Monday, 13 May 2013

"Another for the re-cycle bin"

Hello and welcome glad you could stop and have a look at what I get up to.  I am showing a few cards I have made that in my opinion were a bit of a "disaster" to say the least.   Don`t be put off, please pop back sometime soon I promise you will see better.   I do make better looking cards even if I say it myself.
I am surprised that so many of you liked yesterday`s card.  Thank you for all the lovely comments about it,  just goes to show how we judge  our own work.  

Today`s card was created out of  just "Playing"   I love to do that, it lets me see what "not" to do.  If I don`t like anything it is never used, like this one which did go in the Re-cycle Bin, I rescued the roses, ribbon and the back of the card.   I would do a similar design but use other colours.    It was that sheet of Hot Pink card that seemed to appear, I really cant believe I would had chosen it.  I love pink but not that shade, must have thought it would be good as a accent!!!!  Between yesterdays card and this one the sheet is finished thank goodness.  Mind you sure as eggs is eggs I will have a use for that colour sometime.    Just thought I would show you a card that I made but really did not like.  I am sure we all do it, do we ever show them?????  How about we do that  as a challenge .....................well maybe not I could be showing for a long time.

That`s it for today

Thank you for calling by to see the disasters I can create
Promise I will do better tomorrow
Bye till then

Patricia   xxx

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  1. Your card is really lovely, Patricia. You are too critical of yourself.
    I love those pretty shabby chic roses and your sentiment. Such a lovely layout, too x

  2. Oh you're too hard on yourself, this is lovely, wonderful sentiment and of course your flower is beautiful, Kate x

  3. Doesn't look like a disaster to me Patricia. I think we're all too hard on ourselves about our cards. If you want to see disasters you should try my blog!!

    I meant to leave you a comment a few days ago when you were talking about the Sue Wilson demo at the Papeterie. I think when Barbara Gray was there last year they had a screen so that even people at the back could see what she was doing so probably they'll do that again. They're also doing a dvd of her demo for £6. I keep meaning to phone up and order one as I probably won't be able to go on the day. Hope this info helps.

    Kat x

  4. What lovely Shabby Chic flowers Patricia. I do like the layout and I can't see anything wrong at all. Hugs Rita xxxxx

  5. I think you are being way too tough on yourself Patricia. it is a great card and love the roses. xx Flora

  6. I think we all make things we don't like from time to time Patricia, it's a great way to learn! Pinks can be so difficult to use....the design is fabulous though. Carol x

  7. Looks lovely to me Patricia. I love the flowers and such a beautiful sentiment.
    Sue xx

  8. You wouldn't want to see my waste Patricia you would be horrified especiall with my images I can never colour them right first time, or even 2nd or 3rd attempt sometimes :-)
    jacqui x

  9. Nothing wrong with the card Patricia. The flowers are great. Like you, the shade of pink is not for me but as we are all so different I'm sure there are lots out there who love it. I'd much rather not show my disasters, thank you!!!! Love from Christine xx

  10. Oh Patricia .. .. you are so hard on yourself!!!

    I can't believe you don't like this!!!

    I would have been super proud to show it on my blog!!

    That is a brilliant sentiment and I love the flowers very much.

    Have a good day.

    Love Jules xx

  11. Morning Patricia, I love this card, love the sentiment, just a pop of hot pink and those gorgeous shabby chic flowers, I would be proud to have created this card. You are far too critical of your own work, Patricia !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  12. I don't understand why this went in the recycle bin??!! The flowers are really pretty, the sentimnet is fab and I love the hot pink card. Next time....KEEP IT!!
    Lorraine x

  13. I think this card is luvly xx I luv the shabby chic flowers but I do understand the 'hot pink' card thing as it is not one of my favourite colours but I think it works on this card xx I would be 'chuffed to bits' if I received a card like this from anyone so please do not put in the recycle bin xx GailT xx

  14. Hi Patricia well I am back and can see I have missed some lovely cards! I really don't know why you don't like the two last cards, I love that shade of pink - the hotter the better lol! Looks like your grandson is a crafter in the making too! Susan x

  15. If I could create this card I would be well chuffed its lovely. You are a very talented crafter so don't be so hard on yourself. Super sentiment. Christine H xx

  16. Well I like the card don`t be hard on yourself I wish what I call disaster was as good as this . there are a few I won`t show as I don`t like how they turned out but the people who have recieved them love them and say I must have put a lot of love into it .Melanie

  17. well it looks lovely to me Patricia, beautiful embellishments

  18. I really like this card but it shows how we judge our own work too hard. I added a yellow card a few weeks ago to my blog that I hated .... but lots of people thought it was lovely ... I was pleasantly surprised xx