Friday, 14 June 2013

"Have a Wonderful Day"

Hello Blog friends, hope you all had a wonderful day no matter what you were doing.
Thank you for taking time to visit my Blog and leave all your lovely comments, I do read each and every one.

I am seeing much better out of my right eye but still have the feeling there is a hair or eyelash in the way.  The Optician said it was "floaters" and they will gradually disappear.  I wish they would hurry up and go.  Thankfully there is nothing drastic wrong with my eyes I was beginning to get rather worried. 
Nothing much happening here today.  Did the usual Friday the housework, I like to go through the whole place quickly so I have nothing to do over the weekend.  Got the washing all dried.  We even managed our 3pm cuppa sitting in the garden.  However by 4pm I was in and had a cardi on.
With all the housework done, it gave me time to  play.  Had a few ideas swimming round in my head BUT my hands would not convert them the way I wanted, botheration!!!

Today`s card is one I found and I am sure I have not posted it before, had a quick look back, could not see it.  If I have posted it before I am very sorry, off to mark it "used" so I will know in future.

Base card approx 6 x 6 white card stock
Dark Pink card. topped with a backing paper which I stitched round
More dark pink with a spotty paper also stitched
Again dark pink this time a complete contrast stitched round
Some "bought" flowers with the stems I cut off then twisted and added as little tendrils plus some pearl swirls.
I obviously was rummaging in the "Bit Box" making this card, that scalloped border would have been in there.  I know because I have not used my Border Dies in ages.  Really must get them out and use them again
American seam Binding bow topped with a pretty Cameo I found in my box

That`s it for today 
Off to see if my head and my hands will work together
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate that you take the time to do that

Patricia  xxx

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  1. Beautiful card Patricia. I'm hoping to craft to-morrow at least, as Sunday is Father's Day so no doubt we shall have the family round. Hugs Rita xx

  2. Good Evening Patricia, pleased you've now discovered what's wrong with your eye and I believe floaters are quite common, hopefully better soon.

    This is a really beautiful card, lovely colours and design. Have a really great weekend, hugs Kate x

  3. Gorgeous card Patricia just love the pearl swirl...pleased to hear your eye is slowly getting better



  4. Big Sis, you haven't had this on your blog before, it's gorgous, love your layout.

    Hazel xxx

  5. This is gorgeous Patricia. I love the design, beautiful papers and lovely colour scheme.
    I'm pleased you eye is getting better and that it is nothing too serious.
    Sue xx

  6. Hi Patricia, another lovely card.
    I have had floaters for years and sorry to inform you that they won't gradually disappear regardless of what people say; also you may get them in your other eye at some point too like I did.....however having said that what you will find is that the more you ignore them and focus on other things you won't notice them so much. Sorry to disappoint you but at least they are nothing serious to worry about.

  7. Lovely card Patricia, gorgeous choice of paper. Hope your eye improves soon.

    Wilma x x x

  8. Hi Patricia well the ideas are floating around with the floaters! LOL! Your card is very pretty and I like the easel it is photographed on very professional. Do you display your cards like that in the tearoom. Nice!

    crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  9. Very pretty card Patricia, enjoy the weekend!xx

  10. Gorgeous card Patricia. The pearl swirls are lovely. I must confess that I was surprised you were told that the floaters would go. I agree with Elaine. They are particles of the gel-like substance in our eyes (vitreous humour) which break down as we get older and start floating. They move as you move your head and are worse if you look up into the sun or bright sky. You get very used to them and at times don't even notice them. Sorry, That's probabaly not what you wanted to hear!! Love from Christine xx

  11. Such a pretty card Patricia! Have a great weekend, Carole Z X

  12. Another luvly card and for me unusual colour combo (ie I wouldn't be brave enough to do) but I luv it xx I'm off to a project day today and really looking forward to it xx I must try and organise a blog to display the things that I make (under very good guidance) xx gload your eye is settling down and you had the good news that it will sort itself out xx have a fabby weekend xx GailT xx

  13. Another gorgeous card Patricia and it would deserve a second viewing in any case. I love the layout and gorgeous bow. Hope the eye keeps improving quickly. xx Flora

  14. Very stylish card Patricia, really classy! Glad to hear your eye is improving! Enjoy your weekend, hugs, Ira xox

  15. Hi Patricia,
    beautiful card. I too love the colours used in this one.
    Fabulous design as are all your creations.
    So glad your eye prob isn't anything more serious.
    My hubby too has floaters in his eyes, and was very worried about them till he was told the same as you. He also suffers with ingrowing eyelashes, this is eyelashes that grow on the inside of your lids. This is sooooo very distressing for him, because can you imagine a hair poking you eyeball all the time. He has had radio waves to kill off the hairs, but sadly this didn't work.
    Sorry I have gone off on one of my tangents again.
    Have a wonderful crafty weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. Fabulous card Patricia. I love the design and the pretty border.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lorraine x

  17. Hi Patricia. Lovely card made from the bit box . I notice floaters at times but have never felt them. I thought once you had em, you had em for good.
    We could all wear patches and get Heather round to decorate arrrrh. x

  18. lovely card Patricia, pretty papers and design.
    sorry you are still having eye trouble.

  19. Gorgeous card Paricia. Love the scalloped border and that lovely seam binding.

    Hope your eyes feel better soon.

    Kat xx

  20. Hi Patricia, Loving your card, the compilation and colours are beautiful.
    So glad your eye is feeling a little better, I have floaters too so I know how it feels.
    We have had rain, rain, and more rain, it has filled up my water butt and also the bucket left underneath the tap, and it is cold and windy too, grrrr, bring back the sun please.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  21. Haven't seen this one before and it's beautiful Patricia! Hope your eye is okay it's so annoying isn't it! Had a great day colouring today, off to carry on!
    Debbie xxx

  22. Gorgeous card Patricia, the colours & design is beautiful...I do hope your eye settles soon... Hugs May x x x

  23. Another beautiful card Patricia, you are very talented. Love the colours and a card that is very much my cup of tea. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday and your eye is much better today xx Christine H