Wednesday, 26 June 2013

"How simple is this?"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for popping in to see me today,  I love that you take time in your busy day to visit.
Back to normal in this house again another good nights sleep had by both.  John`s knee is a lot better, pain now bearable.  He has almost got a matching pair of knees again.  He is still resting it for another couple of days.
I find these days we moan a lot about the service we get in shops.   I must tell you about the fantastic service I got on Monday past when I bought my new Washing Machine.    Just after lunch I went approx 20miles to our nearest biggish place ..... Forfar.   Popped into the shop to be greeted by a nice young lady .... and a "smile" she told me her mane was Susan, she was there to help.   That for me was a really good start.   She asked if I was needing any help .... ME!!! I am beyond help.  I told her I was looking for a Washing Machine, I would have a look round and get back to her.  Found more or less what I wanted, got back to the young lady to ask a couple of questions.   We buy most of electrical goods from this Family Owned Independent Store they have all our details on the computer.  Before she had typed in my address she asked if I would like it delivered that afternoon ........  the same day!!!!  Oh! my! Word! would you be offered that in a BIG store???    I told her I did not live in the town, I was 20 miles away.   Ooopps! so sorry! checking my address she said it would have to be Wednesday afternoon.  That was fine with me, paid the bill, left the shop and travelled home.  When I got in the door the phone was ringing, picked it up.  It was Susan saying the delivery men had a delivery half way between me and the shop would I be able to take delivery of my machine in an hour.  Within 3 hours I had bought my washing machine had it installed.  How is that for service when you live way out in the countryside????  Washing all up to date again, can`t say the same about the ironing.  Why worry, life is too short to fuss about things like that. 

Right here is today`s offering
A teacher at the school where the girls that Hazel is Nanny to is leaving for pastures new
Hazel phoned asking if I would make a "simple to the point card"
You certainly can not get any more simple and to the point than this folks!!

Base card a sheet of Kraft Card folded
Piece of the same card cut slightly smaller from another sheet.  Embossed that with a grid effect folder
Printed the sentiment on the computer, cut it out using a SB Banner Die
Inked round the edges with it still in the Die, stuck it on with 3D Foam Pads to raise it up and .... Bingo!! done
Hope this might help is anyone is looking for a "simple" card which I feel could be used for lots of occasions.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Bye till next time

Patricia   xxx

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  1. Fabulous card Patricia. I love the stylish design and I think I may need to add that banner die to my never ending wish list.
    Sue xx

  2. I think this is so brilliant, yes straight to the point, but elegant in it's simplicity.

    Wonderful customer service Patrica, not you certainly wouldn't get that from Comet or Currys, and you've to wait in all day cos they can't give you a time of delivery. Oh don't get me started with that one.

    Pleased John's pain has eased,Hugs Kate x

  3. Glad you got your washing machine sorted it is awful when that goes wrong! Lovely card! Fits the remit beautifully! Glad John's knee is a little better too
    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  4. Morning Patricia, now the washing is up to date, time to get stuck into the ironing heh heh. Simple, straight to the point card, fits the remit.

    Glad to hear John is getting relief from pain, nothing worse than being in constant pain and that you both are sleeping well.

    Wilma x x x


  5. Yes Patricia came up trumps again, just what I wanted., and I say why go to all the stress and bother when you have a big sis that can do it for you.
    THANK YOU once again. Now you never told me you had even got your new washing machine, see folks you have to read her blog to fine out these things, and would you believe it I have spoken to her on the phone and meet up with her yesterday and had a cup of tea. Just teasing. And I bet your ironing is now all done and dusted.

    Hazel xxxxx

  6. Not only simple and to the point, but very stylish too, super card! Wow that was customer service you got with your washing machine! Glad you are both managing to get some better sleep, hugs Carole Z X

  7. Well Patricia, this must be the most simple of cards ever, but it looks great, it has given me an idea for a male card, which I find the most difficult, thanks for that! Michelle(happy2craft)

  8. Simple but nice love your embossing folder and that sentiment dies is lovely
    jacqui xx

  9. Good morning Patricia and everyone.
    Very quick and effective card. Less is definitely more!
    Glad John on the mend. What terrific service from the shop. Other businesses could learn from this.
    Best of luck with the ironing!
    Ang x

  10. Morning Patricia, What fantastic service you got, that is the difference between a big conglomerate and a family owned independent store, so glad there are still some family owned stores around. Now, that is what you call 'service'.
    So glad that you and John are managing to get a night's sleep, and that John's pain has abated a little, lets hope he continues to improve.
    Your card is really simple, but oh so lovely.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. Hi Patricia goodness me that is excellent service! Such a shame that small independent shops are being forced out by the big companies where they don't know a thing about customer service - you're lucky if you can find anyone to ask a question of and all they want to do is sell you five year insurance at more than what you paid for the original product!!!! Your card is fab just fits the bill exactly! Susan xx

  12. Great CAS card Patricia. Fantastic service - the beauty of a family business! Christine xx

  13. That is good service PAtricia. You wouldn't get that from a big store.

    Gorgeous cas card too.
    Lorraine x

  14. Simply lovely Patricia just right for the occasion. What great service on your washing machine, doesn't it do you heart good. Companies like that deserve all the business they can get and I am sure you will be a returning customer in the future xx Christine H

  15. Hi Patricia,
    fabulous card. Love that banner. I want soooooooo many dies, I have lost count. My hubby says haven't you got enough of them. Well I tell you for me it's like shoes you can never have too many, I told him. lol.
    So glad Johns knees are getting better.
    Superb service for that washing machine, I think a few of the big paces could take leaf out of their book.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. Fab, simple and to the point - brilliant xx GailT xx