Saturday, 25 May 2013

"Hazel`s Beer Cake"

Hello Blog friends, hope you have all managed to get some of today`s sunshine.
It has been truly wonderful to actually feel the heat of the sun.  We even managed to have an enjoyable lunch in the garden, 25th May and that`s the first time this year. 
Hazel came over to our house this morning.   Would you believe between the two of us we have not managed to work out how to get her photo`s on her Blog.   Hazel is doing all this using her iPad so we do not know if that is the problem.
Hazel has to have her Blood Pressure done on Tuesday, she has closed the lid on the blog as she was getting too worked up.  The doctor would be giving her a telling off if her Blood Pressure is too high.   We have decided to put the Blogging on the back burner till we get back from holiday
We took some photos, Hazel has asked me to pop this on my Blog so you can all see what she had done.   The whole thing is finished off in Cling Film, tied with Tartan Ribbon.
She thanks you for popping on to see her and becoming followers.  She will not let you down and will be back to show you some of her work A.S.A.P.

The guy who is getting this creation is into Highland Cattle hence the theme.  It is his 50th Birthday, Hazel has made a 50 using Gold Jewellery Wire which she has hung off the side.
The whole thing is built on a large Cake Board.
Right in the centre is a tin which is filled with sweets
Surrounding the tin is 8 "stumpy" cans of Lager, that`s what you will see when you lift the grassy bit off the top.
It is all very rustic with the uneven fencing, bundle of posts, wire, big stones....all the things that often lie about very rural farms.
Once Hazel does manage to get her Blog up and running she will let you see the inside, also it all tied up so you get a better idea of what it is all about.

Hazel has made loads of these with different themes.  The people that have had them are amazed at such an unusual gift.   What do give a 50 year old guy?? 

Thank you for calling by today we both really appreciate it
Thank you for all the support you have been giving
That`s it for today 
Happy Bank Holiday everyone

Patricia  &  Hazel   xxxx

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  1. Hi Patricia, What a stunning gift Hazel has made, the recipient will love it, and what a surprise lies beneath, it's genius !!
    We have had a gorgeous day today, so entirely different to yesterday when it was freezing and very windy. It is lovely to be able to sit in our new garden chairs, we have had them 3 weeks ha ha. Lets hope the weather stays for the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  2. WOW!! This is amazing! I love the design and Hazel's attention to detail is wonderful. A really special and unique gift.
    It's been sunny here today, let's hope it lasts a while this time!
    Sue xx

  3. Fabulous gift Patricia and a great piece of work...


  4. Patricia and Hazel, this looks fantastic! Never seen anything like it before. The recipient will love it!
    I have never tried putting photo's onto my blog via my iPad. I don't think there is a way of doing it, but maybe someone may be able to help xx

  5. What a marvellous gift. Brilliant.

  6. Hello to you both, I think this is truly amazing and a fabulous work of art. The person it is intended for will be bowled over by it.
    Do you think if you took the photos with the iPad that would make it easier to put them on the blog? I don't know. Have you tried googling it to see if anyone can tell you if it can be done.
    Good idea though to put it on thr back burner till after your hols.
    Good luck with the blood pressure, take it easy Hazel. Hugs Kate x

  7. Hi to you both, as I had previously seen some photos of Hazel's "cakes" I sort of knew what to expect, but this is a real work of art. Simply gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more after the holiday.

    I use my IPad to post photos on the blog, but have to take the photos with the IPad. There is a site you can use for your photos then add then, will research this and get back to you.

    Wilma x x x

    1. Thank you Wilma that`s what Hazel is looking for. She takes most of her photos of her work with her iPad.
      Have a Great weekend, enjoy the sunshine

      Patricia xxx

  8. Hello Patricia and Hazel

    What lovely sisters you are to each other!!
    Hazel your cake is out of this world I have never seen the like ever it is truly a work of art and a fabulous idea I hope you are making lots of money from these as they are fabulous!!I had thought initially on looking at it 'Gosh is all that edible! ROFL! Well done I look forward to seeing inside when you get your photos sorted, not sure what your problem is but hopefully you will sort it after your break away.

    Not long now until you go! It's twelve weeks today until I go away and simply can't wait so I know how you both must be feeling!!

    Take care both of you good luck Hazel with BP check point out the pressure you have been under as it has been a bit off the scale!!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  9. What a fabulous and unusual present! So sorry Hazel hasn't sorted how to do the pictures but it is certainly now worth elevating her blood pressure over! Lovely weather here too, went to my BBQ and didn't need a blanket! Hugs Susan x

  10. Brilliant!!! what a super pressie for the difficult guys in our lives xx


  11. Can I just say thank you to you all for your lovely comments on my Beer Cake.
    I started making these a few years ago when my daughter didn't know what to give a friend for his 40th. His had the mini he always wanted but could never afford on the top it was simple - this one was more of a challenge, but fun all the same. Thank goodness we have a good model shop near.

    Hazel xxxx

  12. Wow!!!! this is amazing. Love all the wonderful details.

    Donna x

  13. WOW... Amazing project Hazel, Fabulous gift for a male... Love all the fantastic detail...I've never seen anything like before...Can't wait to see the inside...Love it!!
    Good luck with the Ipad, & the both of you girlies have a super holiday... Hugs May x x x

  14. Cor blimey Hazel, its amazing. Still trying to work out what its made of. . . . . . .yes, I did think it was edible too!
    Good luck on Tuesday Hazel, Im sure all will be fine, just lay back and think of . . . . . .Scotland or Turkey if that helps.
    Ang x

  15. Good morning sweetie, this is just fabulous hugs Pops x x x

  16. What a fab cake and the idea of a beer/lager cake for a guy - brilliant!! xx enjoy the rest of your weekend and hopefully the weather will stay kind to you - we managed a BBQ yesterday just for us two but we are having another one today and the kids are coming round, have to make the most of it while it lasts xx GailT xx

  17. Absolutely fab, what a great idea, must show my daughters. Hope your eye is better today, Patricia. Loved catching up on what you have made from your bit box. xx Flora

  18. Hello you two creative sisters! My goodness, you both make the most fabulous of creations, never seen anything like this before, truly wonderful! Sorry I haven't been around the last couple of days Patricia, but we've redone my MIL's garden. I can now relax by watching your lovely work again! Hugs, Ira xox

  19. Fantastic! I actually thought it was a cake made with beer when I saw the heading. Hazel, this is such a good idea, I think you will have to do a tutorial once you get your Blog up and running. I think both my sons would like something like this. Really fab idea. Thanks for showing it to us Patricia. Hugs! Gemma xx

  20. Amazing project Hazel, it looks fabulous. Have a lovely bank holiday
    Lorraine x

  21. Loving Hazel's "cake", she must have great imagination as well as the skill to make her cakes. Looking forward to seeing her blogging again when she feels more rested and relaxed after your holiday.

    I've only ever used my iPad to blog when I had no other choice. I used Blogpress and you definitely need to take the photos with the iPad to be able to add them on Blogpress. I find my laptop much easier to use but the iPad is really handy to be able to visit blogs at any time.

    Hope you're poor eye's feeling better.

    Kat xx

  22. Ho Patricia, love the cake! I've done it on occasion from my iPad and iPhone , using the blogger app and photos from my photostream, but also via flickr. Hope this helps, Carole Z X

  23. Oh my giddy aunt, Hazel this is absolutely amazing!!!!!!
    Debbie x

  24. What a clever idea here Hazel! Love that addition of the 50 too. Hope you solve the ipad issues. Hugs, Jenny x