your boxes are very pretty Patricia and beautifully embellished. Pleased to hear Hazel is's always such a relief to get good news no wonder you were both happy dancing. Carol x

  3. I love boxes of any description Patricia and these are lovely, must check out that die too. Also happy to hear your friend is well.....lovely to have good news for a change.
    Happy crafting,

  4. Great news about Hazel, I bet she is relieved, so happy for her. Your boxes are lovely, that Kanban card is so nice. You may remember that last year I made lots for the Advent Frames, oh joy.

    Wilma x x x

  5. What beautiful creations Patricia. How wonderful is panel's news.

  6. Fabulous news about Hazel.. Whoop Whoop...I would like to join in your Happy Dance!!

    These boxes are Gorgeous I can see why they sell quickly.. Stunning work as always... Hugs May x x x

  7. Oh, that is wonderful news about Hazel, it must be such a relief for you.
    Your boxes are stunning. I love the elegant design and gorgeous detailing. I am sure they will sell fast too.
    hugs Sue xx

  8. These are beautiful Patricia love how you make such different creations

    I do not have a Calibur but I am looking seriously at the Big Shot Pro it has a 12 x 12 cutting area :-)
    jacqui x

  9. These are stunning Patricia! This is one of my favourite dies - so easy but they look so nice! Love how you have embellished yours they are soooo pretty! Hugs Susan x

  10. Hi Patricia

    Fantastic news about Hazel . . . well worth a happy dance that lasts for ages and ages. Thank goodness there is some good news in the world too.

    Loving your little boxes very much. They look gorgeous .. especially with the foiled card!

    Hope you have a good day.

    Keep dancing!!!

    Love Jules xx

  11. Patricia these are beautiful and I am sure they will sell like hot cakes...


  12. Wonderful news about Hazel!! Please pass on my very best wishes. Lovely to have some good news after all th bad lately!

    You and I must certainly have the same mindset Patricia. I too made some of these little boxes last week using Kanban that I bought ages ago and never actually used. (I have so much stuff like that!) They look so pretty and I'm sure will look great in the cabinet.

    Have a good day. It looks as if it is going to be nice here today - but I'm whispering that!

    love from Christine xx

  13. Great news about Hazel please pass on my best wishes ,
    love your bxs, warm down here done 3 loads of hand washing so hope it will drip dry ,Machine man been my machine can`t be fixed so now waiting for Insurance to ring to see what they can do.Melanie

  14. Morning Patricia, Firstly, brilliant news for Hazel, and lots of love to her.
    Secondly, the wind here, thankfully isn't as bad as yours, I can only imagine what it must be like with the soil flying, scarey !!
    Thirdly, congratulations on selling your other boxes in the tea room, and these will go just as quickly, because they are stunning, I love them so much that I am tempted to buy this die, such lovely boxes for gifts.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Afternoon Patricia, such good news for Hazel, all best wishes to her! Your boxes are beautiful, I do like this die and use it a lot. I too made some to take to a craft fair and sold them all, they are just the right size for little pieces of jewellery or choccies! Yours are stunning and I am sure they will sell out too! Hugs Carole Z X

  16. Fantastic news about Hazel, that's brilliant!
    Gorgeous little boxes too.
    Lorraine x

  17. Delightful looking boxes Patricia! These are just so elegant and wonderfully adorned, too! I've just read your story about your sister, can't tell you how happy I am for both of you. Please wish her well from me. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, take care, Ira xox

  18. Ooooh gorgeous little boxes, they will go like hot cakes Patricia!
    Debbie x

  19. Hi Patricia,
    such good news about Hazel no wonder you did a happy dance.
    I love these superb little boxes no wonder the last lot sold so well. I am not sure I have heard of this die, but it sounds amazing.
    have a wonderful crafty evening.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  20. Fabulous little boxes Patricia, no wonder they sell well, these will too. Gorgeous colour combo. have you seen the weather in Moray, like you sand storms. I feel for the poor farmers, just not getting a break at all.
    Hugs Kate x

  21. Hi Patricia,
    Fantastic news about Hazel, please pass on my best wishes, your boxes are lovely this die has been on my wish list a while now, still a bit too tired at moment to craft so will put in on the back burner til i feel better tc Sue x

  22. Good news for you both and I quite understand your little 'happy dance' xx you will have no problem selling these boxed at all there are gorgeous xx GailT xx

  23. Hi Patricia, just catching up and so glad I am here to read your news :) Tell Hazel I am thrilled for her and doing a little dance too :)) Praying for happy ever after days from now on xxxxx
    Love the boxes, they are so pretty.
    I miss the Paper mill factory and filling my box up :(
    Huge Hugs Mau xx